You got me running in a cyc-a-lone

Alright, so it's actually running in a cyclone, but it sounds otherwise, so whatever. My blog, my rules!

I've been realizing that some of my posts lately have also been songs on the Tony Hawk games. Now while I have played a couple of these games and enjoyed them, I wouldn't have guessed some of the previous posts where also on these games. I  also feel like I've missed out because of not playing them. C'est la vie!

But because I've been reminded by a few subscribers already, I've decided to go all out classic Hawk today and feature the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 classic, Cyclone by the Dub Pistols. Because even if you haven't heard it, it's a catchy song worth listening to.

You know, thinking about it, I would sing this song in many incorrect ways. Everything from psych alone to cycle own to even sigh cologne. I was one interesting kid, alright.

I suppose I could have gotten, or even bothered to look for the game's soundtrack (if it even has one, it should) but instead I opted for getting the Dub Pistols' debut album, Point Blank, and see how much I got to enjoy it.

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I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it a lot and will continue to. The English Big Beat/Dub band doesn't fail to deliver exactly that, an interesting blend of Dub with Big Beat. You should be hearing something very faintly similar to The Prodigy or Fatboy Slim mixed along with the classic Dubby sounds. It's a fun, retro album. It sounds like the 90's Electronica scene. It's yummy.

Before I continue, I'll just remind you all that 'Dub' is not Dub'step'.

Be sure not to let Cyclone fool you, the band rarely depends on lyrics to carry a song through. Vocal samples are often used as details, and while some of the album does feature lyrics, I'd say over half of it is based mainly on the music.

Want a taste? Listen to something like There's Gonna Be A Riot. I think it sums up what the rest of the album is gonna feel like pretty well. The song goes through a few transitions exploring the Big Beat and Dub equally. It's not hard on the ears. Worth a listen, even if it is a little long.
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  1. so many hours wasted listening to this song.

  2. The album art is really cool! :)

  3. @-E-
    There's a really old saying that goes, "Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time".


  4. I still have a hard time getting into dubstep. Like they said on South Park, "isn't it just crap noises over a drumbeat?"

  5. Timothy, I'll directly quote something I put up in fine print on this very post. Here it goes:

    "Before I continue, I'll just remind you all that 'Dub' is not Dub'step'."

  6. i made a typo on my post haha thanks for pointing it out :)

    is that i trumpet i hear? it is pretty catchy!

  7. Wow. Something that you've posted that I've never heard before, strange c: It sounds great though.
    Also, I noticed that your about me says "I like music and noses." hahawut?

  8. @Electric Addict
    Happens to the best of us!

    You make it seem as if you read something strange.. is there a typo? o.o

  9. I totally loved this. During the three minutes and thiry seconds this was playing, my work was tolerable and I was smiling. And I got a lot done. I needed the pick me up...I have pandora playing and she it being a little on the mellow side tonight, but its what I got...

  10. I still say my favorite song from the Tony Hawk Series in General is GoldFingers Superman, though this might be a close second.

  11. Some people like noses. I'm more of a hand guy but I do love a cute nose.

    Anyway, this track was like a nostalgia bomb blowing my face off. I was all about some tony hawk growing up but I played most of the major skating games that came out as well. They always seemed to have some really awesome music. Grind Session comes to mind with Doctor Octagon and some other big tunes I can't seem to remember at the moment.

  12. @Melanie
    I should send you a station.

    Sometimes there's nothing quite like some ska.

    Thank you! I'm not entirely alone.

  13. Ooo I like it. Very upbeat-ish.

  14. I never get the lyrics correct without a lyrics sheet (or internet conneciton.)

    I'm desperatly trying to think of an example...

  15. damn I forgot how much I loved this song, this game and everything about it! I'm having flashbacks of Jamie Thomas in the black Zero hoodie! haha

  16. You go right ahead. I'd love it!

  17. "Cyclone" is one of my favorite songs from Tony Hawk 2. I must have heard this incredible song hundreds of times while playing that game.

    Good post!


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