July 13, 2011

Bajofondo - Bruma

Bruma, or 'Mist' is a fairly relaxing Tango sounding song. The slight mix with Electronic genres is subtle, but it makes the difference between a good track and a great one. It's definitely a mood song, so if you're not in the mood, don't entirely dismiss it! It really is best heard when at peace.

Give it a shot.


Yes, it does have something of a James Bond feel to it, doesn't it? You can feel some mystery being unfolded as the piano relaxes you, the accordion echoes until you're left with nothing but the lounged piano. The song moves pretty well, changing enough to stray from monotonous but keeping the same relaxed vibe throughout 6 minutes. Not an easy task.

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The album, Bajofondo Tango Club was at the time self titled. They rather recently decided to shorten their name down to Bajofondo because they realized that they were definitely not solely Tango artists. You can see how that works when you listen to a more upbeat track, or a more Electro oriented track. It's stuff you can dance to at a club without knowing how to tango, it's because of this mix that they've helped establish "Electrotango".

This debut album stays relaxed throughout, occasionally bringing those upbeat songs that even being upbeat can keep you calm and concentrated. It's a nice listen.

And  if you like similar music, they've been compared to the Gotan Project. Also a very nice group. Wink. Nudge.


  1. I'm hearing the james bond influence you're talking about. Very 60s.

  2. Great music! Will look more into it! +1

  3. there is a lot going on in this tune but it's relaxing at the same time. new sounds come and go pretty good :)

  4. I really like this song.

    The song reminds me of Bohern and Der Club of Gore but is more upbeat/ happier.

    Great song!

  5. Totally get the James Bond feel. And I so needed this...its like you are reading my mind! I was not at peace, but am feeling a hell of a lot more peaceful now....thank you again my friend!

  6. oh man that's perfect to vibe to...seriously this(these producers) should of been in charge of the music for the old Scooby-Doo cartoons. anyways thanks for the new track.

  7. Parts of it really do have a James Bond feel and the other parts put me to sleep.

  8. @Melanie
    Glad you enjoyed!

    You're right. But then Scooby-Doo would be something totally different. I'm sure it'd still be awesome with this stuff though.

    I hope you were tired.

  9. Very chill. I see the Gotan Project similarity alright.

  10. It does indeed. Almost Timothy-daulton like.

  11. I dug the James Bond feel it had to it.

  12. Not really my bag but I still enjoyed it! Your blog is always a nice source of good music.

  13. This is kind of melancholy to me. A little too blue for my mood right now.
    (I should have stuck with Em to maintain my mood, if you are following my train of comments.)

  14. Hard not to love those guys. Being from Argentina, im kinda honored to see this. Plus they have Santaolalla who's won not one but 2 oscars for movie's soundtracks.
    It's nice that you draw the comparision with Gotan Project. They are awesome as well, plus they have an Argentinian member despite being mostly French and Swiss.


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