Nathan Navarro and his Bass Wobbles

I had mentioned just a few days ago that I was gonna talk about this guy, but the search results to this blog are currently going through and coming out empty handed. A lot of you want to know "how Pinn Panelle's bassist makes dubstep" or "What is Pinn Panelle's bassist ring".

For those of you who are confused/don't care about new instruments, Nathan Navarro has smoothly incorporated something of a blue super hero ring into his bass playing which tends to sound and fit a lot better with him than it would on regular 'dirty Dubstep'. But you can hear plenty of that smoothly done goodness on that very same Pinn Panelle post.

Today, before getting into how he makes those wobbles happen, I'd like to make it damn clear that Nathan is more than jut wobs and a few lines of bass, the man is talented and deserves even more respect than what he's getting. Watch him play some Rodrigo y Gabriela - Tamacun, or if you're really in it for the Dubstep-y sound, check out One One Two with Dylan Patrello, below.

No alternate link today, sorry!

Effin beautiful, I hope this guy goes far (the rest of Pinn Panelle too, come on, it's different!) I mean he can play the bass like a guitar if he wanted to (no really, go back to the Tamacun link), I don't care what anyone says or how many other people can do it, that was never the instrument's intention.

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This is what he uses. A Source Audio MIDI controller. Of course, he doesn't just use the ring (which does nothing without a second piece.) He uses the Source Audio Pro Bass Envelope Filter Effects Pedal. Cheap is relative here, guys. And why would you want to just copy one guy who got successful, when you could become successful with your own sound?

Source Audio has an entire Youtube Channel dedicated to the different effects you could use, if you aspire to use one of these things it might be worth it to check it out.

If you want to see how you can use the ring without a bass guitar (because you can) you might wanna check out DJ Encanti's 10 minute demo.

Alternatively, you might just wanna start researching about it on Nathan Navarro's recommended Facebook page.

I hope I've covered all the googlers' bases, but if I'm missing something you want to know about you can either leave a comment or contact me via the 'contact me' section on the upper right. Go on!
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  1. New instraments are so cool! Thats what music needs more of, just making things up!

  2. Enough dubstep already hahah i keep listening dubstep everywhere. I can't take it anymore haha
    Also, the girl from the video, looked rather scared. Kinda like she was waiting before a porn audition or something.

  3. @Plumber
    I actually linked to an awesome non-dubstep cover, specifically for followers like you. This post is mainly for that set of googlers that haven't been finding what they want.

  4. I'm really on the fence about dubstep. I;m really tired of hearing about Skrillex and Deadmau5 while far better artists (Like 16-Bit, especially his track Chainsaw Calligraphy) get over-looked.

  5. oh man that thing is so cool!! I want me one! if only I knew how to play the guitar... lol.

  6. That Tamacun cover rocks. But man does he have some scary skeleton looking fingers.

  7. Sweet wobbles :) Good job on finding this! He's great.

  8. Thanks for the Navarro link!!!!

  9. Been listening to the rest of the Pinn Panelle stuff on their Youtube channel, they are indeed very talented.

  10. I could get used to this kinda music! :)

  11. That's sick, and scarry, but sick!

  12. haha I was actually wondering about this myself.

  13. Thanks for the information. I had no idea what that was, and neither did a lot of my fellow YouTube commenters.

  14. This guy is super talented n i hope he gets the exposer he deserves bt dose anyonyone no wat the name if the bass he was useing cuz i been serching all day for it!

    1. I'm not bass-savvy enough to know myself, but go to his facebook page here and ask him yourself. He's a real nice guy and I'm sure he'll get back to you as soon as he can. Alternatively, maybe a fan on that page will know and answer before he does.

      Let me know if that's not possible, I'll find a way to get you your info!


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