The Hi-Lo's - Some Minor Changes

Let's continue the day with some Vocal Jazz classics, The Hi-Lo's.

Heard of them? If you have, what are you doing checking my blog, grandma? Remembber to take your pills. Kisses.

And for those of you who haven't, they were inspiration for many Doo-Wop groups, Pop musicians and other Vocal Jazz musicians that would then inspire even more young musicians and ultimately shape the music that we listen to today.

Neat, huh?

Today's song should be an easier one to listen to for the average set of ears, give Some Minor Changes a listen.

Contrary to what Youtube would like you to believe, the above song is much shorter than 5 minutes. The song is barely 3 minutes long. It's amazing how after just 3 minutes I feel like saying gee-whiz!

I'm well aware they're not everyone's cup of tea, so if you prefer some Hip-Hop, have them sampled by the Jurassic 5 in The Influence.

But if you did like it, why not check out the album for an occasional listen?

Buy: CD | mp3

This is a once every 3 months listen for me. I appreciate the impact they had and how they helped make what music is, but taking in too much of that blast from the past makes me want to dress like my great grand pappy. And that tends to freak people out a little.

All the same, you'll enjoy The Hi-Lo's And All That Jazz if you like the earlier Doo-Wop sounds, and might enjoy them even more so if you like intricate vocal layering. They were no amateurs.
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  1. that was just what I needed to hear before I head to work/hell tonight!

  2. A once every 3 months listen? How very...specific. The Hi-Lo song made me think of this gem:

    If I ever hear you say "gee-whiz" out loud, I might clock you. Clock you doing CRAZY!

  3. ahhhh... Smooth like butter. :D

  4. Nice lyrics.
    pudupupupu weee budububu pa paaa paa

  5. That was surprisingly fresh, considering how old it is. At first I was like "hmm, never heard of them", but after your grandma comment I know why haha.

  6. More Hi than Lo..haha, another great tune.

  7. The 60's and up is my style, these are the original beatniks, lol reefer madness

  8. @Phil
    This is nice. I can kinda see where it comes from, it sounds a bit aged but still fresh. Thank you for sharing!

  9. Ah ha! It's froma cut chemist song i recognize this. or Jurassic 5. yeah Jurassic 5. awesome :)

  10. here's the jurrasic 5 song with the sample. enjoy

  11. Sounds like Peter Griffin's 'Riding On The Bus' theme music )

  12. This puts a smile on my face :)

  13. Totally an occasional listen. Like when it comes up in a film i'm watching or a blog i'm following...

  14. @Drivebot
    Wow really? I had NO idea, it does feel like Deja vu though. Almost like I already knew and posted the link on today's post. Hah, I feel like I even mentioned their name. Yeah, oh well! Silly me.

    /end rage

  15. Great song! I love hearing vocals with no real words! Usually when I hear vocals like that its in accapella (like the group that use to sing in the TV show Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego) But hearing them with music was AWESOME! This is one of the best songs I've heard you post! Thanks for this!

  16. This is really nice but I agree with you, this is something that I'd listen to once in a while.

    Well for me, mostly because the jazz I prefer is instrumental, minimal or no vocals.


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