Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Kavinsky - Nightcall

I had heard of Kavinsky before, I can't say the name doesn't ring bells. Surfing on the internet, listening to the radio of different countries, Youtube-ing, all places where I've probably heard his name, maybe a song or two.

My mistake was not looking into him. No friends ever mentioned him, and neither Daft Punk nor SebastiAn have come touring in my area recently (he often tours with them). But of course, eventually I would have heard him as I do with most decent music, and this time I have Drive to thank for the find.

Today's song was produced by Daft Punk's Guy-Manuel, mixed by SebastiAn, and features vocals from CSS' Lovefoxxx. It didn't take much to find this out, but once I read this all, I pretty much understood why it was so addictive.

If any of those names hit home, you'll know what to expect from Nightcall.

Give it a listen.

Listen or Buy at: Bandcamp

Yes, I feel pretty bad that I hadn't heard this track before that one day at the movies. I'd heard his work, heard his name, wasn't able to keep the two together and so this took itself to be an awesome, unexpected song right there.

And then I knew there was a Daft Punk influence.. but it was actually produced by one of them. Shame comes over again when I realize the lady from CSS is singing in it; a voice I was bombarded with in my teens.

Basically this means that I have a positive bias towards this song, so I'm trying really hard not to say that it sounds like the ending to an amazing French Electro album. Like when you hear Discovery for the first time and all you can think is "Wow".


But the song also makes for an incredible beginning, many of you have already heard the song on the opening credits to Drive. A powerful entrance that sets a standard for the rest of the movie's music.

Buy or Listen at Bandcamp

I could have just made this post about the Drive soundtrack, but if you're here to check if it's worth it, I can tell you it is. Just know that the first few songs are the upbeat ones and after those are done you hear Cliff Martinez's slower, graphically titled songs. Check it out if you like.

But for anyone who hasn't yet seen that movie and enjoys today's French Electro sound, well, check out Kavinsky's entire Bandcamp because the Nightcall EP is only gonna make you want more.

It features just two original songs, Nightcall and Pacific Coast Highway. You either already heard or are hearing Nightcall, but the B-Side is also a pretty good song. It's interesting because he based it off a video about a ghost car, included the Mystery TV Show narrative and made an enjoyable track. Check the video out, it's called the NYPD Ghost Car Chase.

After those two, you'll find remixes. Lots and lots of remixes for both songs. Some better than others, all subjective to your particular tastes, but if today's track isn't for you you should not bother with checking the songs out.


  1. I like it. Simple, sort of mellow. Nice.

  2. Now that is one mean case of pink eye that guy has. hell, its glowing! lol

  3. I was thinking about doing a feature on Kavinsky, but yours is way better than what I would have done. Nightcall is great, and I love Kavinsky's other songs too... sounds like an 80s revival in the best way possible.

  4. I never even heard of him, really good tune.

  5. @Sub-Radar-Mike
    Do it anyway! We have different styles and I'm not entirely happy with mine, but I felt if I made it any longer it would've been really boring.

    All I ask is that you just don't blatantly rip off my words. Or do but credit them to me. MY words. The last two times someone did that I mentally ju-ju'd him out of the blogosphere.

  6. that's pretty awesome. i'd like to mentally juju a few people.

  7. It took a couple months of bad vibes and chanting under my breath, but man did I enjoy that payoff.

  8. The movie Drive has gotten great reviews. And the word is that the soundtrack is an integral part of the films atmoshpere. From what I hear the movie is expected to become a classic. I think my hubby would like it as well.

  9. It sounded plain and meh.

    And then her voice came in and that suddenly changed the whole song.

  10. i like it...its got kind of an '80s feel to it.

  11. Wow, I really like this. It reminds me of Moonlight.

  12. Yeah, after seeing the names involved, it sounded exactly as I expected :D

  13. I like daft punk! This was good too! Thanks for this I'm glad I found out about it!

  14. He's got that kinda cars candy-o beat to it. Love the comic art album cover!

  15. The vocals got to be a bit much after a while, but overall, not a bad jam!

  16. Besides Daft Punk none of those names were familiar. Should I be ashamed?

  17. I'm not a huge fan of electronic music but yeah, after seeing Drive I've come to like this Kavinsky and Desire's music.

  18. @Henry
    Not really. It depends on the music taste. If you're big on French electro now, you'll know of SebastiAn and if you liked indie electronica some years ago you'll remember CSS.

  19. A great track made epic because of that intense opening film sequence.


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