July 26, 2011

Woman On Top (Soundtrack)

If any reason aside from Penelope Cruz is a reason to watch Woman On Top, it would be the music. Oh yes, the lovely music. "Brazilian Baby Making" music, is a great way to describe it before giving listeners an audible peek.

Half of the soundtrack is dominated by it at least, because half of it has the wonderful music and smoothly flowing voice of Paulinho Moska. If for no other reason,  listen to the album for Moska's Acoustic goodness. The very first track is an excellent way into the rest of the album, and is by Paulinho Moska. Give it a listen.

A Flor E O Espinho, or The Flower And The Thorn.

Not all of the album is that sweet, Bossa Nova goodness. There's clear Samba influences, some songs which focus more on vocal beauty, but one thing you can expect  for sure is a lot of acoustics all throughout the experience. If you like the sound of a classical guitar, you'll enjoy it.

Give a listen to Geraldo Azevedo's Berekekê. I'm not sure what Berekekê means, but it sounds prettier when he says it.

If you enjoyed both of these tracks, I'm 90% positive you'll enjoy 95% of this soundtrack. Maybe tracks like Maria Creusa's Obsessão/Não Me Diga Adeus/Pois E/A Flor E O Espinho (Obsessed/ Don't Tell Me Goodbye/ For You/ The Flower And The Thorn) will be a turn off, focusing mainly on her vocals and keeping the simple Bossa Nova sound in play. Not for everyone, but click it, give it a shot. Contrary to what the title would lead you to believe, it's really only 4 minutes long.

Buy: CD | mp3

I recommend this to anyone exploring Brazilian genres and styles, the selection of talented artists spread across the soundtrack only strengthen this. You'll learn of Dori Caymmi, Morares Moreira, Normal Bengell, among other better known, late great artists, like Xavier Cugat, Baden Powell and Cyl Farney (yes, look those three up). It serves as excellent ground.

Plus Penelope Cruz is on the cover. How can that not sway you to get it all on its own?

If you liked today's post, you have the wonderful Melanie to thank. Again. For nudging me towards posting a soundtrack.

"There are a lot of movies with a lot of music in them...occasionally the soundtracks are better than the films." - Mel

Be sure to thank her over at her food blog, which should be focusing on a chillier time of year today, No Really, You Can Eat It!, or her personal blog 'So, How Am I Today?'.

That wasn't a question, either. Go show her love!


  1. Will def check it out mate! Looks good! Keep up the great posts, sharing a lot of new stuff iv never heard of before

  2. lovely soundtrack, really nice brazilian music. :)

  3. I always love a woman on top! lol.

  4. Thanks for the shouts my friend! As for the music...I love both tracks. It is a really nice change to hear good music sung in another language...very exotic. Well done!

  5. Digging the tunes, and I hear that Melanie chick is pretty awesome =)

  6. @hit girl
    I wouldn't promote people that aren't!

  7. Also, I am glad you like my blogs...I kinda grow on you...like a fungus!

  8. LOL.. It's funny because it's true.. In a good way, though. XD

  9. Yeah, this is a great soundtrack. We should do a simultaneous film/soundtrack post one of these days.

  10. you've got a "form" "from" typo in the first line, just fyi.

  11. @Bonjour Tristesse
    I'm perfectly alright with this.

    Thanks for pointing that out, appreciated!

  12. I'll have to check it out and give her my thanks. BTW...love the guitar light music. Reminds me a bit of stanley jordan.

  13. I'm no expert but I think that Penelope Cruz cover might be sexually suggestive. I could just look at it and listen to the music for hours. Ok maybe not hours, but minutes anyway.

  14. Penelope is such a pretty girl! BTW, have you ever thought about doing a "sexy musician" of the week kind of post? :P

  15. @Shutterbug
    Well, the thing with the "of the week" type things is that I have to keep it up weekly, I tend to get tired. However, if you have someone in mind you can somehow let me know and see if I don't mention your amazing blog. Wink Wink.

  16. I love movies that you just watch for the music, I think soundtracks are very important and most of my favorite movies have really strong soundtracks.


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