Run-a run-a -run-a runaway, away

I want to share this one Spanish Reggae song by Los Pericos, it was originally made in 1994, but it was such a hit that it was remade just last  year (2010) to feature The Original Wailers (as in yes, Bob Marley and The Wailers).

Now, being that the band is Argentine one would expect the success of the song to be attributed to its Spanish lyrics, being that the title and chorus of the song is 'Runaway' I can say otherwise. I probably wouldn't have  given the band another look myself had they not used such a catchy hook. I mean, even staring at the lyrics, I'm not sure what the chorus refers to. It just sounds nice? Eh.

Enjoy: Runaway by Los Pericos and The Wailers.

And for those of you who need to relate to the music, have the translated lyrics here.

Now, I find the music to be portrayed nicely, I love me that bass, I find the instruments to be well balanced. It may sound a little bit overdone, the "too perfect" thing, and in that sense it probably does sound a bit commercial. If it doesn't bother you though, look into the album.

It's called Pericos & Friends

But if you're not a fan of the more developed Reggae sound, try the 1994 version out, it has the same catchy chorus, but less synchronized singing and more emphasis on the bass, because well, less instruments!

Also, copious amounts of Snoopy. If that doesn't do it for you, I don't know what will.

That one can be found on Pampas Reggae. Go find it yourself, pft.

Also, I don't know if I've mentioned just how much I love blogging. Here I was, thinking I was gonna post a 1994 Spanish Reggae classic, and I ended up finding out about a 2010 remix that I like even better.

Basically, screw you guys, I got something out of my own post! Badass!

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  1. Los Pericos yeah i heard of these guys before good tunes.

  2. Gonna check out the original version. It does sound quite polished. I do like reggae that has that rough edge.

  3. Great track. Thanks for posting it. I think I like the more raw sound of the original better.

  4. Those are pretty catchy tunes, D4. There's a song by a group called El Rookie called "Mi cama te extraña" that I really like, having discovered it in, you guessed it, South America.

    Let me find a link for you, be right back...Ah, yes, here it is:

    You might enjoy it, but it's all in Español. Thanks for sharing, good stuff!

  5. hell yea, i can smoke to this

  6. i like the 1994 version a little bit more

    ...not because of snoopy
    nope, not at all
    ...not one bit.. :(

  7. runna runna runna run away! nice one.

  8. really love those carribean grooves

  9. great tunes man, just great !

  10. Yeah. I don't like the reggae. I wasn't even sure how to spell reggae.

  11. Snoopy + Raggae = Awesome!! Have yourself a great day! :)

  12. Me likey the upbeat reggae beat.

  13. I have a good story about them, you might enjoy it. One of my childhood best friends lived the house right next to the drummer's. In his house, they had set up a place to practice.
    As you would expect for a reggae band they would smoke all day, they used to smoke in the roof and throw the roaches to my friends terrace and roof hahahaha
    They were pretty cool guys, we talked to them a few times. They even babysitted my friend a few times when he was a little kid.

  14. Damn right I enjoyed that. I'm also a little jealous!


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