Lazy Saturdays are good for relaxing, enjoying your free weekend and listening to some nice music as you do so. Of course, my Saturdays are rarely like that at all, but today's song will still fit. So no worries.

Most of you probably recognized it by the lyrics already. Probably from the popular Coca-Cola advertisement found in the Superbowl commercials a few years back. It was then later used in movie theaters and other more common venues, making it very popular at the time. The commercial is a Coca-Cola classic, giving a positive light to something that seems like a Grand Theft Auto game.

I am aware that most of you have seen it. It's still a sweet commercial.

As much as I may like this version, it's not the original. The original was used in the 1976 movie Bugsy Malone, a G rated musical film that features a 13 year old Jodie Foster.

The song featured in the commercial is the end of the last song in the movie. It's titled You Give a Little Love and it's composed by the Academy Award winning composer, Paul Williams. It might spoil the end of the movie, but I'll feed you the video anyway. The "popular" part should be at around 2:25 on the video.

Now, if by some off chance you want to actually see this movie, maybe because of the kids lip syncing to adults, or because of the actual mafia-ish plot, or maybe you just love G rated movies, I don't judge. Whatever the reason, all 89 minutes can be found here. How nice am I?!

You're gonna be remembered for the things that you say and do.
Just a few hours ago, Roadrunner Records have released the third and final video following the bands auditions for a new drummer. As a fan of Dream Theater (Not too hardcore, but I care) this week has been very exciting. The loss of Mike Portnoy left an empty feeling, so I was very glad to actually see the potential drummers and their talents.

Now normally, I wouldn't feel the need to blog about something like this, at least not to the extent that I feel necessary, but Roadrunner seems to have some restrictions on their videos, so not everyone who wants to can actually see them. I'll provide links for those who want them along with a guide, so that those of you who can't access Roadrunner Records' Youtube channel can still get a feel of what went on. Ultimately though, if you're a fan, the videos were interesting enough to view them via proxy. Just a suggestion.

None of the videos are embeddable and all 3 are a bit over 20 minutes in length, making the set come out to just over an hour.

The first few minutes of episode one talk mainly about Portnoy, the shock in the loss and the rest of the bands opinion on his leaving. They mention how he wanted a hiatus and then come back and have an amazing reunion. They weren't thrilled for the idea, and so Mike left the band, and  now they're on their quest to find a worthy drummer. They have selected what in their opinion are 7 of the greatest drummers in the world.

This episode, having contributed so much to the story of how they got to this point, focuses mainly  on Mike Mangini. He tells the camera how deeply he wants to be involved in the band, how it's not just a gig to him and how he feels that ones soul has to be into it. 

Let's look at Mangini's impressive history! He's been a drummer for:
Steve Vai.
He's also a professor at Berklee College of Music

All 7 drummers have to go through 3 different tests. A jam session, 3 classic Dream Theater songs and then they have to cope with a complicated musical piece composed by Jordan Rudess. 

The 3 songs they all had to go through were A Nightmare To Remember, from their most  recent album, Black Clouds and Silver Linings, it is the "heavy" song. There was also The Dance of Eternity, which is extremely progressive and difficult, along with The Spirit Carries On, a slower song. The last two are both from Metropolis pt II, Scenes From A Memory. (Which is an amazing album I don't care what anybody says. It's musical genius.) If you're not familiar with the songs, I wrote a bit more about them here.

Mike Mangini was one of the few drummers who manged to ace all three tests. Giving his own flair and enthusiasm while staying true to the Dream Theater theme. They admitted that he raised the bar very high for the future 6 drummers. 

Before the end, as a teaser, they mentioned someone else outdoing themselves and possibly taking Mangini's top spot.

 Episode 2 features 4 drummers. 

Derek Roddy
Hate Eternal
Malevolent Creation
Serpent's Rise

Derek was noted for his blast speed, being the very Metal drummer that he is, he definitely captured attention. While they did love him, he didn't have the right fit. He was a fun contender, but he wasn't an obvious choice.

Thomas Lang
John Wetton of King Crimson
Mick Jones of The Clask
Glenn Hughes of Deep Purple

Marco showed some issues at one point during the 3 classic songs. He made some very noted interpretations, but he didn't quite get it right. He also had some trouble adapting to Jordan's oddly timed new music. While the band did love him, he wouldn't be fit for the job.
Virgil Donati
Planet X
Southern Sons
And has performed with Steve Vai

He was one of the drummers they just had to test out. Especially considering he had performed in a Dream Theater cover band. He had nice chemistry with the band and seemed to enjoy himself very much. I personally found him to be a nice fit, but he did improvise on the three songs just a bit, trying to do some really neat tricks. Ultimately, the band didn't feel perfect about it.


Marco Minneman who has performed with
Paul Gilbert
Adrian Belew of King Crimson

He was probably the happiest of the drummers auditioned and to come. A smile on his face, his energy was probably that of a 5 year old on Christmas morning. Maybe just a tad more mature. Kinda looks like Tom Green, too...

He fit right in with the jams, laughing his way through, as well as perfectly hitting the classics. He took some time to get Jordan's composition down, but  he was able to accompany the riffs well. He scored perfectly in the bands eyes. Up there with Mike Mangini.

Warning! I will spoil it by the end of this section. 

Two drummers were auditioned on this one. They were 

Aquiles Priester
Vinnie Moore Band

 Aquiles was the only drummer who had real problems getting to the auditions. He had canceled part of his tour in Brazil to prepare for the auditions and had some visa issues. Luckily he made it. Sadly, he wasn't quite prepared. He did mess up a little on the classics and wasn't sure how to handle Jordan's composition. The end result was a fun time, but quite obviously not the best choice for a drummer.

Peter Wildoer
James  LeBrie Solo Project

Yet another drummer who had instant chemistry. Initially, he too aced all 3 tests, leaving 3 final drummers from which to pick from.

The issue with Peter Wildoer was that while he was perfect, the band didn't feel like they meshed with him as well as they did with Thomas Lang or Mike Mangini. Leaving him discarded, and having two drummers to pick from. With such a difficult decision, it's a wonder they were able to pick on such a short time.

The episode shows them wondering and arriving to a decision, they decide to call Peter up and let him know on the news and how  he didn't make it. Peter took it really well. They then call Mike Mangini and allow him "into the family". He becomes emotional, a very happy Mangini shall now be the second Mike on the drums with an amazing band.

I am personally happy with their decision and look forward to the different vibes. I'm really looking forward to what he may bring. So congratulations Mike! Make the fans proud.

Regular posts will resume tomorrow. I'm a total fan. I'm allowed to make a silly post every once in a while.
Sometimes classic songs just shouldn't be re-touched. Sometimes keeping something the way it was originally intended to be heard is the only way to do it justice. And indeed, sometimes it hurts when someone goes out of their way to fix a song that didn't need fixing.

And sometimes it just doesn't hurt at all and the different sound can be refreshing! To those few DJ's or artists that can successfully do that, I applaud you.

It may be necessary to show the original song (by Shirley Bassey but surely not her song) so that those of you who aren't familiar with the title can go "OH THAT SONG!". I do it all the time, feel no shame. Besides, her voice is so strong, I'm probably bias towards the song. I'm used to her voice and I love it.

The song is titled "(Where Do I Begin) Love Story". Enjoy.

Now, this is nice, romantic, simple music. It needs nothing more. So when I heard a remix, I couldn't really believe I approved of it. The remix had a strong and yet smooth bass line, it reminded me a lot of tango, but the electronic back bone was there. It became a bit more complex and maintained itself easy on the ears. Kudos to the Away Team. 

Give it a listen or something.

A classic, made hip. What a great way to get grandparents and grandchildren bonding musically. No seriously, not everyone is fortunate enough to have open minded ears a few steps back in their family tree, this is great common ground in my eyes. I can't place an age on this mix ('cept maybe after those angst filled years when all you listen to is woe-is-me-rock)

If you really like the mix, you can find it and other similar songs on the Electro-Lounge album Hôtel Costes, Vol. 3 by the French House DJ, Stéphane Pompougnac. It's really great for when you're just in that mood. You know, the one where you sit by a fireplace and read a book while you smoke your pipe. Just like everyone else in the entire world.
This will be a treat mainly for mainstream fans of the Electronic genres. I mean come on, can you get more mainstream than Tiësto and Benny Benassi? If you can't take the mainstream, go be hipster over some of my other blog posts. There's a lot of material.

Now, out there in the world there are people like me. People that find out about music that isn't up for sale, and hence isn't found very easily if at all. This 'Satisfaction/ Elements of Life' mix is one of those songs. I've downloaded it from many a shady website and been stuck with nasty versions. Everything from horrid fuzzy audio quality to fake crowd cheers, ooh's, ahh's and screams (because it was ripped from DJ Hero). This is not to say I didn't try to find it via legitimate sources, but a non existent soundtrack leads to no other viable options!

I won't even bother searching for another link, you're blessed if you can't hear this manure.

Of course, giving up is never an option. So after some months of searching I have found a real legitimate and free download with no crowds or extra noises and a quality good enough for me to play very loudly on a set of speakers the next time I'm asked to create a playlist for a party. I'd even say the version I found is DJ'd better than one would hope to find in DJ Hero. Sure, it's not perfect quality. But good enough to overlook. Most of you won't even notice. Promise.

Basically, I have pleased myself.

Give it a listen.

Notice how it has a download button on the side. Dear me do I love SoundCloud! Why I hadn't thought to check there sooner is beyond me, but since I did, thank you, Cheater_3D3! I secretly love cheaters now!

And if you're really OCD with your mp3 files (like me) you'll want an album cover to place on that so that it won't come out as some silly question mark or the DJ Hero logo. Since I quickly Gimp'd one up for me, I figured I'd share.

If you've made one less  half assed than mine, I'll gladly post it here for you. Exposure!

If by some chance you end up reading this and there's no download option, be sure to check soundcloud. If even soundcloud doesn't have it (Which would suck. A lot.) be sure to contact me either via comment or some thing around the blog that says contact me. I know I put it around here somewhere. Look for it. Don't be shy!
Ever feel like listening to pointless Heavy Metal? Just to listen to something aggressive as you carry on your daily chores, vent your stress, or so, without any intentions to behave in a way associated with the music you're hearing? Maybe some garlic pasta tonight with a glass of wine and a side of mayhem music, mmm.

Well I do. Today is one of those days. Pointless Heavy Metal day.

Let us enjoy this Metalicious treat, titled Loyalty, by American Head Charge. I'll warn you, though. If you have a clown phobia, stay clear of the music video and head straight to the Grooveshark link underneath it. Even I, a clown lover, found the use of clown in this music video to be excessively creepy.

Peace. Tranquility flows through me as I hear this and wonder to myself what mental condition I may have. Whilst I am not a particularly huge fan of AHC, just an occasional song such as this one can really make a difference to my day. Aggressive, a bit Industrial-y, the sounds get to me, even without caring for it's meaning or purpose. 

Music for the sake of music?! Blasphemy!

This Minnesota based Metal band apparently disbanded in 2009. Fans speculate a possible reunion. I hold no opinions on the matter, but I do believe that disbanding can postpone the possibility of becoming a terrible band in the future. Me and my opinions. Pft.

For those of you who actually skipped the video, this is what you missed out on. You can go see the video now. And for those of you who can listen to the music displayed above for more than half an hour straight, this album might just be for you. Go find it, it's called The Feeding. But you probably guessed that.

For more info you can check out American Head Charge's website or their Myspace where they give the impression that they advocate the piracy of the album I'm presenting. Not that  I'm hinting anything to my readers.


Yesterday someone decided to introduce me to A. R. Rahman, live. Now I heard this one song, and I wasn't expecting much from the get go. Nothing I hadn't seen before, nothing I hadn't heard, nothing out of the ordinary. And it only took a few seconds to get proven wrong.

First of all, as a live performance alone, it was good enough. It felt different. Darker, more whole, somehow better. But what really fascinated me was the very hip use of the rudra veena (or rudra vina, whatever you wanna call it).

I knew the instrument, I had always known that was what was used, but there was something about actually seeing it. There was just something about it that captivated me, so of course, I had to share.

Normally, I'd link something here.

Now this gem of a find won't be visible to everyone. If you have nothing better to do, I do suggest you find yourself a version. Make it live and hope that the player of the rudra veena is in your version, his name is Asad Khan and he makes the vid worth watching. I tried to dig up some dirt on hmi but I wasn't sure if I found him or not, so as far as he goes, there's not much I can say.

Or, if you don't care to see the awesome instrumental use, go ahead and listen to the whole live version. It's nice. 

You've probably heard a variation of this in the movie Slumdog Millionaire, which has some excellent music throughout it. If you haven't seen it, do, even if just for the music. Or get the soundtrack. I guess that works.
So as the weekend approaches its end, I'll approach the weekend with a song from the Black Eyed Peas. This was back when they were more Hipster approved and less terrible. Not great, but it passes. Hurray for hipster music laws and things!

Check out Weekends by the Black Eyed Peas, without Fergie and featuring Esthero.

Can anyone remember this still? Really? We're talking 11 years ago. Does anyone else see a less annoying resemblance to Rebecca Black? Anyone?

I mean first comes Thursday....

This song comes from Bridging the Gap (2000) and as mentioned, was before Fergie came into play. So if you wonder what they might sound like without her, give  the album a listen. I make no promises though, I'm generally meh towards it.

 Total bad boys, right? Riiiiiight.
Buy: CD | mp3

It's also great for the more real Hip-Hop feel they used to have. Definitely a good album to compare with their 'modern' work, which many feel is just a bit too over the top.

My opinion? Not their best, but better than what I've recently heard. Just my opinion though. What's yours? Aside from absolutely hating their music and the genre as a whole. Be constructive. You know who you are.
Weekends don't like it when I try to blog. I know this because they're always trying to get me not to, be it by some form of work or visitors or random acts of nature. Today, being Saturday is no different. Woo.

Since I know that in a few minutes the amount of attention I'll be able to give will be minimal, I'll settle for one of my favorite Led Zeppelin songs that all of you should have heard before. If you haven't, enjoy this. You only get one first listen. If you have, yeah I know. Just whatever, it's a good song. Don't hate. Pft.


Though I do love me that live version right there, many of you might not enjoy how it comes to a halt. For those of you, have a studio version. Because even when I'm short on time, I understand your needs.

And if you really haven't heard the song, and do enjoy it, you should find a way to get yourself the album Mothership to get a quick jump on what you're missing out on.

Buy: CD | mp3

No seriously. Living under a rock is not an excuse. Go.
Outside is probably one of the most mysterious songs I've managed to find out there. Believed by many to be composed by Aphex Twin, titling it "Outside (Kick Ass Violin Solo)", it's actually not. Not by him or any of his aliases (I checked every album EP and single). So I did what I felt compelled to do. Find the original by any means possible. It's taken me years and after finally finding the true artist, Outside, I feel like I handled that really lazily. Oops.

I kinda wish it had been by Aphex Twin, just so it could still be called Kick Ass Violin Solo. Anyone who knows me should know I can't go a full 24 hours without saying kick ass. It does have an intense violin solo in it though, and if you appreciate the string instrument, you might enjoy this.

It may start a bit monotonous, but once you get used to the repetition it'll switch it up. A very nice twist before letting you give up. The Drum and Bass feel complements the "solo" well, in my eyes, and eventually the few chords the piano (keyboard) plays will grow into the finale, very soothing, relaxed. The result is an upbeat and relaxing 6 minutes. It may not be for everyone, but I'm sure there's a wide enough audience for  it.

Oh, right, give it a listen!

What do you make of the song? Had you heard it before? Thought it was Aphex Twin? Maybe you know of Outside and can recommend me an album! ;)

I'd like to thank Juliana Szabluk for commenting and leaving me some info! Apparently Outside is one of the aliases for London based DJ, Matt Cooper. Apparently the track is also known as "the jungle track with the violin". His other alias is Incognito which I'll assume is just as good? Gasp! Catch all the info over at his myspace.

Juliana, obrigado!
You know that thing you get when you hear this one stupid little song and you have it playing over and over in your mind for hours without thinking of anything else? I'm having that. So forgive me for today's well known post. If I could think of another song, I'd write about it, but this is occupying my mind right now and it needs to be rid of me.

The song is called Popcorn and if you haven't heard it, it's one of those catchy songs from hell. This Synthpop classic can have one's mind thinking of the  lyrics to Slipknot to the tune of the cheery sounds of Synth-Popcorn. The annoyance can be great, but it can also be appreciated.

Though originally written by Gershon Kingsley, the most popular rendition of the song came 3 years later by Hot Butter, which I find a tad amusing. Let's just listen to that, shall we?

It may seem harmless and silly. It may seem simple and sweet. But once you really hear this song, you dread those catchy synths. This song is as to the mind as a Whopper is to your arteries. It should not be done, but it get's to the point where it's irresistible. If you're not feeling captivated, you are a lucky person. Let us mate and create superhuman genes.

I'm good though. Don't take that last bit seriously.

There's many a Techno remix of this song from many a DJ who has understood the genius of making music that goes in through one ear and stays there for what seems to be an eternity. Hell, I'm sure there's probably even a Metal version of this.

It burns....

Because I'm mean, today, I hope you get stuck with this infectious ear poison. Enjoy ;)
Because well, yes, technically, it is time.

Today I'll talk about a single song from the very talented Mystic Roots, (Also known as Mystic Roots Band or MRB) titled Pass the Marijuana. As you can probably guess, the song is about abstaining from weed in its entirety.

Get it? I made a funny!

The song contains loyal-to-the-herb lyrics, some great Reggae Roots sounds, samples from South Park, and even a Hip-Hop side. It seems to be popular to confuse this song to be by Sublime. I can assure you it's not.

If you haven't already, be sure to give this a listen.


Alright, so we're talking smooth vocals, a catchy composition, and an overall relaxed song. You'll notice some fancy guitar work, everything blending together very well. You don't have to be a smoker to enjoy this tune (I am living proof of this!) so enjoy it, relax. It sounds nice, don't be a party pooper!

If you enjoyed this, you should know it's from an album of equal talents titled Constant Struggle. You should definitely check it out if you like yourself some grade-A Reggae. The song in itself is hard to come by in good quality, album is the way to go. Trust me.

I praise this album

Let's not forget to mention other ways to support this amazing group of individuals! You can catch them on:

Myspace and so show some support, even if it's just spreading them out there for more to see. I'm sure they appreciate it!

Finally, yes it's 4/20 today. If you smoke, enjoy your day and I hope these jams fit the mood.

If you don't, don't be a douche, most of these people are using their substances responsibly, this should be awarded, not frowned upon. Seriously.

Have a great day, everyone! 
If you're like me, and love yourself some trippy experimental electronic-loungey music, wonderfully accompanied by some beautiful female vocals, The Mating Game is an album you should look into. Being their debut album (2006) you really get a feel for what Bitter:Sweet is, and in my opinion, it's got more of a Sweet:Tart feel, going on. But you can decide what they taste like yourself.

Let's introduce the second track which the album was named for, just to get it out of the way. Enjoy The Mating Game.

Now this isn't my favorite song in the album, but I do think it was smart of this duo to name their album after it. It shows their capabilities, just because there's only two people piecing this together, doesn't mean they can't sound rich and full of life. Regardless, I believe their slower songs just sound better, but that may just be me.

Try the softer Don't Forget to Breathe on for size.

Now, this has the more lounge-like feel I was promising earlier, combined with some obvious electronic roots and something similar to a 007 feel, am I wrong? It feels like something that should be on a James Bond movie to me. It must be a mix between the classy-ish music feel along with deadly lyrics. 

Of course, what makes it such a great album is its diversity. I love that through the course of the album you can experience multiple genres that each seem to blend very well with each other. I have no complaints.

Let's end with one of the better known songs from the album, Dirty Laundry. Enjoy!

The album has it's softer and more hyper sides. I recommend checking it out if you so much as enjoyed Shana Halligan's voice. And if you liked Bitter:Sweet in general, show some support at

Also, 200 followers?!
Thanks to all of you!
Let's focus today on a song by Canadian rapper, k-os (whose name is intentionally spelled in lower case). The song presented shows his faith along with a general message towards society.

Now while religiously speaking I wouldn't be one to agree with his views, I do find it admirable when music of this nature is made with talent. A real message, that despite being mixed with his personal views still demands attention. I'll listen to an atheist's music as I'll listen to deeply rooted religious music, the only important factor to me is that it's at least well composed and thought out.

Heaven Only Knows is one of those songs.

Now let that sink in for a minute. If you're not feeling in the mood, I understand. I can't just decide to listen to this one day. It takes a correct setting and state of mind, I guess. I don't know what you'd call it.

Moving on, a short time ago I spoke of a song by the Isley Brothers titled Footsteps in the Dark. I mentioned how it had been sampled, used and mixed. Many of you knew Ice Cube had used it in his song 'It Was a Good Day', but nobody mentioned or knew of k-os' version which was mixed by DJ Kemo. The version features samples from  Footsteps in the Dark at a slightly sped up pace, surprisingly working fairly well with k-os' lyrics. If you'd like to hear a longer version of the song with a bit more base, check out the remix.

While many, and I include myself, dislike how the remix ends, it's necessary to understand that remixes can't be perfect, that's what the original is for. As far as The Isley Brothers go, I still believe their original song can't be topped by some form of re-make as well.

Both versions of the song can be found on his 2002 debut album Exit which I do recommend as good quality Hip-Hop.
That's not the title of a song, artist or album. It's the state that I am in. I don't know about you guys but, even when I'm back now and have time, my mind will just... not function properly. I'm gonna crank up some sweet tunes and relax my night away.

What to relax to? I'm not sure what I'm feeling for tonight, but to start it off chill I'll start listening to some Eric Dolphy and see where I take myself from there. Let's listen to Stolen Moments.

This to me is, well, it's 'Just Jazz', I can't call it anything else. And it's a beautiful way to relax my ears right now. Then again, I may be biased when it comes to Just Jazz since Dolphy is probably my favorite artist. Love.

So enjoy the tune as I go return to Earth.
The House of the Rising Sun is probably one of my favorite songs, period. The amount of different versions, vocal styles and musical compositions applied to it make it one of the most entertaining songs out there. You could literally hear over 150 versions that all sound different to the last (I have indeed looked into this).

Today I'll be presenting Tracy Chapman's version, which isn't one of her better known tracks, along with a live version that I personally prefer. Neither of which are very well known when it comes to her music.

A quick intro for any who haven't heard of Ms. Chapman before getting to the music, even though you really should know her name.

Tracy is an American musical artist with multiple Grammy's to her name. She has released 8 albums since 1988 and is known for her interesting voice and singing style. To me, her style is very Blues oriented. She's nice to hear. You should wiki her.

On to the song. First I'll go with my less favorite, the album version.

Now what I really don't like about the song is the speed to it, it ends too quick telling a tale that falls too short. I'm probably just used to slower and in my eyes more suspenseful versions. What I love however is all the detail she managed to incorporate into it in that short amount of time. Sure it's rushed, and that's a big con, but it's interesting, I like it. I don't love it, but I admire the work and her little twists.

Now for my preferred live version with worse audio quality. Yay? There's no alternate link here, if you want to hear it outside of youtube, you have to attend a concert. I suppose that's unfair to some, but it must really make her performances worth while.

Slower and more traditional, and yet somehow less of her little lyrical twists. Surprising how more time can restrict you from more detail. At  least to me. Maybe nobody else notices, but regardless, I prefer the live approach.

But eh, that's me. Thoughts?
We're not taking a break from my Latin love. Today we'll be focusing on a Brazilian Reggae group called Natiruts and the 2005 album that is Nossa Missão. If you're a fan of the vibes, you should enjoy this, though I've come to understand that foreign lyrics scare people off. Stop being silly! Make sure to listen to the emotion, the few hints you get are what make it music, learning the message based on sound, breaking language barriers.

I had a moment there. I'll stop.

Let's start you off with the first Natiruts song I heard, Eu Enternamente Cantarei a Paz (Which to the best of my knowledge means 'I Will Eternally Sing for Peace', if I'm mistaken, correct me please!)

I loved how they were keeping the traditional 'chillax' Reggae feel and blending it in with those beautiful Portuguese vocals that flow together so nicely. I was interested, but I didn't expect to end the day with a new album. So I did some research, and not being as fluent as I'd like to be in Portuguese it was an uphill struggle to find what I wanted to know. Keep in mind though, this was years before I knew how to operate Google Translate.

It was songs like the very Nossa Missão (Our Mission) that really won me over. Combining classic Jazz feels and having them transition to a cheery beat. The cherry on top is the showcase of vocals. The lead vocalist not exerting himself too much and making it easier on your ears with the companionship of the female chorus. Truly a beautiful Reggae song.

Now if they hadn't captivated me enough as it was, on that very album they had one slightly more complex sounding song titled Au de Cabeça, which happens to feature my favorite Latin Reggae band, Cultura Profética. I'll try my best to make a  post about them later on in the week. Try.

So if you thought they were too simple, give Au de Cabeça a listen. Though really, anything more then that would've ruined the song for me. But maybe it's just me. Enjoy!

I really do recommend the rest of the album. It was difficult not to just blog about every song, but I mean to tease, not to spoil.

Of course, if you wanted to look up each individual song to make sure for yourself, I could provide you with the titles, right? I mean I'm nice and all.

Track Listing

Não Chore Meu Amor
Nossa Missão
Au de Cabeça
Quem Planta Preconceit
Bossa Nova em Kingston
Quando Você Acordar
Eu Eternamente Cantarei a Paz
Cheiro de Flor
Quero Ser Feliz Também
Toca Fogo

Enjoy, and remember to support the artists you wish to keep playing. Money doesn't grow on riffs... for most people.
My ears have a Latin fetish.

Today I'll present but one song from some of some Mexican pioneers of Spanish Rock, Café Tacuba. Whilst I don't particularly like most of their work, this one song found in 2003's album Cuatro Caminos (or Four Roads) is an acceptable blend of acoustics and vocals. I was pleasantly surprised.

Had it not been for Pandora internet radio I would've never heard the soothing acoustics and mellowed out vocals that can be found in this song. A given, it's a romantic song and in that aspect it's also very generic. 'Eres' meaning 'You Are' is used as 'You are what I want most in this world'. So yes, generic, but pretty to hear. It''s pretty evened out I think? Yeah?

Give the song a try. The Youtube vid provided  has some roughly translated lyrics in English for those of you who want to get your romance on. Otherwise, enjoy the catchy riff.

It's not my favorite song in the world, not at all. But occasionally, a simple song to relax with isn't such a bad thing.
I'd like to thank those of you who actually made submissions because for some reason I've been swamped with things to do today. Thank you! Now for the submissions themselves, I'll keep it to first, second and third place because there was only 4 submissions.

In third place with probably the funniest song (in my opinion) is Rorshach Redemption's submission of Natalie Portman's Uncensored Rap. Thank you for the grin plastered over my face as I heard this again.

In second place is's My Ding-A-Ling by Chuck Berry. More on the theme, funny, and even though I'm not entirely sure it was a submission, I had to add it for its brilliance.

In first place with my favorite submission is Grafted's Flower by Liz Phair. I was honestly expecting something completely irrelevant to the theme, and I suppose the shock I went through when first hearing it is why it stood out to me, enjoy the the very dirty and immature song. Giggles.

And finally, a very honorable mention to Colin B, who happened to creep me the f*** out with his song by The Bloodhound Gang called A Lap Dance Is So Much Better When The Stripper Is Crying , because seriously, wtf.

If you're a decent human being you'll check out all their blogs because they're nice people and stuff. Geeze, don't argue, just do it. Click their names and stuff, gosh.

Expect an honest, decent post tomorrow. I miss my ways.
I couldn't just pass it up. When I realized that today's post would mark 69, the inner 13 year old child came and said: Today's post will contain sexual stuff that makes me giggle.

And so it will! But before I show off my immature sex-based song of choice, I propose an idea! I'm sure I'm not the only one with occasional bursts of immaturity around here, so if you have some dirty funny song, post it in the comments! My favorites will make it to tomorrows post (if there are enough participants), so be sure to drop that down there. And extra points if I haven't heard it before! ;)

Back to today's post. Today I'm going to talk about My Dick.

By Mickey Avalon featuring Andre Legacy and Dirt Nasty.

I don't care what anybody says, I will be listening to this way into my late 60's if I manage to live as long. The lack of general talent is made up for in the obscene and ridiculous lyrics. Admittedly, even the lyrics could use some polishing. How does this become so popular? Through people like me who don't mind simply sitting down and laughing. I'm sure at some point the average male mind will think things like this, I know I had my phase, so why hadn't anyone thought to put it in song? 

Mickey did.

Enjoy dirty analogies, metaphors and disses.

Oh, and if today's post offended you, regular posting will begin Thursday, if not tomorrow. You'd also be silly. Stop being silly, silly!


(Submissions sent in the comments will be withheld 'til tomorrow!)

Check out the submissions here.
You think of those classic romantic songs from a while back, before songs were as blunt as 'my penis goes there', and you should be thinking, hey, Lou Rawls, some Marvin Gaye, effing Barry White and so on, right? I mean you can hear these jams all over Hollywood movies and classic scenes. For some reason, Footsteps in the Dark isn't one of these Hollywood movie scene classics. That together with the fact that it has a general lack of popularity definitely upsets me.

The song has been remixed, re-made, sampled, and just about everything else that involves not using the actual song in all but one instance, where apparently it was used for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. (I learned this recently as I have never played any GTA game).

So please help me in my quest of raising this songs popularity, and enjoy Footsteps in the Dark by The Isley Brothers.

Now when you listen to that catchy beat, you can see why it's been sampled and re-sampled. And those sweet funk lyrics and vocals make it one of those songs that you can't play alone with a significant other without making triplets. You have been warned. (D4 is an awesome middle name by the way, just remember that.)

The song is found in the 1977 album, (can't keep away from the 70's...) titled Go For Your Guns which I haven't really heard yet. I am ashamed. However, I think I will soon. Because of all the shame I'm feeling right now.

Forgive me for not being able to tell you if the rest of the album is good enough, in all likeliness it is, though. Give it a chance if you liked Footsteps in the Dark.

Happy Monday, everyone, and have a great day.
I had previously mentioned how I've been in a mood for Punk (and Jazz at the same time, go figure) and I had tamed the Punk side with music of electronic nature. So when I got tired of the Techno, the Dubstep the House and all that Jazz (TEEHEE) I went and got myself what I craved. A best of Dead Kennedys album titled Milking the Sacred Cow. Immediately interested, I make it mine, and for a quick Punk fix, the album is perfect. I wasn't about to get every DK album over a fix, though maybe in time I will, but really, this album is good enough.

Interesting artwork..?

Track listing for the album

California Über Alles (7" version)
Police Truck
Kill the Poor
Holiday in Cambodia (7" version)
Nazi Punks Fuck Off
Too Drunk to Fuck
Viva Las Vegas
Moon Over Marin
MTV Get off the Air
Soup is Good Food (Live)
Jock-O-Rama (Live)

Considering it's relatively short running time of 39 minutes, one would hope you'd get a nice feel for the band, and I can say you do. You get everything from raw sounds, to things that are better composed and even some improvisation on the live tracks. These were the good old days of Jello Biafra. If you're new to the Punk legends, you should definitely start here.

It starts off with the very popular California Über Alles, which quickly gives you insight on their political beliefs. I won't get too into the actual message but it does revolve around Jerry Brown who I believe is the current governor of California. Now, this blog is dedicated to music, not politics. That being said, I approve how they exercise their freedom of speech, and would on any musical subject from any artist, no matter how right or wrong I'd think their views are. Music can be a tool, I admire it being used to instruct the population, or to at least make them curious about the world outside of their comfort bubble.

Aside from that, the song is ridiculously catchy, so if you're afraid of possibly repeating a Punk song in your mind for a while, don't listen to the song provided.

Reasons you might not like this are the weird sounding vocals, the repetitive melody (but without that it wouldn't be Punk, no fair!) or you're too caught up on disagreeing with the political message. If so, stop and enjoy the sounds, please.

There are other songs that stand out upon hearing them, or even just viewing them. For example Kill the Poor with a message on the very title that should captivate your mind, then there's the catchy Holiday in Cambodia, which in common day will make a lot more sense if you know the history behind it. Then there's one of my favorites, MTV Get off the Air. If I have to explain why this is one of my favorites, maybe you should take a quick little tour through my blog and wonder how many of the posts written would make it to MTV. Go ahead. This post will still be here when you get back, I promise.

If you could enjoy that as much as I do, you're obviously my twin sibling. Their imitation of an 80's MTV get's me in the good mood, followed by something that makes me want to jump up and down like a  flailing idiot in an attempt at moshing (because that's how you mosh to Punk music and I refuse to believe otherwise), and then it transitions in such a way that I can hear the message just well enough. Does D4 approve? Oh yes.

If you happen to like the Dead Kennedys and think that this 'best of' album is missing something, feel free to say so in a comment. I believe, however, that for someone who wants a quick DK fix, or for someone who wants to start listening to them, this album is the way to go.
This is one of the, if not the most known and respected Jazz flutist on some of his earlier work. For some reason, and this was indeed coincidence, I can't stay away from the 70's. This particular song is from his '72 LP, Morning Star. I honestly think anybody who appreciates the flute can admire the sounds displayed.

Since not only am I short on time, but actually late, I'll keep this quick and clean. The song is good. There are undoubtedly some people who wont love it so much. If you don't know what side you'll land on, be sure to give it a listen.

Enjoy, Let Her Go.

I also promise to try and post something not from the 70's tomorrow.
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