Monday, August 22, 2011

Kevin Rudolf - In the City

Quick one today, my power could go out any minute now. Yay!

Let's just post something to feel badass with, a song called In the City. If you've heard Rudolf before and weren't impressed, don't immediately discard this song. Sure, it's not the most musically impressive song in the world, but it sure does have a catchy riff and would work excellently in some big Hollywood action scene.

Or you could just put it on in your digital music player of choice and walk down a city without strutting. I dare you not to strut. I dare you.

All it is is catchy riffs. If they don't captivate you I honestly don't blame you, I've heard better too. It doesn't stop me from enjoying it on occasion. A guilty pleasure when compared to the rest of the Rock I listen to.

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This album (which happens to also be named In the City) is not my cup of tea. I tried it a long time ago, I tried it recently, I just can't listen to it through and enjoy it. Having it start with In the City was the best thing he did as it made me curious for what was in store, however the rest of the album was something different, it was what he was aiming for.

If you like yourself a balanced blend of Pop, Rock and Hip-Hop, you will probably like this album. If you like the fact that Rudolf's guitar work and voice accompany the likes of Lil Wayne, Nas and Rick Ross, you will probably like this album.

If it's not for you, I get you. It's not for me either.


  1. Oh dear, I hope your power problems get fixed soon.

    And yeah, I have to agree with you, not quite my tastes.

  2. Not really a huge Kevin Rudolf fan...

  3. I don't if im alone on this one, but i felt it was nothing special :/

  4. Let It Rock is the only song I've heard from Rudolf. I like it but I can't really listen to it on repeat like I do with most songs.

  5. Hey, this sounds good man, that guitar is tight.

    Head noder, right off the bat.

  6. Hmm, a little corny, but better than pop music, at least.

  7. sounds good but i think ill get bored of it quick

  8. Good luck with the power...mother nature is not being very kind these days...LOVE the song!

  9. I liked it. Reminds me of this other song, but I can't remember which one. -.-

  10. You should never feel guilty about guilty pleasures!

  11. Don't laugh but it sorta reminds me of the intro to Aqua teen hunger force.

  12. haha i know what you mean. i listen to beirut sometimes even though i think its stupid.

  13. Only song I like from Kevin Rudolf! :D
    Nice post.


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