Father's Day

My Dad played a pretty crucial role in the development of my music tastes. If not for his erratic taste, I'd probably be listening to Pop-Rock in some corner, blissfully unaware of the variety of musical talents throughout genres and artists. Everything from traditional Latin music, to classic Rock like Led Zeppelin, to Jazz, and he even approved of Hip-Hop and everything in between.

Thanks, Dad.

If it wasn't already obvious, my father listened to a lot. This means it's hard to pick a good representative song for him today, which means I had to actually think. In the end I decided that..

Was the way to go. There was no image imprinted more firmly in my mind than the days where the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack was put on and I could see those classic moves displayed by what I was ashamed to say was my Dad in underwear.

This is the part where you imagine YOUR father figure imitating John Travolta's dance moves in tighty-whiteys.

You're welcome.

Now with this vision firmly placed in my mind, I decided the best song to put up today would be the Bee Gees classic, Stayin' Alive.

If this post seems a little off, it's purely the nostalgia's fault. I'm pretty sure I still remember every song on that album. I'll be looking for the CD later.

If you like yourself Saturday Night Fever, you'll enjoy the soundtrack. Come on. Now if you like Disco and you don't mind the Bee Gees' high range, you must have it already, surely. If not, how have you survived so long without listening to this?

Who doesn't get random music swings for Disco at some point?

Buy single: Stayin' Alive
Buy album: CD/mp3

Happy father's day, to all the fathers out there. And to all their offspring, enjoy your dads while they're stayin' alive.

Teehee, see how witty I am?
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  1. I'm not embarrassed to admit it, I loved those songs.

  2. Awesome! I loved this soundtrack when I was a kid. I had Sesame Street Fever too. I am thankful to say that my dad does not dance, so I do not have memories of him dancing in his underwear. Playing the air drums is another story...

  3. Disco and Funk sustain me haha, such great genres!

  4. Wooooooooooow I havent heard this song in years!!!

    Wow....I literly have a tear going down my cheek. How music used to be so good....now its ugh.

    And happy fathers day.

  5. @Melanie
    I'll be the dad playing the air drums. And the air guitar. I'll play the damn air microphone if I'm happy enough.

    I'm glad there was a positive effect here, man. Don't worry about how music is now! The fact that we were ever graced with amazing music is good enough, music lives on.

  6. Don't think my pops has the hips to pull off any Travolta moves, but thanks for the visuals

  7. Funny-That song reminds me of my father too. He sang it a lot when I was a kid. Unfortunately I didnt get to see him today-douchebag.

    Do the bee gees have vaginas? Really?

  8. My dad used to imitate Elvis all the time. He had the sideburns for it, too.

  9. Great post, it's so awesome to show your love to your father like this. :)

    You can visit my blog here.

  10. this song is so awesome words can't describe it haha

  11. My music tastes are way different from my dad, he likes jazz and gospel.

  12. @Jim
    You're welcome

    He's the douchebag.. Hm. And I actually used to think that them Bee Gees were girls. I was a kid.

    This must've been interesting.

  13. that's true.. my dad probably influenced me a bit musically,although i never see him anymore. oh wells

  14. I'm sad to say it, but my dad has kind of bad tastes in music


  15. very classic song, I think one of those to remember for long

  16. @Colin
    Oh, even my dad listened to J-Lo. It's something about that booty I think.

  17. Happy Fathers day to all.
    If I had to say what my dad's kinda music is it might be surprising to most. Slayer is his favorite band and he listens to death metal mostly. I never got into it that much, but he did teach me about Nirvana and several other good bands.

  18. My dad did a lot for my music taste too! Constantly playing prog-rock in car journeys eventually got me addicted to it. I'm pretty sure he doesn't like most of my music taste these days though. He's a firmly rooted guitar dad. Unless it has guitars or it's from the 80s, it's rubbish.

    That's said we can still throw some Genesis or King Crimson on for a car journey and rock out together.

  19. I do like me some Bee-Gees.

    Luckily for me, my father doesn't dance. Ever.


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