How to get paint off eyelashes and some news on my week

Alright, first of all, this:

This isn't the first time I've gotten this type of search. I get this because of this post and I can definitely feel for people in the situation. So for whatever reason you might have paint on your eyelashes, this is how I went to get it off. Note that the paint was drying but still had a somewhat of a wetness to it that could've been scraped off uncomfortably.

Get in the shower and wash your hair, yes, use shampoo. Use enough shampoo so that there's some left over, use it like some body wash and use it on your closed eyes. It came right off for me.

If this was actually useful, would you mind leaving a comment on how you got paint on your eyelash?


Secondly, my ordinarily flexible working hours are being taken from me starting today until Saturday, so until Sunday it  won't be possible to post quality. I hope today's post makes up for that. I apologize to any new followers expecting something extra.

Wish me luck! And real post coming up in a minute :)
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  1. Wanna know a secret? 4th grade, I plucked out all my eyelashes.
    When I see pics of me from then my eyes are all O_O

    So. Terrifying.

  2. Um, that's definitely one of the weirder searches I have seen that would take someone to a music blog.

    One of my recent searches was "is my mum really a dude." Apparently my blog is #5 on those search results.... should I feel special??

  3. well probably your post got indexed by name, also blogger use what they call "labels" so I'm not sure how well do they work with the search engines especially like google, and do they really work like tags.

  4. I've gotten some strange search results show up too. I just imagine the searcher's disappointment when they click on my link and find nothing like what they were looking for.

  5. @PeaceLove
    my cousin went through something similar. It's not that bad.. just awkward

    It actually makes sense with the post and all. But yes, I'd be proud if I was you.

    @Pool Fool
    Advice, never rely on your tags, don't rely on labels, just make your posts clear.

  6. @PeaceLoveandSharpies: that must of been bloody painful!

  7. That's funny! It's so random...

  8. Heh yeah, a tip: use soap for little kids, the one that doesn't sting in your eyes :)

    Just in case..


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