Wednesday, June 1, 2011

An Endless Sporadic - Ameliorate

Ameliwhat? Ameliorate is the first and only released EP by An Endless Sporadic, a two man, Progressive Metal band. The fact that it's a two man band and doesn't sound very much like Punk intrigues and excites me, personally, but I know that they focus to a population with an acquired taste and that may mean that many won't enjoy this all too much.

Ameliorate is a verb. It means to make something bad or unsatisfactory better.
It'd be cooler if it meant 'explode'. It sounds like a fancy version of explode to me.
I like to think that if I changed the definition of ameliorate I'd ameliorate it.
That's called a paradox.

With less than an indie label, the unsigned Endless Sporadic have caught a large amount of their fan base through video games such as the Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero series, leaving the rest up to word of mouth. ;)

Listen to one of my favorites, Impulse. It shows their versatility quite well, from funky sounds to harder ones, slow to fast, it's basically a showcase of talent.

And if you actually like the video game sound, you can check out the more mellowed The Adventures of Jabubu. I'd also ask you to say Jabubu out loud. It's quite fun! Jabubu.

But really, it kinda sounds like music from a high quality 8-bit game. If that's you're thing, you'll enjoy it. I know I do.

And a bit of info on the duo is necessary, the band consists of Zach Kamins with the guitar, bass and keyboards, and Andy Gentile with drums and percussion and whatnot. The duo are unsigned so they can use any and all support that the people who truly enjoy their music can offer!

So check out their website here. And check out the discography here. (I still need to get myself their self titled album..)

Oh also, their myspace. Like, if you still use that or something. What are you, 12? (No offense if you really are.)


  1. I really should try listening to more progressive metal. There's time's when I'd appreciate the added agression prog-rock doesn't deliver.

  2. I love music with no lyrics. so good! and it sounds like video game music. My kind of stuff, LOL

  3. If you can come up with a few more bands/groups whatever that is just music no lyrics (preferable not techno or the like) I would be very very happy! =)

  4. I can't say i liked it too much, but i went to their website and got to look at a delicious cake


  5. Good tunes for a video game soundtrack, Something like a side scrolling shooter.

  6. Very few two-man bands can pull it off. In fact, the only recent one I can think of is the White Stripes. But they have a good sound. Can they pull the public hype?

  7. @Atley
    I do every once in a while, I try not to overdo the same sounds for diversity sake. I never considered separating some of these by instrumentals, I should get on that. ANYWAY if you scroll to the bottom at the google search bar, you can look up 'De Facto' and 'Liquid Tension' which are a couple of instrumental bands I've written about and can think of right off the bat.

  8. IMPULSE i remember that from Guitar hero 3 and i always said "This guy must think he created a masterpiece" i mean i didnt get the song at ALL pretty nice tunes and all but too random and chaotic to follow.

  9. You know, and maybe I'm just exercising my right of speech just a tad much now, but, I think even if you can't follow it it can be a masterpiece. Just because currently you can't understand it properly doesn't mean it's not understandable, just harder to understand. It's taken me years to finally grasp some stuff. It was when I started wrapping my mind around what was created that I stopped judging the more complex artists.

  10. very nice find mate, i've never heard this before but i actually really like it ! :D

  11. god the nostalgia i got from those two tracks... Awesome

  12. how have i not heard of theseguys before?!

  13. That was very nice, I have to thank you for broadening my musical taste!

    You can visit my blog here.

  14. they are both very nice, I like them both

  15. You're right. It's video game-y and I'm not sure if that's something I like. I'd have to listen to more but I don't want to because I don't really like what I've heard already. It's like a catch-22.

  16. Definitely sounds like a video game! Catchy though!

  17. Did anyone else read that as "An Endless Sporadic: Amidoinitrite?

    @Malkavaian - Impulse was one of the most fun DLC for GH3. It's "chaotic composition" made it very endearing and one of my favorite game challenges.

    Damnit, this is not a gaming blog!

  18. @Rorschach
    When it comes to the comments, anything goes, debate and talk about whatever the music can bring out on the comments!


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