You remember that Hip-Hop song by that one guy from New York where he talked about why he was "hot"? That was MIMS in his one-hit wonder, This Is Why I'm Hot! Not that it's bad to have a one-hit wonder, plenty of musical artists don't even get one hit single. Sure, they can still get remixed or covered, but that only counts as successful to them if they're already known, so MIMS, congratulations for having the Fusion Rock performers Purple Popcorn on your side, early on in the game.

The Purple Popcorn version is called This Is Why I'm Hot (Rock Mix), and is pretty refreshing to hear after getting really tired of the original. I don't know about you guys, but years later and I'm still tired of it.

Enjoy yourself the Rock mix accompanied by some Hot Fuzz.

It's still pretty repetitive, I know I can't listen to it on a daily basis, but it's different. It's a Rock/Rap fusion that isn't Linkin Park. And maybe on certain days this is the type of Rock that just suits, nothing fancy, just Rock.

Buy: mp3

The song has only been released in mp3 format which shows just how popular it is. It wasn't supposed to be a single at all, but received enough success through the Zune commercial for it to be released in digital format.

2007 was silly, wasn't it?

Purple Popcorn has made more covers and have a bit of decent original work, but I can't find an album, EP, or even free online downloads on any of their stuff.

If you're really interested, you might wanna take a look at their Myspace, where you can hear some of their tracks, and Twitter, where you can see what's up and where they're heading. Good places to start, I would say.
It's not every day that fresh, funky music is put right under your nose, and it's not every day that said music can also be free for everyone to enjoy. These are two things that can just make some people happy.

Needless to say, when French Electronic duo Browska asked me to give their newest track a listen, my ears escaped to a far away land of bliss and satisfaction.

Now before I lead you into the track, a little about Browska:

The duo is made up of Keus and Imperial J. Imperial J was the bass player for a Drum and Bass group called Futura Sessions and Keus was friends with the DJ's. So their friendship began! In 2009 they started making music for fun purposes and that eventually lead to something more serious. Having been friends for so long (about 6-7 years) they now think and produce alike, creating a perfect team of complimentary DJ's.

Enjoy the good stuff, Browska - Network.

The first 30 seconds of the Discohouse track might not be to everyone's taste, but it prepares the ears for what's in store, a trip a few decades back in time. Keeping itself catchy, the song uses samples from various older records as well as "a lot of autosampling". Their words. 

There's really nothing like a fresh track with retro influences as found with the funky bass and lively trumpets. Expect both to be found throughout the song, keeping your head in motion and your hips ready to dance. Buy yourself a disco ball while you're at it, have fun!

An interesting detail about the song; the track was finished the same day they watched the 1976 classic, Network. They found the 'mad as hell' speech so incredible that they decided to pay tribute to the film with their song.

If you haven't seen this movie, you should do yourself a favor and watch it.

Aside from having quality taste in movies, they also have a very broad taste in music. Anything from Wu-Tang Clan to Rage Against the Machine to Neil Young. The variety means that you should expect much more from Browska in the future, a great example of this would be their remix on Industrial-Metal band Ministry's song, Bad Blood. You can listen to it here and download it here.

"It's a bit "cliché" but we do what we want to do. The only thing that matters is that we need to be proud of our songs." - Browska

Keus and Imperial J were nice enough to provide us all with free MediaFire links, so be sure to thank them and show them support if your ears enjoyed. You can find out everywhere to find them by checking out their site, or just go directly to their Soundcloud and find out every time they have a new track.

Browska have developed since this post, check it out.
This is a song that brings me so many good memories, sitting around with friends, watching the 2006 world cup (FIFA) and eating chips while placing bets over the half time commercial breaks. Life was good, and so was the music.

The Indie Rock song, used in one of Adidas' commercials, would suit everyone's mood perfectly. It's got a happy, gentle beat, and is about a kid who, well:

If you don't get my football back I'm gonna get my dad on you
I only kicked it over your fence and broke a silly gnome or two

If you can't relate to this in some distant relative of a way, you had no childhood. That being said, that's exactly what the track sounds like: childhood. It's full of happy feelings and, while repetitive, it's pretty catchy.

Enjoy the peculiar video to Eanie Meany.

I find it interesting that he either used the same kids from the Adidas commercial, or pretty similar looking doubles. You can find them about halfway into the video, after the gnome.

If you really dug the song, you might wanna check the borderline instrumental 'Part 2'.

Buy: CD | mp3

The album has a similar happiness vibe, even people who really like Eanie Meany might not really enjoy an entire album worth of it. It does vary though, songs like Turn Your Frown Into A Smile sum up the variety it has pretty well, though sadly, the particular song can only be found in the UK version. If you're interested make sure you listen to it through though, as the song goes through a number of changes.
Starlight is the first and most well known single by The Supermen Lovers, it can be considered a one hit wonder. The track charted excellently throughout Europe, something that the French House group haven't been able to recreate, but all the same, they're a good way to go if you're looking for some groovy House music.

The single has two versions, the shorter music video version, or the 6 minute original.

Enjoy the music video, and if you want the longer version, just check the Grooveshark link right underneath it.

Enjoy, Starlight.

Who doesn't like tales of creepy potato monsters teaming up with rats to make music?

The song carries a nice groovy feel that's almost entirely thanks to a song by a disco group East Coast, the song is called The Rock. Luckily for The Supermen Lovers, that song is a bit too long for what it is, and their tinkering with it and adding vocals, guided by backing vocals that serve as a more instrumental role, make Starlight the perfect concoction for success.

Buy: CD | mp3

Unluckily for them, the perfect groovy single was released before the album was, raising expectations for something that honestly pales in comparison. The Player isn't a bad album, it's just not as great as the single. Hear it all the way through and you'll hear songs that sometimes sound a little too alike for the average listener. However, any Electro/Groove/Funk/Disco enthusiast should love the album in it's entirety. As I said, it's not a bad album.

It was a little disappointing to me that when things finally started getting interesting and heading in a different direction, it would also end. That final track, The Score, really shows the potential the album had. Like the song or not, it's a different direction while sticking to their sound. Potential.

And if you feel tempted to listen to the album anyway, go for it. Just lower the expectations and it might be something rather pleasant.
I just feel like Jazz today. This album fits the mood perfectly. It's got that perfect tone of not too strong and not too soft, varying what you hear enough to not get boring.

The line up is pretty interesting for this one:

Jens Düppe - Drums
Pascal Schumacher - Vibraphone

The vibraphone is indeed a cousin to the xylophone we all know, but is the classier aluminum version. It's also the instrument that ties the whole album together beautifully, whether the song is one of the shorter, minute long compositions, or a longer 7 minute song, you can be sure that the vibraphone is used perfectly against the piano, bass, and drums. 

Sometimes it's the subtle things that matter, sometimes it's what's obvious and out in the open, Pascal Schumacher has mastered both, and demonstrates that in this album.

Listen to Peanut Butter and Jelly, a perfect example.

Due to the ridiculously unknown nature of the band, no alternate links can be found. Sorry!

Now many might consider this a bit too much on the Jazz side for them, and  I can understand this. The complex form of what I consider to be "Pure Jazz" is something you grow into, it's a rare case in modern day for someone to listen to odd breaks or seemingly unsynchronized instruments, and actually enjoy it.

Don't fear the album, though. It carries much easier songs to listen to, and serves as a great gateway into the more freestyle range of Jazz.

Give one of those songs a listen, In Transit.

This one pretty much covers range of what to expect from the album, from the mellow to the slightly more upbeat. A relaxing tune that won't necessarily lull you.

Buy: CD | mp3 | Vinyl

Here We Gong is a truly well put together album. The fine talent that is Luxembourg born Pascal Schumacher, proves that no matter the size of the country, creating something beautiful is a gift we all have, and the album definitely touches a few different shades of stunning.

It has it's lighter side as seen on the first track, White Surface, as well as it's more "Pure Jazz" track, Oy. There's something for everyone who enjoys Jazz, just as long as you don't mind the vibraphone.

And it sounds too awesome to dislike. Come on.
If any reason aside from Penelope Cruz is a reason to watch Woman On Top, it would be the music. Oh yes, the lovely music. "Brazilian Baby Making" music, is a great way to describe it before giving listeners an audible peek.

Half of the soundtrack is dominated by it at least, because half of it has the wonderful music and smoothly flowing voice of Paulinho Moska. If for no other reason,  listen to the album for Moska's Acoustic goodness. The very first track is an excellent way into the rest of the album, and is by Paulinho Moska. Give it a listen.

A Flor E O Espinho, or The Flower And The Thorn.

Not all of the album is that sweet, Bossa Nova goodness. There's clear Samba influences, some songs which focus more on vocal beauty, but one thing you can expect  for sure is a lot of acoustics all throughout the experience. If you like the sound of a classical guitar, you'll enjoy it.

Give a listen to Geraldo Azevedo's Berekekê. I'm not sure what Berekekê means, but it sounds prettier when he says it.

If you enjoyed both of these tracks, I'm 90% positive you'll enjoy 95% of this soundtrack. Maybe tracks like Maria Creusa's Obsessão/Não Me Diga Adeus/Pois E/A Flor E O Espinho (Obsessed/ Don't Tell Me Goodbye/ For You/ The Flower And The Thorn) will be a turn off, focusing mainly on her vocals and keeping the simple Bossa Nova sound in play. Not for everyone, but click it, give it a shot. Contrary to what the title would lead you to believe, it's really only 4 minutes long.

Buy: CD | mp3

I recommend this to anyone exploring Brazilian genres and styles, the selection of talented artists spread across the soundtrack only strengthen this. You'll learn of Dori Caymmi, Morares Moreira, Normal Bengell, among other better known, late great artists, like Xavier Cugat, Baden Powell and Cyl Farney (yes, look those three up). It serves as excellent ground.

Plus Penelope Cruz is on the cover. How can that not sway you to get it all on its own?

If you liked today's post, you have the wonderful Melanie to thank. Again. For nudging me towards posting a soundtrack.

"There are a lot of movies with a lot of music in them...occasionally the soundtracks are better than the films." - Mel

Be sure to thank her over at her food blog, which should be focusing on a chillier time of year today, No Really, You Can Eat It!, or her personal blog 'So, How Am I Today?'.

That wasn't a question, either. Go show her love!
Haunter, the guy behind Haunter's Fun Blog drew some blog inspired stuff yesterday, I was one of them. He took a shot at my blogger avatar thing and I'm happy with what came out of it.

It really looks like eye shadow, I blame my photo editing skills for this.

You can find the post with all the other submissions here. Be sure to subscribe to the blog, it seems he'll be up to this stuff again.

While I'm doing this whole shout out thing, if you've got the time, you should head over to RorschachRedemption, subscribe, and start voting on the polls. If you have a soul, you might also donate to charity.

Plus it's fun watching other people draw things, especially when your sanity isn't put in question!

Phil, the guy behind that blog, also mentioned that if anybody could visit this blog and not find music they either liked and had forgotten, or enjoyed and hadn't heard of, he would eat his nail clippings. If any of my lovely loyal followers has hated every single one of my posts thus far, be sure to contact him. You can find what he said here.

Music post coming up in a minute!
Normally, especially with Hip-Hop, I like when a song has just one message extended all the way through it. For multiple messages or philosophical eye openers, you can get a whole album, what's the point of cramming so much into a tiny space of time?

Today's song however, is one of those songs that group what an entire album could have been and made it into one song (and still have the rest of a decent album for you to listen to). I like it because, wait, I shouldn't tell you why I like it before letting you hear it or telling you who it's by. It's by Hip-Hop duo Atmosphere.

Give it a shot.

Guns and Cigarettes.

The beat is catchy enough to bring you back. As you listen on you'll be finding new rhymes, witty puns and interesting phrasing. He, (Slug), is able to fit many subjects together and make it seem like one long one, and after you realize that the song is about becoming bigger than The Beatles or breast implants, you kinda figure the only way to do that is to touch everyone's subject.

It's pretty interesting, just about everyone has something in this song they can relate to, be it bitterness towards an ex, wanting to become famous and well known, or the more trivial things like anger towards those people who are blissfully unaware of their surroundings. The guy managed to write a song for humans. Screw labels, just give everyone a tap on the shoulder.

This would explain why it's one of their better known songs. There's no music video for it, it was never aired on the radio as a single, but tell an Atmosphere fan "So I said this rhyme that I'm about to say, it came from the heart and it went this way:" and wait for them to recite the following lines of unconstrained rage. I'm one of them, and I don't think I've ever felt quite that bad.

Buy: CD | mp3

Guns and Cigarettes can be found on Lucy Ford: The Atmosphere EP's. A compilation of two EP's and henceforth not an actual EP. I'm not judging you, Wikipedia.

The album starts off with a bit to think about, this process is made simpler by the ridiculously mellowed out beats which really set the mood of the album. Think of it as easy listening Hip-Hop while having someone splurge their problems through your ears. A fine way to describe all this would be by listening to It Goes, a pretty blunt honest song with that same relaxed rhythm to it.

Eventually, that relaxed feel will fade into something a bit more angry, like in They're All Gonna Laugh At You. It doesn't last more than a couple songs though.

The whole album is not for everyone. The music doesn't vary enough to keep the average listener interested, its purpose is lyrics full of insight from a troubled person. While interesting, I don't blame people for just not liking it.

Guns and Cigarettes still kicks ass though.
I usually have little issue with songs being remade. Music evolves, artists bring different versions and the world goes on. Especially this particular song, having been recorded in 1954 and undergoing huge changes within just a  few short years. When you go back it really proves that musical evolution isn't necessarily a bad thing. However when a song has some higher meaning, in this case historical value, and all of a sudden it "evolves" into something that no longer means what it used to, well, I start feeling bad for the generations who won't be aware that the song existed in the past.

I'm referring to Jason Derulo's Don't Wanna Go Home. Jason was most likely watching Beetlejuice's famous dinner scene, and said to himself 'I could sing this!' and so he did. The song is no longer about the hard workers in Jamaica, loading banana's into ships during the early hours of the morning who only wish to finish by the time the sun comes up, but is instead about partying all night and not wanting to go home after sunrise. Let's not get into the fact that the narcissist mentions his name right when Robin S' beat comes into play or this could turn into the first never ending blogger rage rant in history.

Let's instead focus right now on the first  ever recorded version of this Jamaican Mento Folk song by Trinidadian, Edric Connor and The Caribbeans.

Enjoy, Day Dah Light.

Okay, so I don't actually expect all that many of you to enjoy it, just listen to 35 seconds, get the gist of it, see where the craze comes from. If you did enjoy, you should check out the album Songs From Jamaica. Just because I wouldn't buy it doesn't mean others wouldn't.

From this point on, many other artists began to record the song as well, having their own versions in their own styles, molding it until in 1956, only 2 years later, Harry Belafonte made a few more drastic changes and came up with the version that most of us are used to.

Enjoy Day-O (The Banana Boat Song).

Clear, drastic changes. Making an original version while keeping the value and story. I've overemphasized this.

The song can be found in Calypso, one of the most successful albums in the Billboard charts. Much of this success is attributed to the single.
Buy: CD | mp3

Ironically enough, Day-O isn't Calypso, but rather a Folk song, The rest of the album however features both wisdom from back in the day and earlier Calypso music, much less obvious with the steelpan. A perfect example of both would be the last track on the album, Man Smart (Woman Smarter). I telepathically sensed your smirk, ladies. Just now.

As for Derulo, this video made me feel better about the whole situation. And honestly, if I could make an easy buck like that, I might be doing it too.
Just earlier today, Saturday 23rd of July, Amy Winehouse was found dead at her apartment in London. As I write this the cause of death is yet unknown, but the 'should have gone to Rehab' lines should be kicking in any second now.

Her faults aside, Winehouse was a singer/songwriter of exceptional talent, a model for well made modern day music, and I feel it's a shame to have her go so early. We saw it coming, yet it still took me by surprise.

Enjoy her without the beehive.

Amy Winehouse - I Heard Love Is Blind

Rest in peace, Amy. Your music will live for you.
Happenstance is the first full length album by Rachael Yamagata, it has Bluesy and often a bit of a Pop Rock feel to it, which isn't bad at all when accompanied by her beautiful smooth voice. The generally love related lyrics suit the style of the album well, and while some songs may not be for everyone, it's an easy album to leave on as you go about your day.

Let's give a song a listen, we'll go with one of the softer, easy listening songs.

Enjoy Even So.

One of those songs that really explore the capability of her vocal emotion, her excellent control. Well made song.

The rest of the album shows a variety between similar melancholy sounding songs and more upbeat "Poppy" songs, that all the same suit her voice. Give one of those a shot.

Enjoy 1963.

Between these songs and the awkward ones that use Jazz to stretch the average ears comfort zones, like Letter Read or Under My Skin, we get a nice, full, well rounded album that's anything but boring. Maybe not 24 hour a day album, but a decent one for sure.

Buy: CD | mp3

I would recommend the album to anyone who enjoys a beautiful voice as they lounge about. It can be relaxing, it can be uplifting as often as it can be depressing, and it can be romantic. I like to think I've just explained everything else there is to know about the album, but it doesn't hurt to check for yourself, right?

Of course not.
Sometimes I just wake up with the weirdest songs stuck in my head. Yesterday was a day full of violins for me, and now here I am, listening to a more seductive song. There's no continuity!

For any of you who don't know, Teddy P was an R&B singer/songwriter from back when "To the window, to the wall" wasn't an acceptable bedroom ballad lyric. Yes, we're talking from back then. He was iconic and a bit of a ladies' man. But you'll see that for yourself soon enough.

Enjoy, Turn Off the Lights.

Look at that. He can be gentle, go listen to how he says "light a candle". I'll wait for you. Then go listen to how he says "turn off the lights". This man knows what he wants and knows how to go about it.

So for that younger generation that didn't completely nostalgia right now, go get yourself the song, put it at the end of a playlist you'll play when with the lady friend together, make it seem like you spent hours searching for this perfect, underused song (because face it, Marvin Gaye/Barry White is cheesier just because it's cliché) and work your newly found magic. Then thank Teddy, and thank me later. Further proof of it's magic can be found here.

Buy: CD | mp3

Turn Off the Lights was one of the two singles off his third album Teddy. But go ahead and expect the same combination of romantic alpha male magic from all 42 minutes of it. If you really need some persuasion, listen to the other single, Come Go With Me. Or any of the rest of the album, just try it out. It's a bit much for me to listen all the way through unless I'm really in the right mood. It doesn't make the album any less special.

Turn the album on. Turn off the lights and get cozy. Even without a romantic mood, it really is good for that.

R.I.P. Teddy. 
You are missed.
Social mediums have once again brightened my day with a beautiful piece, and a new Youtube channel to follow. To any who haven't seen this around yet, meet Joe Edmonds, a talented young man who mainly put videos together because his family and friends missed his playing. What makes his videos just a bit more special is the fact that he takes one violin..

And mixes it with itself, adds just a little help from GarageBand and creates an orchestral appearance. Today's track is possibly the most impressive, being that it's not one song, but two, a Mash-up of Coldplay's Clocks and Sufjan Stevens' Chicago (which I could have and should have made a post for before this post, but this topic got me much more excited).

Enough buildup, give it a listen before it's full on viral, if you haven't already.

No Grooveshark Link, but: Free Download

I've seen similarly styled videos, acoustic covers where the same person's guitar overlaps itself, but I had never seen something as well put together as this. Short of breath with widened eyes and a smile plastered over my face, this could easily be my musical highlight of the week, if not month or season. So if you ever read this, Joe, thank you.

If you want something just slightly different, give a listen to his cover on Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. You'll like it, and it also comes with a free download.

If you like everything so far, you should definitely subscribe to his Youtube. I know I did, even though there's but a small collection of his videos. I'd love to see more as they come up and as he grows. If that's not enough incentive, it seems he likes to give away his music to those who enjoy it. For the time being anyway, so enjoy his generosity while it's available.
I enjoy it when music misleads me. I like when I expect something and receive something different. It keeps me on my toes and paying attention to what I hear, and to have that focus can sometimes be refreshing. Today's track might be a little monotonous or long for some, but the interesting use of alternative Metal/Rock grabs my attention enough. Add the generally creepy intro and you get my amusement. Give it a shot yourself.

Enjoy Myaku.

The video alone is already better than some recent "horror" flicks I've seen. Imagine.

This original version is creepy on its own, however if you'd like to hear a similarly creepy Industrial version you can find the 8 1/2 version here. It was remixed by Kaoru, one of Dir En Grey's guitarist.

I would normally search for a translation, but due to Diru's graphic nature and to my wish of preserving some of my innocence, I've decided not to go out looking for it.

I have indeed been scarred before, just searching for their songs.

If you like the two versions of Myaku and maybe the more Punk oriented Ash, you might enjoy the single. Pricey as it may be, find a way to get it. For such a short running CD, it shows plenty of variety. It's  impressive for a band to display such musical range.

Buy: Macabre

I believe the last time I wrote a song from this album, Berry, I mentioned how extraordinarily cheap it was. It's still of ridiculously low price.

You may also notice that I am still practicing my misleading sarcasm and polishing it up to the point where it's blatantly obvious. I have a ways to go, but I'll get there.

I'll mention that the album isn't for any old Rock fan. Some of it is creepy, some of it is rough and some of it goes down easy, it's a very varied album from Dir En Grey's Visual Kei days. I believe it to represent them very well as a whole, yet not generally. It takes some listening to understand, and if you feel so inclined, you should give it a shot somehow.
Alright, so it's actually running in a cyclone, but it sounds otherwise, so whatever. My blog, my rules!

I've been realizing that some of my posts lately have also been songs on the Tony Hawk games. Now while I have played a couple of these games and enjoyed them, I wouldn't have guessed some of the previous posts where also on these games. I  also feel like I've missed out because of not playing them. C'est la vie!

But because I've been reminded by a few subscribers already, I've decided to go all out classic Hawk today and feature the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 classic, Cyclone by the Dub Pistols. Because even if you haven't heard it, it's a catchy song worth listening to.

You know, thinking about it, I would sing this song in many incorrect ways. Everything from psych alone to cycle own to even sigh cologne. I was one interesting kid, alright.

I suppose I could have gotten, or even bothered to look for the game's soundtrack (if it even has one, it should) but instead I opted for getting the Dub Pistols' debut album, Point Blank, and see how much I got to enjoy it.

Buy: CD | mp3

I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it a lot and will continue to. The English Big Beat/Dub band doesn't fail to deliver exactly that, an interesting blend of Dub with Big Beat. You should be hearing something very faintly similar to The Prodigy or Fatboy Slim mixed along with the classic Dubby sounds. It's a fun, retro album. It sounds like the 90's Electronica scene. It's yummy.

Before I continue, I'll just remind you all that 'Dub' is not Dub'step'.

Be sure not to let Cyclone fool you, the band rarely depends on lyrics to carry a song through. Vocal samples are often used as details, and while some of the album does feature lyrics, I'd say over half of it is based mainly on the music.

Want a taste? Listen to something like There's Gonna Be A Riot. I think it sums up what the rest of the album is gonna feel like pretty well. The song goes through a few transitions exploring the Big Beat and Dub equally. It's not hard on the ears. Worth a listen, even if it is a little long.
Or translated from Spanish, Asylums Madgalen, is yet another TMV song readily open to interpretation. What you make of the message is up to you, but something that's almost undeniable is the song's dark nature. Acompany that with the soft plucking of a guitar and Cedric's tenor and you get something that could be creepy if you look too into it.

Give Asilos Magdalena a listen.

To those of you who find the importance, you can find the translated lyrics here, though I warn that they might be a little unsettling. To give a little info on this before you actually read, near the end of the song he calls out to Samael. Samael was an accuser, seducer and destroyer. How's that for an interesting song ending? You can read more on Samael here. Wink.

The educated Folk style really helps draw me in, but the amount of time it must have taken to come up with such a topic, to make it sound like it did, that just keeps me. Granted, it's from a concept album, that can make coming up with the subject as easy as telling a really long story. Still, this one song is a little extra special to me.

Buy: CD | mp3

The album, Amputechture, is really fairly different from the song. Most of it is in English as well, but that won't matter because even in English it takes a special kind of process to understand what's being sung. The sharply edited or "amputated" songs make for an interesting experience.

I think the best way to lay it out is if you imagined your ears at a strip club. There's plenty of audible pleasure, there's an  investment going on, but you never really go all the way.

If you hear the album you'll get what I mean. One of those albums that I'd recommend people to listen to at least once for its original editing and very odd portrayal. That being said, be wary of buying it. It's a love/hate kind of thing. Give it a test run.
I'm a fan of string instruments. I'm also a fan of The Rolling Stones. Simple math would say that if you took one of those and incorporated it into the other, I would enjoy the result.

Well I do.

Enjoy Paint It Black by the Vitamin String Quartet.

For some reason, it's near impossible to find this song by the Vitamin String Quartet on Youtube. A lot of people seem to think the London Symphony is the same thing, though. There was one version that actually had the song,  I wasn't too happy with the quality, but if you can't hear Grooveshark for whatever reason, you can check it out here.

The reason the London Symphony version doesn't quite sit right for me is because the composition changes. The String Quartet version starts in a much darker tone, adding a few seconds of an eerie tone before slowly introducing you to the original scores. A lovely transition in my eyes, and one that The Rolling Stones could have incorporated into the original.

The London Symphony version isn't bad, it's got a more elaborate instrument selection. Ultimately depends on personal preference, so go ahead and check it out here if interested.

Buy: CD | mp3

Now this is an album I can really recommend. Stay away from it if all you want is an (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction cover. Because you won't get it. No, no, no, hey, hey, hey, that's what I say.


You will however get some excellent interpretations of some Rolling Stones classics. It's a special album, it mixes the best of two very stunning worlds and it deserves a listen. So find a way to get your hands on it and get it. It's a good one, I say!
Not too long ago I made a post on Maylene and the Sons of disaster. I focused more on a fairly harsher sounding song, Memories of the Grove (yet I still mentioned this one). But right now I'm feeling like something a lot softer, and luckily for me, not only can the same band deliver, but the very same album as well.

Now considering Hell is breaking loose, it's oddly peaceful. Give the song a listen.

The Day Hell Broke Loose at Sicard Hollow.

I have two types of mornings. There's the 'I'm late' mornings, where what follows is one of many Drum and Bass playlists, and there's the 'I'm early, let's take it easy' mornings, where songs like the above are played. Pity it's the last song in the album, but it's a nice way to finish something. I just prefer starting my days with it.

Buy: CD | mp3

I've already spoken about the album, "II". It's a decent hear. If you're really interested in more info, check out the post from a few days ago here. They're worth looking into if you like heavier Rock in general. Be warned that they like to visit extremes when it comes to their genre. Really though, good for them!
Today's song is called Big Weenie, by Eminem. Due to the fact that it was featured on the first album that really defined Eminem's downward spiral, it may be unfamiliar to many. Even with it's commercial success, the album's singles get much more credit than the other 'average' songs do, and in this case that shouldn't be.

Now the reason I like this song is pretty interesting. To hear an adult use the words meanie, and especially weenie, is amusing to a high degree for me. I thank my very simple sense of humor for this.

But my other, deeper reason, is that through this song I actually became a bit more humble. The male population is known to make remarks like the ones on the song. Less forward, hidden, sure, but in modern day a male feud is pretty much "You're a maenie! My weenie is bigger than yours is!'. It's because of this song that I understood early in my youth just how ridiculous this way of quarreling was and resorted to knowledge and common sense. Something I'm proud of and, ironically, thank Eminem for.

I don't expect anyone else to be odd enough to use the song to somehow better themselves, but all the same, give it a listen.

Big Weenie.

Yes, its beat is a bit on the monotonous side, this song relies solely on lyric. Now if nothing more, give a listen to the most immature yet honest line in the song. The real eye opener. Guys, you know you've said something as ridiculous as this at some point in your life. Except me, I've always been perfect. You can find it at 3:24 and it goes:

There is no denying that my weenie is much bigger than yours is 
Mine is like sticking a banana between two oranges 
Why you even doing this to yourself, it's pointless 
Why do we have to keep on going through this, this is tortuous 
My point is this 
That if you say mean things, weenie will shrink

Bravo, Em. Weenie will shrink.

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The album was a much greater success than it should have been. It's not a terrible listen, but based on sales one would expect the nectar of Godly rapping powers when really, it's just an average album where some guy vents about his ex wife, his mom, and George Dubya. It makes for a decent laugh. That's something, right?

And if you enjoy poking fun of people who defend Eminem too much, check out the comments on this set of lyrics here. It's hilarious.
Bruma, or 'Mist' is a fairly relaxing Tango sounding song. The slight mix with Electronic genres is subtle, but it makes the difference between a good track and a great one. It's definitely a mood song, so if you're not in the mood, don't entirely dismiss it! It really is best heard when at peace.

Give it a shot.


Yes, it does have something of a James Bond feel to it, doesn't it? You can feel some mystery being unfolded as the piano relaxes you, the accordion echoes until you're left with nothing but the lounged piano. The song moves pretty well, changing enough to stray from monotonous but keeping the same relaxed vibe throughout 6 minutes. Not an easy task.

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The album, Bajofondo Tango Club was at the time self titled. They rather recently decided to shorten their name down to Bajofondo because they realized that they were definitely not solely Tango artists. You can see how that works when you listen to a more upbeat track, or a more Electro oriented track. It's stuff you can dance to at a club without knowing how to tango, it's because of this mix that they've helped establish "Electrotango".

This debut album stays relaxed throughout, occasionally bringing those upbeat songs that even being upbeat can keep you calm and concentrated. It's a nice listen.

And  if you like similar music, they've been compared to the Gotan Project. Also a very nice group. Wink. Nudge.
This post wasn't gonna happen for a while, but since it's happening, let's see who remembers when this beauty was freshly released, yeah? This'll be fun.

The song is a Punk classic. I've heard it while waiting at Punk concerts (they really are a different experience) and it seems your average rocker knows of the songs existence too. If you haven't heard it, I guess it's time to give it a shot then, isn't it?

Listen to Viva La Revolution.

So yeah, who was there?

I decided to go a step further. I was tired of just listening to the song at live events and on my friends' music playlists. I decided to travel all the way back to 1981 and get their debut album, Songs of Praise. My logic was simple: "According to hipster law, the first album is always the best."

For what it's worth, it very well may be. The problem was it caught me off guard. It had a tiny bit of a Pop-Punk feel to it and while the album as a whole is definitely enjoyable, it doesn't quite come up to par with the single. It was my own fault for hyping over one song that many rant and rave about. Hopefully those interested will tread the waters carefully and know to expect a decent, but different album to what you've likely heard a lot of.

Also, you there, person, the one that wants to hurt me for using 'Pop-Punk' to refer to The Adicts. When you do, be creative. Please.

If you want to hear one of the more "Pop" songs on the album, check out 'Calling Calling'.

If today's post brought you a smile, thank Melanie here and here. She gave me a bit of a push towards this post. She's nice. I like her. All of you should like her too and check if her blogs are to your liking. Go!
If you're not like me, the chances are you've heard this song while playing Guitar Hero II. However if you are like me, you were off doing other stuff while everyone played Guitar Hero and either don't know of this song or, like me, relied on someone else to tell you about it.

Which is what I'm doing now. I'm telling you about it.

The semi fancy guitar work along with generally catchy air is the reason the song is featured in video games. It's a nice little song, addictive. You've been warned.

Enjoy, Raw Dog.

We're not talking Metallica here. This is simple 'fun' music. Rock for the sake of Rock! So don't judge too hard, but you're still allowed.

This is perfect for air guitar. Do you like that air guitar? Well if so, welcome to the wonderful world of Glam Metal! Or Hard Rock.. Frankly, you could call this Heavy Punk and it'd still make sense. The lines between these genres are so thin, it's like a wrinkle on Joan Rivers' face.

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The rest of the album, Seal the Deal, is up to almost identical par with the featured single. And by identical par, I mean to say it pretty much sounds the same. This is why I mentioned the air guitar earlier, a first time listener will be able to predict the riffs and the beat that will be displayed with such ease that it'd honestly be a turn off to many. I include myself.

However they seem to have a nice 80's sound going for them throughout the album that when mixed with modern times can be an interesting sound. It's not a bad album, it's just also not amazing. Listen to it if it's ever in front of you, you might like it.
This post is gonna be a little odd. I'll be talking about an album, Goldenwings, that is now only half of an album. I'll explain that in a bit, for now just know that Opa is a Jazz\Rock and general Latin fusion band. Having formed in 1969, the sound is pretty classic while still pushing boundaries today.

Give African Bird a shot, yeh?

Many people confuse Opa for Brazilians and the music as a Samba mix. The truth is Opa is an Uruguayan group that when active were based in the United States. The confusion exists because they incorporated 'Candombe', a genre native to Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. The genre, having been immigrated from African Bantu slaves, is based on percussion that is most widely recognized in its influences on the Brazilian 'Samba'.

If you're really interested, click that link up there, lots of information on the genre.

Now if you feel like it, give a more Rock oriented song a shot. It's called Groove.

Now both these tracks come from the same album, Goldenwings. Opa only ever released two albums, and they were both so short that just a few years ago they decided to put them both together and make one really neat album. I was the unlucky music snob to have the original, 35 minute long Goldenwings.

For a little over a dollar, you could not just get Goldenwings, but their entire discography. That's all of two (2) albums! Gasp!

No really, I'm pretty bummed I got it early. The second album features Rubén "El Negro" Rada in vocals and percussion, it's a real treat. And for an extra buck? Geeze, it could have been a steal.

Not that I'm complaining, the album has still accompanied me through nice times and fond memories. That's what it suits best, I think.
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