Shirley Bassey - Where Do I Begin (Away Team Mix)

Sometimes classic songs just shouldn't be re-touched. Sometimes keeping something the way it was originally intended to be heard is the only way to do it justice. And indeed, sometimes it hurts when someone goes out of their way to fix a song that didn't need fixing.

And sometimes it just doesn't hurt at all and the different sound can be refreshing! To those few DJ's or artists that can successfully do that, I applaud you.

It may be necessary to show the original song (by Shirley Bassey but surely not her song) so that those of you who aren't familiar with the title can go "OH THAT SONG!". I do it all the time, feel no shame. Besides, her voice is so strong, I'm probably bias towards the song. I'm used to her voice and I love it.

The song is titled "(Where Do I Begin) Love Story". Enjoy.

Now, this is nice, romantic, simple music. It needs nothing more. So when I heard a remix, I couldn't really believe I approved of it. The remix had a strong and yet smooth bass line, it reminded me a lot of tango, but the electronic back bone was there. It became a bit more complex and maintained itself easy on the ears. Kudos to the Away Team. 

Give it a listen or something.

A classic, made hip. What a great way to get grandparents and grandchildren bonding musically. No seriously, not everyone is fortunate enough to have open minded ears a few steps back in their family tree, this is great common ground in my eyes. I can't place an age on this mix ('cept maybe after those angst filled years when all you listen to is woe-is-me-rock)

If you really like the mix, you can find it and other similar songs on the Electro-Lounge album Hôtel Costes, Vol. 3 by the French House DJ, Stéphane Pompougnac. It's really great for when you're just in that mood. You know, the one where you sit by a fireplace and read a book while you smoke your pipe. Just like everyone else in the entire world.
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  1. shirley bassey? more like shirley hasty because you have to get her merchandise with haste ;]

  2. Yeah, definitely thought the wax was real..

  3. Another one for the bookmarks (the hip remake.)
    'Cause I am always chilling with the pipe and always need a good remix of a (what I am assuming) classic.

  4. Good old Shirley...great voice

  5. Thats a fuzzy scarf thing! lol.

  6. did enjoy. but not really my syle... did she recently die? not sure why your chose to blog her.

  7. Definitely like the remix more, the original is too...

    classy? maybe i just have no class ;_;

  8. lady in pic is like hula lala....

  9. @Atley

    No, she's currently 74 years old and very much so alive. I choose my post subjects based on variety so that if anybody visits the blog, they can see 3 different kinds of music instantly. Hopefully one of them suits them great or expands their musical knowledge! :)


    Yes, the song gained much success at one point some decades ago and has been considered a classic by many for some time now.


    Who knew all it took to get me in the mood for writing was one beer?

  10. Not what I'd normally go for, but not bad! :)
    Gorgeous voice!

  11. Why is that woman doing a pom pom dance...? She is scary...

  12. slow motion hip hop with an awesome legendary singer. whats not to love

  13. i gave it a try and it is not bad but, i like the older version more

  14. When I hear her I always feel like watching James Bond.

  15. Pretty nice! You are correct, this really does remind me of ''Double OO seven''!!


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