I hear thunder, but there's no rain

Well I'm listening to a pretty neat thunderstorm going on right now, and well, these are the songs that fit verbally with this moment, so I figure, post 'em!

The lyrics found on today's title are best known for their use in the latest The Prodigy album, Invaders Must Die. The  song is called Thunder and for those of you who haven't heard it, I'll get to it in a bit.

First I want to show the original to that song, the sampled section. The original song is called Ethiopian Peace Song or in some cases Rasta Peace Song, and it is by Trevor Joe aka Al Tascith Joe.

No alternate link for this underground beauty

The Prodigy used the bit starting at 20 seconds in, where he says: "Sounds like thunder, but there's no rain, this kind of thunder blows down doors and walls and things"

But they switch it up a bit and use:  "I hear thunder but there's no rain, this kind of thunder thunder breaks walls and window pane"

 The generally happy and peaceful song is one of those rare gems in the music world, where if you own it you are by default a very fortunate soul. If I had any more information on this song, I'd share it. I have no idea what album it comes from, other work by the artist or where it can be bought/downloaded. If you know, I'd appreciate the information. As soon as I find anything out I'll be updating this post!

Now, for the use of the sample in a less than 'happy peace love' way, and for anyone who hasn't already heard it, here's The Prodigy's Thunder.

Let's just call this ear rape and admit that many people have this audio fetish. Kay? Kay, good. If you happen to enjoy this you can find it and more well known songs such as Omen and Invaders Must Die on Invaders Must Die (album).

Buy: CD/mp3

But if you're new enough to The Prodigy to not know that, then you should probably start at The Fat of the Land. Trust me and thank me later. (Or try Music for the Jilted Generation and trust the blogosphere, be sure to thank them here and here.)
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  1. I like reggae thanks for sharing

  2. Cool sound, Prodigy was awesome lost touch with that band though.

  3. Those were some pretty sweet tunes. Thanks for posting.

  4. Honestly, I didn't even know the Prodigy were still going.

  5. None of the 2 versions really got me.

  6. I do love my reggae and dub.
    That was a lovely tune - just a shame about the quality :/
    And a shame I can offer no info either.

    I'll skip the Prodigy track for now.
    But Fat of the Land? Yeah, it's damn good, but...
    Hmmm... Music for a Jilted Generation is where it's at when it comes to Prodigy.

  7. @PryON
    I won't argue. Either way is a better place to start than Invaders Must Die.

  8. I liked the prodigy's thunder more than the first one

  9. damnn , i saw them perform live. Awesome. just Awesome.

  10. i like the original more, but prodigy's wersion is not bad as well

  11. I remember when Invaders Must Die came out. This struck me as one of the better tracks on the album. And along with PryON, I'd perhaps say Experience is the best Prodigy album to start with. In fact, any of their first three albums are fantastic.

  12. prodigy are sick. saw them live

  13. The second I saw the title, i heard the rest of the song in my head. And i didn't even know it was about Produgy!

    Love them! seen them live! as for the latest album, Warrior Dance and take me to the hospital are the best in my opinion

  14. I have the fat of the land but you should start a little way back on their first disk!

  15. I didn't realize Prodigy had new material out. Thanks for sharing.

  16. For me and Prodigy, it is this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKXKWBcaV3A over and over.

    They can use whatever samples or reggae of ironic clips that they want anywhere, but sometimes it's just about the video to me.

  17. Rorschach, that's probably one of my favorite songs and one of the best videos by The Prodigy. Respec'.


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