Just a few days ago I finally managed to get myself Watsky, an album I've been meaning to get for quite some time. Just some minutes ago I finished listening to it, and I am very, very pleased.

The best way I find to sum this album up is by dividing it into thirds. It has its simple studio tracks, its deep rooted Hip-Hop tracks, and its tracks with beautiful voices carrying out the choruses. Let it be known that in all three of these basic feels, the music never gets too monotonous like in most Rap, George Watsky seems to understand the importance of the music in the background.

It's made apparent almost immediately and throughout the album that Watsky has a fully functioning brain outside of putting a rhyme together. He can piece together a well thought out presentation on his thoughts and views and exercises his freedom of expression wonderfully, especially for a rapper.

After his song 'Seizure Boy' a song about what it's like to be an epileptic juvenile, you're presented with what seems to be the portrayal of a producer laughing and basically saying that it needs to be a bit more rude. Listen to it yourself, and enjoy the sarcastic response of a song.

It's called G.O.A.T. (W.G.M.F.M.C.)

I think it's made apparent that Mr. Watsky has no problems breaking the mold. He doesn't mind that he's different, he rhymes because he enjoys it. An admirable quality.

He touches quite a few subjects, and to be honest, I have to listen to it all again. He puts so much effort into each track that it's hard to catch every single detail. You have to go back and listen again to fully admire his work.

He manages to capture a mood and keep it throughout the album, so if you listen to it, try not to stop. What it does psychologically when you hear it all the way through is pretty interesting. In a way it's like a movie and Watsky is the hero, by the end, in some weird way, you're rooting for him. I'm sure I could phrase this better.

If you need any more convincing, listen to the last track on the album. I think it ties it all together very well, I'll warn you though that if you do intend on getting the album, just wait. It might ruin it to know the ending. Might.

It's called Everything Turns Gold.

Over all the album brought much more than I expected. In a way this is good, however I now hope Watsky doesn't come out with a second any time soon in fear of it not living up to the self titled album, "Watsky".

Buy: CD | mp3

The album is on its way to being one of my favorites, I'm fairly sure with one or two more listens it will be. The fact that I was so excited to post about it so soon says a lot in itself. If you're a fan of a good rappers, give Watsky a shot, listen to him somehow and feel the talent for yourself.

Some extra info, G.O.A.T. is a sarcastic track, so if he sounds a little off, it's on purpose. If you'd like to hear some more Watsky, check here. And if you'd like a free track that's not found on the album, check here.
I don't very often listen to Insane Clown Posse. The duo just don't rap in a way that I particularly enjoy. But occasionally you can find a song out there that's so dark and twisted that it can actually pull a chuckle or three from me.

Today's song is called In My Room and it's best enjoyed by people who don't mind dark comedy.

Give it a listen.

The song is basically about some sociopath who sees his dead demonic girlfriend. His girlfriend makes him murder cats and people because she's uncomfortable. But really, it's a lot funnier when you hear it. The delivery is perfect, the voices make it seem like it could be in some musical. For the sake of musicals though, I hope it doesn't become one.

Who would guess these guys are so religious?

Buy: CD | mp3

The album promises "The Darkest Horror Rap Album" they've ever made. I wouldn't know since I just can't take more than 5 minutes of the clowns, but this one song is more on the comedy side for me than it is on the horror side. This is just my opinion however, and I'm sure under certain lights it can be quite scary. Right?

It might be worth a listen if you really enjoyed this song. At least in Hell's Pit there's no magnet talk. That's a plus all its own.
This is probably the most lustful, sexy song I've heard that has managed to stay tasteful. Norah Jones' vocals fit the song perfectly, her range is never over done, keeping the feelings behind the lyrics subtle yet passionate. The instrumental composition compliments her voice and her voice compliments the lyrics. It makes for a well rounded song.

Enjoy I've Got to See You Again

If you pay close attention, it might seem like the song is about passion or obsession over an exotic dancer/stripper.

Wait, what?

"Lines on your face don’t bother me
Down in my chair when you dance over me"

"I could almost go there
Just to watch you be seen
I could almost go there
Just to live in a dream"

Oh yes. But let's keep some things in check. First of all, Jones didn't write the song, Jesse Harris did. He played a big role in her debut album as far as lyrics went, he even won a Grammy for it. So as interesting as it would be to say that Norah Jones fell in love with a stripper and poured her heart out in song, the truth is it was a guy, and that's more normal and less exciting.

Makes for an awesome interpretation, though, doesn't it?

To top it off, the instruments really play their role perfectly. They feel seductive. There's a feel similar to Tango going on, this can be made clearer by focusing on the piano and guitar/bass. The violin plays it's own beautiful, romantic role. I don't think I could be happier with how the instruments pan out.

Buy: CD | mp3

The 2002 album is wonderful in itself, I like an occasional listen to cool the stress and step away from the norm. It's been classified as so many different genres that it's best to just call it genre-less. It does have a hint of a lot of genres, including Country. I don't even like Country that much, and I can enjoy this album.

If you want reason to praise it any more than necessary, it won 8 Grammy's and is certified Diamond by the RIAA. In a modern world, this is impressive.
When you go to a buddy's place and play random shooter games, things can be fun. Not having the same right as in your own home to turn your own music on can sometimes be uncomfortable, but in this case my buddy knew what he was doing.

Now, while I find Borgore to be a fairly overrated artist, he does have a bit of a knack for that dirty Dubstep sound. He's managed to make his own identifiable genre 'Gorestep' which is also often called 'Filth'. It's because of this that people say, and he even acknowledges in his EP titles that he 'Ruined Dubstep'.

Anything goes in moderation, though. And I think that's how Borgore has to be taken. Moderately. Else tracks like Saturday Night won't seem appealing when randomly shooting a computer animated terrorist.


The song almost seems like it was inspired by Drum & Bass. The soft intro doesn't quite prepare you for the drop, if you can even call it that. It's more like submerging your ears in a pool of electronic bass all of a sudden. I still found it quite relaxing to listen to it while shooting things with a fancy sci-fi gun.

Buy: CD | mp3

If you really enjoy the DJ, support him over at his site. It has plenty of info, music and merchandise. Go right on ahead to Buygore.

And if you're unaware of what Dubstep is, or are interested to explore the less filthy and more educated side, go to phthalo.
This is a great band to break a Heavy Metal mold and explore something new. Naming the genre Celtic Metal is one of the best ways I find possible to describe the sound, even though this song inclines more towards the Folk side. You'll still feel it.

Plus, with a name like Mägo de Oz (Wizard of Oz) you can't just be ordinary, now can you? The Spanish band doesn't fail to deliver.

The particular song is the one that got me liking the extravagant band in the first place. The classic metal scream at the beginning followed by violins accompanied with the bass drum make for a fairly captivating intro. Never mind the lyrics, even someone fluent in Spanish wont be able to make them out at first.

Just enjoy the song in all its mixed Metal goodness.

An important detail here is that the song is called Satania and not Satanía. The latter of which,, with the accented I, means Satanism. The first is just the fictional order that the song describes.

Being as the track comes from a concept album, the lyrics by themselves might not make too much sense. In a basic summary however, the song simply explains the world/domain of Satania. A place controlled by the government via internet, where your emotions are programmed and interactions are monitored. If  you're interested for more, check out the lyrics here. (The English translation is just below the original lyrics)

The album in itself is long but well done. If you can tolerate over an hour and a half of this type of Metal, you should go and get it somehow. It's far from underdone and feels like a very mature piece. The story is pretty interestingly written and portrayed in itself, but if I can just barely hear it all.. I wouldn't expect you to, either.

Buy single: Satania
Buy album: CD/mp3

Isn't it ironic that I post a pretty anti-internet song on the internet?
This is the type of song that promotes a slow but productive day. The Downtempo duo that is Zero 7 team up with the lovely song writing and singing skills of Sophie Baker to make a slow song that should leave you feeling less than lazy.

It really is perfect for when you have to do something that you don't want to do.

Enjoy, In the Waiting Line

The song is able to catch my attention and lift my spirits. These nice feelings accompanied by the potentially melancholy lyrics make for an intriguing experience that I'm sure they were all aware of.

Both Zero 7 and Sophie Baker are better known for their single 'Destiny' (which was also co-written and performed by Sia Furler). It can be found on the same album.

Simple Things is probably the most fitting title for this album. In general it really is simple, easy on the ears and with enough variety to not  make it seem boring. The relaxed easy going music accompanied by both female vocals mentioned above, and also the male vocals provided by Mozez make for a well balanced, relaxed album.

You could listen to it and just chill. It's nice.

Buy album: CD/mp3
First of all, I have to thank Mr. Moobeat for introducing me to Alestorm some time ago. If you're looking for some heavier rock, go check his blog. I honestly recommend it.

I was quickly convinced to acquire some of this "Pirate Metal" and got myself their debut album, Captain Morgan's Revenge. While I was far from being disappointed, let it also be known that you have to be in a certain mood to sing along with pirates. So I heard it a few times, enjoyed it, and left it for later.

A few days ago I decided to get back to it, I was feeling a little captain in me and what could go better with rum than pirates? Since then, I've been humming one of the tunes from the album. It's not the best track, in fact it can get a bit monotonous and stale. There's many other tracks that could do the album better justice, but since this one won't leave my head, I'm sharing it anyway.

It's called Nancy the Tavern Wench.

Maybe it's the pure pirate extract, the accordion, or maybe it's the fact that it inclines more towards the Folk side of the album rather than the Power Metal side. Frankly, it might just be how fun it is to sing along to, for whatever reason the song has clung on to my mind and is just begging to get shared.

One of the things I see myself admiring is the fact that it has a guitar solo. Granted, it really needs it to even out the music, but in common day it's becoming harder and harder to find a not so heavy song with an intent at a solo. The album, having been released in 2008, gives me hope for the future of Rock.

If the song sounds alright but  could use a little tweaking in your eyes, you should check out the first version they made from before they were called Alestorm, Battleheart - Nancy the Tavern Wench.

And frankly, if either version sway you just a little bit, or if you're ready to get your pirate on, you should check out the post that made me get the album over at Death With No Redemption, here.

Because what's more convincing than wenches and mead?

Buy album: CD/mp3
I don't watch cable. At least, I normally don't. Now as a whole I'm pretty happy with this outcome, I don't get pushed into watching something I don't approve of if I don't have to and I don't rely on listening to music over and over in order to like it. The problem is that sometimes I actually miss something worth watching. To me this is the needle in the haystack, so while it would be nice to see the gems and ignore what I consider junk, it's just never going to happen.

It's times like these that I feel to be of the last to find out about the gems like the 11 year old girl who sings with such beauty and such grace, that she may actually cause shame to former child stars.

Enjoy Angel.

This may not be everyone's cup of tea, I know it's not always mine. It's still a stunning voice, regardless of her age. It's our own fault if we're not accustomed to her soprano, and it's not a bad thing as long as we can acknowledge the talent she provides. Stunning.

In the above displayed Angels, she is accompanied by David Foster, who also produced her latest album 'Dream With Me'. With Foster's guidance this time alone, we can only imagine how she will musically mature in the years to come.

If you're not quite sure if the album is for you, yet, you should give this next song a listen. It's a duet between Jackie and Susan Boyle. An admirable piece titled A Mother's Prayer, which is based off Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli's song The Prayer

I can see this being used in a sentimental portion of a movie. It's powerful, it's honest. I applaud the duo.

I also applaud Jackie's parents. Keeping the young woman humble despite her success is no easy task, and keeping her sharp while properly supporting her is wonderful. I definitely don't see this brilliant child star dwindling down stereotypical child star roads.

The album has been out for a bit over a week now, be sure to catch it if you can admire it. Be sure to also check out Jackie's bio and website. It's full of inspiration and answers to many initial questions about the young talent.

Myself, I wish her happiness. With happiness anyone can prosper.

Buy the Dream With Me CD or the Dream With Me mp3
Today's post is accompanied with an interesting story. See, I played this song a while ago for a friend via Youtube. Now Youtube isn't always accurate with what people may claim, as you can see on this post. This was my friends argument when I showed a Tiësto mix of the Pirates of the Caribbean theme. He insisted that Tiësto honestly wouldn't make something like that, that maybe he remixed someone else's electronic interpretation and got all the fame off it. He was basically so sure the popular DJ was incapable of making something that he enjoyed so much that he was willing to bet his left ass cheek.

This is the part where I can say:

I own his ass.

The song isn't really all that amazing, but if you like the classic upbeat Pirates theme and don't mind some electronic sounds coming your way, you might be pleasantly surprised.

You could listen to the shorter radio edition that pretty much gets to the point below, or you could listen to the original 7 minute version here.

This would be one of those occasions where the quality difference between Youtube and Grooveshark are very noticeable. I recommend the Grooveshark links.

Now while my buddy was wrong, I can understand where he's coming from. To be honest, the only reason I even remotely enjoy the remix is because it's based off a much shorter song that could have used extending, a minute and a half is not enough time to fight off invading pirates and find a treasure.

The original was composed by Klaus Badelt, way back for The Curse of the Black Pearl Soundtrack. Three years later they decided to make a series of remixes, among which Tiësto was not in the original iTunes exclusive track listing. Disney records cleared that up soon thereafter.

The other remixes are worth checking out too, but I'll leave that up to you. If you're really lazy you could just wait a few months for me to get back to them. But come on. Months?
Oh, it seems a day awaits me. There's few ways to properly start or end a busy day when it comes to music. Luckily for me, I feel this one song can do both. Originally by Pink Floyd, but today's version is by the Easy Star All-Stars and it's from their Dub Side of the Moon album. The Reggae rendition just prepares my mood and right now, that's what matters.

Give it a listen?

Subtle differences from the original. The drum work, the classic Reggae vibe as opposed to the original 'retro' bass. It's a delicious way for me to start or end my day.

If you'd like to read some more on the album, check my post on it here.

If the track brought you memories, or you just can't remember the original, then you should enjoy this.

I mean really, it's quality. The original just works best with the whole album, so when it comes to a quick mood fixing, Reggae version is the way to go.

Buy the Dub single: Any Colour You Like

Off and away to my nice long day. Have a good one, everyone! :)

And sorry for the mediocre post, I'll make up for it tomorrow, promise.
Now, I like The Beatles. I'm not some hardcore fan, I won't pay the $900 ticket for the McCartney concert and I can't listen to all of their albums in one day, but I enjoy some songs. I'd say my favorite Beatles track is Blackbird.

So, when I found that Bobby McFerrin had made a cover to that song in his sweet, A Cappella goodness, I got a little excited. I wasn't really sure what to expect, though.

In the end I was pleasantly surprised. He really does make it sound much simpler than it is, adding sound with his inhales and exhaling vocals, creating the sound of fluttering wings with his mouth and using nothing to keep the beat but his own body.

Enjoy Blackbird.

This is going to have to be one of those occasions where I really wish the video is available to you. It's a masterpiece to the ears, but when you can see the work he puts into it the value sky rockets. Now this isn't to say that what he does can't be imitated or that there isn't other versions of the song that could exceed in talent, I'm just saying that in my opinion, this is a very well balanced, entertaining cover that oozes talent and style.

I'm still trying to copy the sound of fluttering wings that he pulls off seemingly effortlessly.

You can find a version of this song on the album The Voice, a live compilation album from solo concerts in Germany. And if you still need some persuasion then you should know that there's a version of 'I Feel Good', too. Can it get better than James Brown?!
Buy single: Blackbird
Buy album: CD/mp3
My Dad played a pretty crucial role in the development of my music tastes. If not for his erratic taste, I'd probably be listening to Pop-Rock in some corner, blissfully unaware of the variety of musical talents throughout genres and artists. Everything from traditional Latin music, to classic Rock like Led Zeppelin, to Jazz, and he even approved of Hip-Hop and everything in between.

Thanks, Dad.

If it wasn't already obvious, my father listened to a lot. This means it's hard to pick a good representative song for him today, which means I had to actually think. In the end I decided that..

Was the way to go. There was no image imprinted more firmly in my mind than the days where the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack was put on and I could see those classic moves displayed by what I was ashamed to say was my Dad in underwear.

This is the part where you imagine YOUR father figure imitating John Travolta's dance moves in tighty-whiteys.

You're welcome.

Now with this vision firmly placed in my mind, I decided the best song to put up today would be the Bee Gees classic, Stayin' Alive.

If this post seems a little off, it's purely the nostalgia's fault. I'm pretty sure I still remember every song on that album. I'll be looking for the CD later.

If you like yourself Saturday Night Fever, you'll enjoy the soundtrack. Come on. Now if you like Disco and you don't mind the Bee Gees' high range, you must have it already, surely. If not, how have you survived so long without listening to this?

Who doesn't get random music swings for Disco at some point?

Buy single: Stayin' Alive
Buy album: CD/mp3

Happy father's day, to all the fathers out there. And to all their offspring, enjoy your dads while they're stayin' alive.

Teehee, see how witty I am?
So hey. Sup.

Truth is I'm about as dead tired as the spare rims on the old family Toyota (this is pretty dead, if you're not good with analogies) so I'm improvising some form of post here for the audio pleasure.

Yesterday I heard this group called Supari Mai who focused heavily on the steelpan, a very tropical percussion instrument.

This isn't the band I'll be talking about, either

They had just come back from getting 1st place on a Disney music related competition and it felt like they deserved it. They had about 5 people focusing on the steelpans, someone at the saxophone and someone decently playing the drums, along with other side instruments to add to the flavor. I'm sorry to say that this updated version of the band can't be heard online yet, but when they can I'll be sure to keep an update on the blog.

For now, enjoy Under the Sea from The Little Mermaid, as performed by Supari Mai, live.

No alternate link today, kids

Forgive the audio quality, there's really no other online trace of this Calypso based band in a richer audible format, at this time.

There's also been some very obvious line up changes, their normal playing team doesn't include the Puerto Rico Symphony (duh?), and is also missing that sweet, jazzy sax. The result is pretty much the perfect mix to switch up genres. I was able to hear everything from traditional Trinidadian Calypso songs, to The Little Mermaid, to Dancing Queen by ABBA and my favorite, a rendition of Bob Marley's 'Jammin'".

These talented young individuals could go far. I really should've bought their $10 CD, but I was short a dollar. Damn you, food and drink!

Though frankly, it would've never been the same as hearing the magic live.

I can only take so much of the steelpan.
It's time for yet another Puya post, so if you're feeling like Rock-Salsa then today's post is actually for you.

Ahorake, a slang written version of  'Ahora Que' (Now What, in Spanish), is one of my favorite Puya tracks simply because of it's odd yet balanced mix of genre.

Listen to a fusion of Salsa, Jazz and Hard Rock (some may call this "Alternative Rock") that is Ahorake.

What starts off with the sounds Puerto Rican native coqui, eventually transfers onto Afro-Latin percussion of both Cuban and Puerto Rican heritage, quickly followed by the introduction of the guitar. It's a general mix of the bands roots, somehow combined in a song without overdoing it. Or maybe in some opinions they do. From there, don't expect anything. It's a different sound, some will appreciate it and others simply won't. I can see it being a bit more difficult to stomach than my previous Puya suggestions.

What you're seeing above is the album cover for Union, Puya's third album and the album containing Ahorake. The album art seems to be some alien art of a sea urchin "puyando" the Puya logo. It's by far my favorite Puya album art and one of the few instances where I wish I knew who the artist was.

Buy single: Ahorake
Buy album: CD/mp3

If you'd like some more normal Puya songs, check out my general Puya post here.
If you'd like more Salsa-Rock however, check this post over here.
I normally wouldn't have blogged about this which is why I am right now. I don't have much to say about it. I'm tired, I'm busy, I'm doing stuff. I refuse to miss a blogging day for a year! A year I say! It's my goal! So!

Go ahead and listen to this song. I'm possibly going to see Crookers live, later on this year, so I decided to get acquainted with their stuff. It felt like my brother would like it, so I recommended him the album and apparently this one song makes him kill zombies and other people easily on Black Ops. Good for him!

It's called We Love Animals and it's a little odd.

It was kinda hard to look for debut album versions. The EP version doesn't have that essential creepy beginning with clucking chickens and a love for raw fish. At least, I think it's an EP release. Maybe I should get those.. Hm.

It's a decent electronic track, I just feel uncomfortable talking about something that isn't just respected, but is also still in. It's just odd to me.

I like the track myself. I do. I like half the album too. Honestly it's not some God-album that re defines genres. It's just a couple of Italian DJ's having fun with their musician friends. It's nice to listen to.

The album art doesn't say much at all, does it? Cough.

Seriously, though. if you haven't already, it's worth a shot. It was oddly diverse to hear and things. Not for everyone, duh, but pretty open for the public.

Buy single: We Love Animals
Buy album: Tons of Friends

And to any who might not know, I'm not actually here writing this, I'm writing this the night before, with my eyes behind my head. I should be back in normal functioning condition next week!
I've blogged about Max Romeo before back in March. This track can be found on the same Best Of album as the last Max post, but unlike the mixed up version of I Chase The Devil which you can find here, I prefer the 1999 versions this time. It just feels more natural and that's important for this song, especially since the reason I'm posting it is due to the fact that being outside of my normal, cooled down environment, I actually feel like I'm melting.

Cue 'Wizard of Oz' music.

Enjoy the 12" version of Melt Away by Max Romeo as I melt away myself, like ice cream.

Sounds so humble to me, I can feel those last 2 minutes of music calming me down already. I love this.

If you dig the 12" version, you can find that on the easy-enough-to-find Open the Iron Gate: 1973 - 1977. If you like the classic Reggae sound, you'll look for it.

If you want something more fresh, you should get the Best Of album that I talked about in the previous Max Romeo post. I even linked to it up on the top. Go find it.

The Best Of version features Jallanzo. It's a twist, I personally prefer the first, but I still like it and opinions vary. Give it a shot if you get the chance to. I'd post it, but I can't find it and am short on time to be uploading it. Maybe one day I'll fix this post, but for now just imagine the same transition that I Chase the Devil faced when going through the Best Of album.

Buy Open the Iron GateCD/mp3
Leaving us speechless via social mediums this week is Sung-Bong Choi, this one guy with an amazing story and one hell of a voice. Now, I'm just going to assume that some of you have seen this by now because the viral magnitude is gigantic and yet still hasn't reached its peak, but just in case you haven't, watch the video before you're the last one.

Yes, it's 8 minutes long, and you should stick around and watch it all because it's what everyone else is doing. If you can't do what everyone else is doing, do you have any idea how you're affecting society? Pfsh.

No really though, sentimental story with amazing talent. It's worth a shot if you like an Opera singers talents. Not for everyone, but I know some of you can appreciate the talent.

It's nice to see the musical talents of around the globe. I always enjoy different stories and inspirations, so this talented young man and his inspirations fill me up with happy things.

Don't you dare misinterpret that.

I know very little South Korean music that I really enjoy, and frankly, most of what I do know is from a neat little deceased Jazz blog. So if you have anything to introduce me to, do! I'm sure I'll get to hearing it out sometime next week when I have the time.
A Procura da Batida Perfeita is both a single and the second studio album by Brazilian rapper Marcelo D2 (pronounced "Marcelo Deh-Doize). The album/track name means Looking for the Perfect Beat which is also a song by the great Afrika Bambaataa, who happens to be one of Marcelo's strongest inspirations.

Piecing that info together in a natural sounding way is more difficult than it seems.

The song titled as it is, leads you to expect or hope for one hell of a beat, something to dance to or to have some forceful power where bobbing your head would happen whether you liked it or not. Now, this build up isn't to say the beat is bad, just not what one would expect from a rapper. What we get is beautiful sampling of music to chill to, combined with the relaxed rhymes that belong to M-D2.

I actually quite enjoy the video, personally. Regardless if you can watch it or not, enjoy, A Procura da Batida Perfeita.

The nice acoustic guitar alongside the mellow bass, all accompanied by other traditional Brazilian instruments make for a pretty decent beat. It probably won't take control over your neck, but it could get you dancing if you were in the mood. It may not be the perfect beat to most, but it's not hard to listen to either.

What some may find hard to hear is Marcelo's voice, especially in more musical tracks like this one. Some people tend to think his voice is too overpowering. I think it compliments the music well, with the occasional frustrating burst because I can't quite understand what he's saying. But that can happen to anyone.

If you want something that sounds a bit more Hip-Hop, you're in luck. On the very same album you've got a much more street-sounding song, more of that grunty 'I am a rapper, yo' feel. Now, he does share this track with his son, Stephan, so in the end it's a bit cuter than NWA, but well, this isn't the east coast.

Enjoy the sweet sounds of father and son. It's titled Loadeando (Loading).

The song is about generation gaps, and how people of different generations such as father and son can cooperate together and reach mutual understandings. The best explanation would be on the very chorus:

Marcelo: I develop with my son and evolution. 

Stephan: I develop with my father and evolution.

Now if you watch the video, you'll get to see a happy relationship, an interesting video and at the end, a sneak peak of the previous track, Pilotando O Bonde da Excursão, which has a nice funky feel. However, if you hear the Grooveshark link or any official version you'll hear the sweet, nostalgic Playstation 1 sound at the beginning. Makes it for me.

I really love this album. I've had plenty of time to listen to it over and enjoy the blend he provides. Many just won't like it, but the variety includes everything from some work with a younger will.i.am (song), to the use of beautiful backing vocals on a chorus (song again), the album has my respect.

The only way I could like it better is if I was fluent in Portuguese. So yes, I recommend it.
Alright, first of all, this:

This isn't the first time I've gotten this type of search. I get this because of this post and I can definitely feel for people in the situation. So for whatever reason you might have paint on your eyelashes, this is how I went to get it off. Note that the paint was drying but still had a somewhat of a wetness to it that could've been scraped off uncomfortably.

Get in the shower and wash your hair, yes, use shampoo. Use enough shampoo so that there's some left over, use it like some body wash and use it on your closed eyes. It came right off for me.

If this was actually useful, would you mind leaving a comment on how you got paint on your eyelash?


Secondly, my ordinarily flexible working hours are being taken from me starting today until Saturday, so until Sunday it  won't be possible to post quality. I hope today's post makes up for that. I apologize to any new followers expecting something extra.

Wish me luck! And real post coming up in a minute :)
Woah there, time. Why are you there to make  me sleep in late, hm? As a result, everything shifts forward and everything I have to do is late, leaving you with some old viral video. Now, none of you should mind it because it's genius. If you do mind, don't continue reading. And if you haven't even heard of this, you're in for a treat.

What happens is a small group of people somewhere in China fill up some wine/champagne or other general bottles up with water to make a different musical notes, then they strap some metal balls on an antenna and make music. If it sounds awesome, that's because it is.

Anything is better with balls.

I'm not even a Mario fan, and I love it when people do this kind of thing. I wish I could read more on this, I'd be interested to know how long it took, why they did it in the first place and just how they felt after achieving the incredible Italian plumber sounding results.

If you're a fan of interestingly made Mario themes, you can check it out being beat boxed on a flute on one of my earlier posts

And if you're bored and feel like making music with cars too, you can try that out online at Isle of Tune. Not that it's the same thing, but they remind me of each other. Don't forget to comment your tune if you make something impressive! 
Although, I feel it might be better to title it "José Areas & Mike Carabello - El Nicoya" since Areas wrote the piece and Carabello greatly contributed. The song is a percussion track, tribal sounds are strong with this one. Between the enthusiasm played and the distant singing/chanting, it doesn't take much to see yourself sitting at an Aztec festival, enjoying the show. Or maybe I just have an active imagination.

It's one of those songs I wish was a little bit more than just an interlude. It almost sounds like genuine native-somewhere music. That strong African soul emitting from trained human hands as they smack against the leather. The vibration running through their body as they perform. There's no better way to hear this than in person, but this song will do for now.

For those who haven't heard the beautiful piece, it can be found in Abraxas, Santana's second studio album and in my opinion, a classic, well balanced album. A must for the Santana fan.

If you value an opinion higher than mine, you're in luck. According to Rolling Stone magazine, Abraxas is the 205th greatest album ever. Many disagree with the overall list, so I say my opinion is better than the magazine. Just trust me.
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Normally, I put the artist on the title. Today's track, however, has far too many people collaborating for me to feel comfortable with. The track is found on Eminem's third studio album The Marshall Mathers EP, it features Snoop Dogg, X-Zibit, Dr. Dre, Nate Dogg, and of course, Eminem. It's the follow up to Snoop Dogg's  original Bitch Please, but in my opinion the sequel greatly surpasses the talent displayed in the original.

Since it's one of the best Hip-Hop collaborations that I've heard, and also gets next to no recognition, I found it necessary to post. Note that it's about as safe to listen to as the title would lead you to believe.

Enjoy, Bitch Please II.

I believe Dr. Dre starts us off with an easy, charismatic opening, leaving comfort to the rest of the rappers. The initial few seconds engage, the classic-sounding west coast vibe glides through the lips of these well known artists, each complementing each other with just enough spice. Dre leaves it to Snoop, Snoop to X-Zibit, and finally X to Eminem, each of them comfortably divided by the late great Nate Dogg's strong but understood chorus.

The song to me is nothing but a just for fun track, made for the purpose of the artists displayed to entertain themselves and make a track. It's because I don't believe it was made for an actual purpose (read: to create revenue) that I enjoy it. These people enjoyed the process they went through to make the song and because of the emotion placed into it they came out with a great display on each of their talents.

I also love it that this was back when Eminem could admit he had an average sized rooster.

The song can be found in the Marshall Mathers LP, which has such well known and admired tracks as The Way I Am, The Real Slim Shady and Stan.

Stan alone is enough to make me approve of the album. Then you add this beauty. Mffff.

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This following song is heavy-ish, it also happens to be my mood. It will get posted. The song is Dir En Grey's Reiketsu Nariseba (or "Cold-Blooded Silhouette") and undergoes drastic timing changes several times in the span of just a bit over 3 minutes.

The particular song is quite immature, it almost seems as if the protagonist being displayed in song (if not the singer, Kyo, himself) is amused by somebody's downfall. Now that's just my view and my opinion, considering it's all in Japanese, it's possible something is lost in translation. Regardless, if you're curious be sure to take a look yourself, here.

And listen to Reiketsu Nariseba yourself, to see if the lyrics fit the vibe.

Note: I'm not sure how safe for work the video may be. Flashy imagery of odd things like classic naked Italian paintings, evil looking clowns and paper people attempting to cut their tongues, as well as other things, lie ahead. There's a video-less Grooveshark link if you're unsure if you should watch it.

The song starts off heavy, switches up a bit, stays heavy, mellows down and introduces a very nice bass line for a few seconds before repeating the process a few times. I'm pretty sure that performed live without the aid of a trusty volume control, ears would get pummeled as they are exposed to this thing that some people consider a song.

The odd industrial/meditative sounding middle piece of the song makes you expect something you won't be receiving, calm. The deceit adds  to the effect. As well as growls and other such things.

In many other occasions, I'd call this song trash. I was fortunate enough to have heard this at the right time, in the right way and under controlled circumstances. So if it doesn't quite fit with you right now, remember it, give it another listen when you'd like to prevent yourself from exploding and see how it works out.

For similar sounds, make sure you get the 2008 album Uroboros. Given the correct angry state of mind, it could help. Or maybe you'll just enjoy the mysterious air it brings.

Honestly, it's a very peculiar album. I wouldn't recommend it to just anybody. But I wouldn't stop anybody from listening to it either. Hint hint.

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If this is too strong for you, here's the post  of a softer, creepier song by Dir En Grey, called Berry.
My ears have these weird mood swings. It's because of these that I felt I should blog in the first place. I have a pre-set music taste, but if  I'm in the mood I'll listen to something different.

Now I don't get to music by traditional means. I rarely listen to radio and I don't often watch "music" television. I tend to rely on word of mouth, so whatever is popular with the group of people that surrounds me goes through my ears, and from there I decide if I like or not.

Some days ago, someone mentioned this one song featured on VH1's Jump Start by a group I hadn't heard of. The song was called MoneyGrabber. I was expecting Pop, I wasn't expecting to enjoy it, but I have been in one of the moods stated above.

It started nicely. I like the vintage sound that I later found to be maintained throughout the whole album. Now Pop isn't normally my thing. Nothing against it, I just got tired of it a long time ago. To me though, this isn't just "Pop". It's Pop with less than stereotypical instruments, with lyrics that contradict the music and with a soulful female voice's finishing touch, altering the sound just enough for me to start digging it.

After hearing the song I decided to look up the rest of the album as I did research on Michael (Fitz) Fitzpatrick and his band. I learned that they have been active since 2008, that they released this official album about a year ago, and that it was all recorded in a living room. Now, the rest of the album may not be all that to me, but that last tidbit of information is still impressive.

Listen to another one that could easily be a remastered older track, but isn't. This one's called News 4 U.

Most of the lyrics on the album seem bitter towards a woman, or what may seem like women in general at times. It should be noted that the album was put together after, and inspired, by a recent break up in Fitzpatrick's life.

The final track on the album however, I feel makes up for all of that negative vibe and resentment. But I also feel it needs to be heard at the end of the album in order to be well appreciated. To me, it sounded a bit cheesy and overdone when played before the end, but fit perfectly as an end to a fairly short album. If that only made you more curious you can check it out here, but I meant what I said.

The album lasts a bit over half an hour, and I think any more then that and it would've gotten tiresome. Well composed for having been created in a living room/studio, in my eyes.

If you're really interested, you can check out their website here.

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