Greyhound - Jamaica Rum

This one is very often confused as a Bob Marley song. So much so, that it's currently impossible to find a Grooveshark or decent Youtube video with a name other than Marley's. But in this case, I'm sure Bob didn't steal Greyhound's fame on purpose.

Greyhound is a British Reggae-Pop (yes, you read that correctly) band that was active throughout some of the 60's, and some of the 70's as well. I'm terribly excited as I write this because for once I know more than the Wikipedia article found here. The article says they had only one album, Black and White and that they were only active until 1970.

Well, today's song is my favorite by them, it's from their 1972 album Leave the Reggae to Us.

It is one of their few instrumental tracks, and to be honest that's probably the main reason I like it. They do sound a bit too Pop with their vocals for what I'm comfortable to let Reggae drift to. But this is just me.

Again, I'm aware the title says Bob Marley on both the Youtube and the Grooveshark, I assure you it's by Greyhound. I'm willing bet my life savings over this. Go ahead. Make me a fortune.

Enjoy Jamaica Rum.

I wish it never ended. I'm sure if I got into it and spent a bit of time I could make it loop.

The electric guitar just chills in what seems like a jam session with the basic Reggae beats backing it up, makes for a good interlude, which is exactly what it is, but it also serves as a refreshing look at Reggae as a whole. I admire this piece.

There's a similar instrumental song from the same album titled Wappadusa, you can hear it on less than great quality here. I don't think it's up to par with Jamaica Rum, but it's worth a shot!

And if you're interested in the Reggae-Pop sound, check out their most successful single Black and White from their album of the same title here.You'll notice the extreme change in music style between it and Jamaica Rum, radical. You'd assume it's another band!

It's definitely not Bob Marley though.
Buy single: Jamaica Rum
Buy album: CD/mp3
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  1. I find Reggae to always be very relaxing.

  2. It's hard to believe this kind of music could be classified as pop. It's a lovely intrsumental. It's got that laid back dub-vibe that reminds of Lee Scatch Perry and the like:

    Instrumental reggae is really just vibing music. You sit back and chill out.

  3. Impressive, yeah wikipedia is made from massive information of normal people like you and i that have knowledge of a subject, and in votes the description that fits the most is published, but it can be hacked by people agreeing in stuff that is ridiculous and for a moment an article can be Fake until the MODS find out about it. Like Red Venom from spiderman

  4. i like good old bob.. and this song is definitly one of my favorite!

  5. sounds good, has that marley vibe going on

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Just the other day some ass wipe made a comment saying that Reggae all sounds the same..

    he still can't get the taste of my fist out of his mouth!
    Missed ya blog homie!

  8. @phthalo
    I don't believe this single song sounds much like pop at all, but if you hear the rest of their songs, you can definitely hear it. Dig the link btw, I've liked Lee Perry since I found out his work with Max Romeo.

    I'm glaring.

    @Colin Biano
    When you find out it's a Marley song, my life savings are in my room, in a glass bottle that used to hold olives. I think there's like $5 in change there. Now shoo, prove me wrong!

    @Itchy Wart
    I wondered who the hell you were for a second there! Also yes, that's pretty damn ignorant. I hope your fist tastes bad.

  9. This sets a great mood to chill out.

  10. Reggae is somewhat relaxing, but I hate the hype reggae, like Bob Marley, I love his music! it's like .. gospel reggae :p

  11. I believe you when you say it's not Bob Marley. You know your music! Great song to chill out to! :D

  12. Thats sounds pretty good to me ears.
    I like it.
    Also wanted to say thanks for the recommendation for my headaches. I looked naturopath up and it sounds helpful, and I really would like to git it a try.

  13. Awwwww love this shit! Jamaican Rum, no better. fav BM song

  14. @Luna
    Hope it helps!

    I'm glaring at you, too.

    Seriously. I put it up before the video, I put it up at the end of the post, at the beginning of the post and I also title the post correctly. It's like, you have to be blind.

  15. Just got into this style of music, and I really like it.

  16. love this... great way to end a very rotten day! thank you!

  17. its one of my favourite drinks

  18. I love this music ! (when I get high)

  19. never ending, thats how it should be done :)

  20. Are you comfortable keeping that much money in an olive jar?

  21. @Banacek
    Well, now that the whole blogger world knows, I'm kind of thinking of maybe upping to a piggy bank, but it'd probably be worth my savings. I gueess I HAVE to be comfortable with it.


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