Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Deela - Revenge of the Calavera (Free Download)

Deela's love for Afro-beats has only defined itself further since Dancing Fires. His latest EP focuses a bit more on Cumbia and different ways to mix the genre with modern sounds to create a true Deela experience.

Today's feature track displays instant base-genre signs, as well as an addictive Biggie Smalls sample that'll surprise anyone who's heard the original. Don't ruin the surprise just yet; click play and let the hook take you off guard.

Stream/Download @ Bandcamp

The most shocking factor is probably how comfortable the mixture of sound is. Combining traditional Latin American influences with quality Hip-Hop alone is impressive, but then he went the extra mile and made it normal. Everything sounds like it belongs. It's not alien; it's just different.

Most of the EP runs the same way. Not every track keeps that total comfort all throughout, but every track makes the effort work in its favor. The resulting 4 tracks show maturity. They show the risks Deela was willing to take were calculated enough to result in the best possible outcome.
Stream/Download @ Bandcamp
Revenge of the Calavera is all kinds of fun stuffed into a tiny 15 minute window. It'll feature some Busta Rhymes, some Joe Cuba, and other more subtle samples that you'll understand better after half a dozen listens.

He states the release is a free download, so grab it guilt-free at the Bandcamp link and share it with friends. If you truly love some of what's offered and have enough spare change in your pocket, go ahead and offer a donation for the work. I don't think he'll complain.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Jesus on the Mainline - War (Single)

Contrary to what your initial instincts might be, we will not be hearing Christian lyrical backgrounds today. Instead we have a technically sound combination of Rock with Soul. Today's single has a vibrant Indie Rock feel without delving head-first into cliche vicious circles.

The brass helps a lot, and maybe it's all the extra musicians that make the song 'pop' in the long run. How the 15 piece band pull off such exquisite harmony is an overwhelming thought, so just store that in the back of your mind and enjoy what they offer.

It probably starts off just a little more majestic than the song actually is, but it takes none of the magic away from the finalized single. It evolves, it reacts, and if you're lucky it'll even evoke emotion. I can't think of a detail the track is really missing. If anything, I'd just add another minute's worth of smooth solos.

The real problem lies after it finishes. You've just heard some above average composition as displayed by quality musicianship, and there's not much more to follow up on. This single isn't even the warm up for a future album. It's just a single.
Buy/Stream/Lyrics @ Bandcamp
If it grew on you quick, it's up for sale. It might be a little expensive for what it is, but that's the price to pay for a 15 piece band. I still think it'd sound a lot better as an album with songs preceding it to cushion the emotion better.

Until that album is out, you can follow War up with their cover of Nirvana's Lithium (which I might like just a little more than the lead single.) It's a name your price track, so grab it while you can. Alternatively you can find them on Facebook and Bandcamp for the latest info.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Ambassadeurs - RAIN (single) [Free Download]

Darkened, near steampunk Electronica meets ghostly vocal samples and a deep respect for a steady bass on Ambassadeurs latest single. This'll be just a taste of his upcoming debut album, which should be out summer of this year.

It's nearly six minutes of an evolving composition. Its layered sounds add dimension as well as include the unique genre-less touch that will either pull you in or spit you out. Keep an open mind, click play, and let the bass move you.

Really gotta love those subtle progressions hiding behind the beautifully warped vocals. The extra little details like the liquid drops or the echoing metallic clunks just give the song a story. Technically that's what those vocals are for, but the details make everything come to life. An audiophile's scenic route.

The problem with this taste is that it turns a page in both style and emotion. Even when you do check his earlier stuff out, you won't find anything quite like this piece. I doubt you'll find anything identical on its album either, but I do expect amazing progressions from track to track.
Free Download(s)
If you need more, or if you want to make your own Ambassadeurs predictions, you might want to check out his Soundcloud. If you want specifics you should hear Alone in the Light and Trouble EPs, they give you a taste of his capabilities. Just expect relaxed, well composed Electronica.

Alternatively you can download RAIN and every other free download he has to offer. All he asks for is a Facebook like and enough of your attention to click on other fancy buttons.


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