I don't think I've ever featured such an emo song on this blog. Usually if the music focuses on lyrics at all, I aim for them to be positive, or at least not depressing. Considering today's song isn't to be taken literally anyway, I'll make the exception.

Plus, it's the best song in the album that perfectly captures their Punk-Ska vibe.

If you like Ska or Punk, preferably both, give it a shot.

Suicide (A Better Way).

This is fairly varied for the short album, but it shows all their sides. You've got your Punk riffs, your Ska beats, and your screechy vocals. The slit-my-wrist lyrics aren't a particularly recurring theme, but it's pretty strong on this track.

Not to say it's for everyone, but if you like today's song you can be pretty sure you'll enjoy the album. Alternatively if you only liked parts of it, you'll probably only like half the album. At least it's something, right?

Buy: CD | mp3

Unfortunately, Choking Victim stopped recording after their only album No Gods, No Managers. Fortunately, they continued recording as Leftöver Crack.

Their recent 2004 sound is a bit different than this, so if you'd like a version of today's song that's just a little smoother, give the new name a look.

But f you liked it, just get this album and be happy. It's 40 minutes of Ska Punk tuned to depressing and anarchist lyrics. Definitely not for everyone, but it's not that hard to listen to either.

If you want more music along these lines, make sure to visit Dylanthulhu's (Un)Sacred Gems (today's band was his recommendation). Say thanks and admire the similar music he has to offer!
I suppose if you ever wanted to pretend you were an elf with the appropriate background music, today's track would be for you. Don't worry, I don't judge.

Today's song will have been the first you heard when you inserted Shadow of the Colossus into your Playstation 2 (or PS3, now), a respected Japanese action-adventure game with an award winning soundtrack.

Outside of the game it might not be for everyone, but Koh Otani (大谷 幸 Ōtani Kō) composes the music and demonstrates his talent fully. Anyone with susceptible ears can enjoy his pieces.

Enjoy the Prologue.

The rising magical feeling usually only comes around once. So be sure to put on your robe and wizard hat before hearing the whole song, as it could easily spoil on your second hear.

Or, if you're like me, it'll be like you heard it  for the first time all over again.

If you'd like more of the epic magical sound, you might want  to attempt to get the soundtrack.. it just won't be easy at the moment.

Buy: CD

The album, Shaddow of the Colossus: Roar of the Earth, was released in Japan on December of 2005, there has been no other release so far, so it's become something of a collector's item.

It really is great for that magical sound, even though the length of many tracks near the half minute mark. Just remember it's a game soundtrack, so it makes sense. But really, it's mainly for the fans of the game.

And people who like to be elves, fairies, or some other magical creature.

If you're a fan and have a never ending wallet, you could either give me that wallet, or well, buy the soundtrack. It's a fun listen. Especially for the fans.
Pinn Panelle is not some DJ remixing successful songs. Today's post isn't a remix, it's a cover. By a band. A band that gives an interesting twist on a song that's gotten shoved down many of our throats.

Digest that for a moment.

"How can they cover Skrillex if they can't make wobbles?!"

Well they found a way to wobble without cheating. All of the sounds are made by them and they didn't use any samples from the Skrillex track, but rather made their own sound-a-likes.

Give it a listen.

And for those of  you that actually haven't heard the original.

So it wouldn't really be hard for me to prefer anything over Skrillex, especially considering how overplayed he is. Hell, this song alone gets overplayed to a point of no return. That nice band sound though, that's quality badassery. Let's call it Rockstep, seems to be the trend.

It's also pretty stunning how important each member is on this song.

The lead, Derek Song, provides the vocal samples that you'll hear on his keyboard, as well as mid frequency wobbles, guitar work and some vocals.

Justin Conway, the awesome drummer, switches his skills up with some samples and makes it work.

Jonah Wei-Haas is on the keyboards and providing that inhaling 'wheew' sound that honestly makes the song what it is.

And finally we have Nathan Navarro on the sub-bass and low frequency wobbles, the finishing touch. I'm.. gonna have to write some more on the guy later because he's amazing, just check out his Dubstep Bass Guitar. It's a visual beauty. (Or just learn about his Dubstep Ring)

Pinn Panelle have been kind enough to grace those of us who enjoy the song a download. It's Youtube quality, but it's not that bad. If you'd like more, though, you can buy their first album at music.pinpanelle.com or itunes. The sound is different to what you've heard today, but still pretty decent.

If you're interested you can check out their Youtube channel, there's a Nero - Promises cover for the Dubstep fans and some of their more non-Dubstep released material too. Feel free to subscribe, you'll find out when their future releases will be out.
There's nothing quite like New Orleans Blues. Unless of course it's English, in which case it's probably Hugh Laurie's take on it.

For those of you who are scratching your head wondering where you've heard Hugh Laurie before, think 'House'.

He definitely makes the version his, interestingly lively for Blues with deep rooted melancholy lyrics. This bending of genre might mean it's not for everybody, but it's interesting so give it a shot, yeah?

Six Cold Feet.

I'd say about half a percent of my readers will be able to tell that this is not an original song. The original is by Leroy Carr and is titled Six Cold Feet in The Ground. But if you're a Lou Rawls fan, you might wanna check out his version with the slight name alteration of Six Cold Feet Of The Ground. Subtle, right?

Hugh Laurie displays his love for the Blues while giving it his own twist and displaying his talents, who knew he could sing so good?

But if you really want to see the extent of his talents, you'll have to hear the album, Let Them Talk.

Buy: CD | mp3

You'll hear him sing, you'll hear his finely polished piano skills, even some Laurie-guitar work. What you won't hear is a completely original song. Every single song is his take on another, often changing the title (like in today's) to show that it is in fact a different version.

While I was hoping to get some original pieces through my ears, I also admire his respect for the Blues. He'll tamper but he won't try and create it from scratch. At least, not on his first album.

I do hope he creates his own music later on, though maybe that's just not his thing. All the same, all his interpretations put together make for a good Blues album. It's great for those who are just beginning to listen to this style, or for those who are running out of decent Blues to listen to.

Basically it either takes fresh ears or veteran ones to fully appreciate the album. I can see it getting stale for others.

I have to thank Squatlo for bringing Hugh Lauries music to my attention in the first place. Even though I doubt he'll read this post, I thank my sources. Go check out his politically unbalanced/humorous blog.
Apparently I'm feeling for some nice Italian Jazz today. Straight from Rome is Giancarlo Greco's simple yet amazing sounding quartet, displaying talent that should have them a deal with a label.

Unfortunately (or fortunately for those with empty wallets) they're unsigned, unheard of and giving some of their stuff away, with an option to donate if you feel so inclined.

And after hearing the talent from each musician, you'll probably feel they're very deserving of that donation. Give it a listen yourself with Dida's Feeling.

This great display of talent is brought to you by:

Giancarlo Greco - Trombone
Stefano Sabatini - Piano
Guido Giacomini - Bass
Lorenzo Tucci - Drums

You're probably still listening as you read this, so know that within the next 7 minutes each of the band members will take turns displaying their talents in a way that works just because it's Jazz. 

The band will mesh perfectly together, and we should give thanks to Giancarlo for composing the piece. 

The EP is up for free on Jamendo, and if Jamendo's download doesn't work for you they'll offer legal P2P options. And if you're not sure you want the download yet, head on over just to listen. You won't be disappointed.

It's a bit sad that there's no actual album, but if you'd like to tease your ears with what you won't  be able to own, you can listen to his other stuff on his Myspace. It's perfect for those masochist Jazz loving ears, like mine.
Have you heard about the Queen Extravaganza? Odds are you haven't, and if you have it's probably because of Marc Martel.

I feel the need to give out some details about this Queen Extravaganza thing, so today's post will be a bit divided.

The Queen Extravaganza is a talent competition created by Roger Taylor, Queen's drummer. What could easily have been already known around the world with hundreds of submissions on it's first day is actually a fairly unheard of competition that's been active since September 19th with less than 50 submissions (so far) and yet already has what seems like a definite vocal winner.

They're accepting auditions for singers, drummers, bassists, guitarists, and keyboardists. The rules are pretty simple, too. First you go to the site and download a set of music, they're offering 4 songs for this first round:

Killer Queen, Somebody to Love, Seven Seas of Rhye and I Want to Break Free.

If you're actually interested (and if you play any of the above mentioned instruments) find out all the details on how to enter here. As long as you're talented, you actually have a chance to tour across North America and be a rock star. Take advantage! You have until November 7th to enter, so hurry!

If you're a vocalist however, one of the vocal slots is taken already. They promise there to be 3 opportunities, so that gives you a chance, but I  won't be surprised if they narrow that down because Marc Martel is so perfect.

Marc Martel

Is probably Freddie Mercury's reincarnation. Even if he was alive before Freddie's death. You see, not only does he sound like Freddie Mercury, he also kinda looks like him too. I wish he'd dance a bit to see if he even moved like the guy because Marc sure does give one hell of a Freddie M vibe. Give his audition a watch. He's stunning.

My jaw just about touched the floor when I heard this guy. I didn't need to make sure he wasn't lip syncing since the first time I saw him was a recorded live show performance. But seeing his audition was just so.. very.. special.

If you're not a Queen fan you might not get it. So I leave you a Grooveshark link to the original song, and a Marc vs Freddie Youtube Mashup. Either of those will get the message through perfectly.

I hope the Queen fans are smiling about as much as I was. Because face it, Paul Rodgers ain't got $%&t on this guy. I know I wouldn't miss a Queen tour with Martel on the vocals, but if Paul Rodgers ever came my way I wouldn't even bother.

Maybe it's just me.

I have to give a big warm fuzzy thank you to Angel of Almost Incoherent Ramblings of a Twenty-Something. If not for her blog post a few days ago with Marc singing Bohemian Rhapsody, I might never have found out about the guy.

If you like Rock, video games and/or scary movies, check her blog out.
I've covered this band already, not too long ago either. The song then was a much lighter, happier sounding song called Diamonds and Guns. The song alone doesn't quite cover the fairly versatile album. In fact, I said "It's so varied, I should dedicate another post later on to show the rougher side."

This is that post.

Today's song is the first song on the album, the first few seconds of riff could easily be mistaken for some form of Heavy Metal but that's quickly cleared up to show it's more Alternative Punk influence.

If you're not a fan of noisy Rock, you might wanna skip this post.

Tim Armstrong's seemingly agonizing shrieks-of-pain/vocals only help set apart this song from a few of the others. The James Bond-like riff keeps it classy and Travis Barker makes sure the song keeps what fun it could have easily lost.

Or maybe you ignored my warning and played it anyway. If you'd like a more Industrial version, check out the remix and hopefully fix your ears.

The song is definitely not for everyone. It's somewhat heavy but not the most talented piece of work out there either. It's just an alright listen, it works.

Buy: CD | mp3

This album, again. It's a fair hear, great for open ears. It has the heavier sounds as today's post demonstrates, along with smoother sounds like Diamonds and Guns and everywhere in between. It's definitely not for everyone, but where would the fun be if it was?
It's easy to mess up that Indie Pop Rock sound, bands often exploit the Pop in the hopes of getting known and making money off their creation.

Circa Vitae didn't do that. When you hear their music you can tell this is what they want to do, and if they can make a few dollars while they do it, that's pretty good too.

Enjoy yourself the pleasant vibes of Stranger.

I'm pretty sure the female vocals move it up a few notches from your typical Indie band. Vocals aside the music flows smoothly. Not just in the song, but with the whole EP.

Transitions are common in this band, especially subtle ones that end in relaxing but not repetitive sounds. It's a decent listen.

The EP is free, not just 'free' free, but royalty free too, check out their Jamendo profile for more details on that and their extra track if you're interested.

You can listen to it first and make sure you want it. And just in case the Jamendo download doesn't work for you, they'll provide P2P sharing links too. At that point, they'll ask if you want to donate to the band. It'd be pretty nice if you did.

Now, if you're really digging their sound and want to help them out, it might be best you just buy their newest album "Lovers". You can find out all about it at their website or you can listen to everything they've made on Grooveshark, including the album.

Now go, support the good ones!
When you can hear a movie and it's almost as good, there's a good chance it's music. This is pretty much the case with today's pick.

Today's song will be taken from The Legend of 1900's soundtrack, a movie about a musical genius, basically. And who better to create the music a musical genius would play, but a musical genius himself? Ennio Morricone does a fine job and it was an excellent choice to have him compose the music for the movie.

This particular song is complicated and possibly overwhelming, but also very, very short. Barely over a minute in length, it's almost as if the sole purpose of its existence is purely to display talent.

Oh right...

Give Study For Three Hands a listen.

Alone, this might not be for you. It's like a male, athletic virgin.. in bed. It's strong, powerful, talented, but it really only lasts a minute.

The problem is that the song doesn't belong on its own. But listen to that song first, then hear Danny's Blues and you'll appreciate Danny's Blues a lot more than you would have before.

Today's song was almost going to be Playing Love, the highlight song of the movie. Then I realized that that song was better for those who had seen the movie/heard the rest of the soundtrack. When you can relate to it and understand it after having heard everything before, it's 10 times as beautiful as it would be if you heard it alone.

The same is applied for the rest of the soundtrack. Hearing any one song alone simply isn't enough, so I featured a song that shows you the heights of talent, or what to expect from capable piano playing fingers.

Buy: CD | mp3

If you've seen the movie, the soundtrack will make you experience those lovely sounds again, along with your ordinary (by Morricone standards) film scores.

If you haven't seen the movie, do. It's great for music lovers, particularly piano and old-style Jazz lovers. Without sound the movie would be a lot less special, so just make sure you have a capable set of ears and find a way to watch Tim Roth sit at a piano and tell stories with Ennio Morricone's compositions.

It's great ear candy.
A while ago I mentioned how I found this song which lead me to a whole other album which I ended up writing about instead. It was a Motown Remixed album and it was great, it still featured Z-Trip, but in my opinion was nothing compared to what he did with today's song.

Motown Breakdown is nearly 9 minutes long and is an amazing display of talent by Z-Trip. You could say that all he's doing is a mix and match playlist if you like, but if you give it a good listen you see it to be much more. What starts out as an innocent display of classic Motown hits will soon turn into a strong statement in disguise.

Use of both the song titles and the chunks of song he uses can be important to that message, but once you're paying attention you'll be able to realize that on your own.

Give it a listen.

And the tracks used in the song, in order:

  • ABC - Jackson 5
  • My Girl - The Temptations
  • I Can't Get Next to You - The Temptations
  • I Heard It Through the Grapevine - Gladys Knight & The Pips
  • Motownphilly (12") - Boyz II Men
  • Papa Was a Rollin' Stone - The Temptations
  • Shotgun - Junior Walker & The All Stars
  • What's Going On - Marvin Gaye
  • War - Edwin Starr
  • Ball of Confusion - The Temptations
  • Stop! In the Name of Love - Diana Ross & The Supremes

I personally just find it amazing how he can take songs, put them together and switch up what they mean. Intense amounts of respect for the guy in addition to what I already had, just because I heard this a few extra times.

But you don't have to even get it to like it. It sounds like bits of Motown pieced together. That's enough for a lot of people. If you like it for whatever reason, you can have it!

That's right. Free download for Part 1 of The Motown Breakdown. The catch? Well the catch is that Z-Trip says he won't be making part 2 until Motown calls him. It still exists, just, in his mind.

Considering this was released years ago, we might never hear part 2, but if you've got a craving for Z-Trip you can download more free singles at his site, djztrip.com.
I wouldn't really consider myself a Primus fan. I'll listen to the band, but they never really got me intrigued at such a point where I decided to look up anything I could find on them.

Their most recent album however, is interesting to me. Maybe I just gave it a listen at the right time.

If you're scratching your head and wondering who Primus is, they're probably most well known for the South Park theme and for My Name is Mud.

As to be expected from Primus, today's song has some interesting bass-work and creepy southern-style lyrics, both of which we can thank Les Claypool for.

Er, give it a listen if you like. I'll warn though, if you think today's post might not be for you, it probably won't be.

Moron TV.

Then again, if you played it anyway, after a couple of listens it becomes bearable.

I can personally relate to the lyrics, but in my eyes they seem way darker than they should be. I suppose that's what they aimed for, though, and they did a pretty good job with it.

For others it may be too simple or just plain creepy. Those of you should avoid the album. Trust me.

Buy: CD | mp3

Now it's been quite a few years since I've heard any Primus, so the impact this album had on me was fresh. It came out recently too, so no one spoiled it for me. If you like Primus, stop reading now and don't let me spoil it. If you need more convincing, read on.

Listening to Green Naugahyde for the first time is like watching a believable horror flick. It's scary and you're not sure why, your ears will start to make you feel a little nervous and it's possible you'll just feel uncomfortable at some points throughout your listen.

That being said, suspenseful movies aren't for everyone and neither is this album. After the first few listens, the creep factors diminish , but the talent and lyrical messages strengthen. I'd tell you to listen to the album for the lyrical content alone, but the music is much too harsh for an average listener.

Sure, give it a shot if you can, there's some interesting views in there. But don't force yourself to like it either. The album comes off strong with it's demented carnival theme and too much of it will be very annoying.
Posts like these is why I love getting little treats in my email. Recently I was introduced to SFJAZZ Collective, a San Francisco based Jazz band that make amazing sounds happen.

Today's particular video is a Videosong produced by Jack Conte and it shows us more of what's going on than one would normally hope to see, top that off with the great music and we get an ear massage while the curious eyes feast.

It's a well made Stevie Wonder cover, but it might not be for you if you don't like jumbled Jazz sounds or if you're not a fan of the trumpet or trombone. However if you're like me and love those organized jumbled sounds and don't mind your brass instruments either, this will be worth it.

Give it a listen.

No alternate link today, sorry! | Buy

If you're not familiar with Stevie Wonder's original, give it a listen here. These  guys took a song and made it original Jazz. There's now two entirely different versions of one song and I don't have to fight over which one I like the most because, well, they're both great and they're both different. That's special.

This is also Jack Conte's second videosong with the group. If you want more, check out his first production, Superstition.

This exact version of Do I Do isn't really available anywhere for download, and I'm not sure it ever will be. If you'd like yourself something really similar though, there's a live version.

Buy:  mp3

Music Of Stevie Wonder And New Compositions: Live In New York 2011 - Season 8

If you were able to hear any Jazz in this post, you know what this album has to offer. It's live so expect them to outdo themselves. Definitely worth a listen, but you might wanna look into some of their older stuff before deciding on this one. There's a limited edition 3 CD box set only available through them that might be of your interest if you know what you're getting into.
I like leaving certain details for after the music starts playing, as to not spoil things for my readers or compromise thoughts. That'll be hard today, as the title alone is enough of a spoiler for those who aren't already acquainted with this side of Bob Marley.

Why? Well because it doesn't sound like him.

Judge Not was Bob's first ever single, before Bob Marley and The Wailers had formed. It's got a traditional Ska feel and Bob won't sound like what most of us are used to, he sang this at the young age of 16, before his voice had truly matured.

His age when this song was created is debated. It is unclear if the song was recorded in 1961 or 1962, however most sources will agree on 1961, including the compilation album Songs of Freedom.

If you're not a hardcore Bob Marley fan and hadn't heard his Ska stuff before, you'll be in for an awkward surprise. Of course, I'm softening that impact.

Give Judge Not a listen.

This classic Ska feel might not be for everyone, bu it does have some interesting things to take note of. Things like a chunk of Bob's philosophy at the time, spread across the lyrics. A train of thought created in youth that many recognize fully in his later work.

Something else I noticed was that Saxophone solo. The music world needs much more of those. It's a twist that the ears can really grow to love.

I'd love to tell you to go out and get the album if you enjoyed the song, but the truth is the singles released weren't a huge success. Thankfully, however, you can get the song elsewhere.

Buy: CD | mp3

Judge Not is the first song on the first section on Songs of Freedom. It'll come quickly followed by his second ever single One Cup of Coffee which you should check out of you liked Judge Not's sound. It even has a sax solo!

The  rest of the compilation album might be a bit much, for some. 78 songs can be a lot, even for some true fans. It doesn't mean it's not full of gems, and it doesn't mean it's not extremely popular. If you're feeling adventurous and haven't already checked it out, do. I can't say it's a bad listen.
One day my music taste is gonna land me a 9 month wait to a baby. Until then I'll spread the songs I know of and hope it happens to someone else first.

Thank me for your future bundle of joy later.

Today's baby making music is courtesy of Paulinho Moska, a Brazilian musician that dedicates to Rock. Despite it being classified as Rock, classic Bossa Nova tendencies seep through as you'll notice on Sonho Meu (My Dream, literally, or Dream of Mine, more accurately.).

The song will have a nice relaxing breeze to it along with an acoustic guitar to keep you well grounded. It's really easy to listen to and great for forgetting about stress.

Give it a shot.

The lyrics are basically a serenade towards his missing lover. For a more accurate description feel free to translate the lyrics for yourself. (Wow, that's lazy of me..)

If you'd like to hear more of Moska's soothing voice and romantic lyrics, well, you're not in the best luck but I still managed to find a way around that.

+ Novo de Novo (translated: + Young Again)

The album is fairly rare. If you can get your hands on it, buy it. Even if it's not for you, something so hard to find should make a great gift for someone in the future. Really.

If you're lucky enough to get yourself a copy, you'll enjoy some sweet sounds. If you're envious of those who have it, don't worry you can get a replacement.

If you'd like this and other Moska songs along with other soothing artists, just kick back and get yourself the Woman On Top Soundtrack. It's like a Best Of Moska (And A Few Other Artists Too), album.
Translated to Memories of Another World is a song by French Black Metal band, Alcest. This song however, as well as the album of the same name, is a lot less Black Metal than I expected.

It's definitely Metal of some sort with a twinge of Indie sound to it. I'd have to agree with the many sources that call it a mix of Shoegazing and Post-Metal.

Give it a listen and see if the guitar and vocals are to your liking.

If understanding lyrics is big for you, you can find a translation here. The last current comment seems to have the best translation for what is apparently a beautifully written song.

What might capture your attention is the soothing guitar work which comes closely followed by the "noise" guitar. A thick layer of riffs will go well accompanied by soft French vocals. If this doesn't suit you, don't move on to the album, this is their sound.

Eventually these two guitar styles will layer over one another. It sounds interesting and it works if you let it, but I can understand it not sitting right with some people.

Buy: CD | mp3

If you liked the song, you'll probably like the album. There are some warnings however. The songs will not run under 6 minutes long, I know some will get tired of them despite their attempt at straying away from monotony.

It also carries the same vibe throughout it until the end, which may not be for everyone. But that last song, Tir Nan Og, really ties the album together while showing the band in a completely different light. I'd say if you didn't like today's song choice, you should give that one a listen. It's a soothing song that goes easy on the ears.

I have to thank Bonjour Tristesse for suggesting today's song and band in the first place. It took me a while, but I got around to listening to an album that pleased me. If you liked either song today, or simply enjoy a good movie (and I can't imagine anyone who doesn't) check out the blog here.
Today we'll have a just chill track, Nightlite. The atmosphere is set by Bonobo, leaving a smooth electronic sound that you might not  be able to tell apart from a band. The best part is that if you see this song live, it'll be a band.

The cherry on top is Bajka's foreign, smooth sounding vocals that could be hard to pinpoint without knowing her background.

Give it a shot.


If it's too mellow for your taste, that's fine. There's a Drum and Bass remix by Zero that you might like. Be warned though, it's very different. Keeping only some bass and Bajka's vocals. If you're just not a fan of her vocals though, you can listen to both the DnB and Bonobo's original versions as instrumentals.

If you like the original though, you might wanna give the album a try.

Buy: CD | mp3

Days to Come is not an album for impatient ears. It's best left as something to leave on and drift with, great for setting a relaxed mood.

Four of the tracks feature Bajka's vocals, there's another vocal track that features Fink and everything else (over half the album) is instrumental. Don't let that scare you, though. Bonobo proves in the Intro that he's capable.

Some instrumental tracks are interesting to listen to alone, while others only work as part of the whole album. If taken apart they might seem more monotonous than they really are.

It really is just one big piece of audible beauty.
I thought I had already written about this song on some previous Liquid Tension post, but apparently I didn't. It's odd because this is probably my favorite different Liquid Tension song.

It's still a Jazz/Rock fusion as the band has become known for, but this particular track has a lot less rock and a lot more of that experimental Jazz stuff.

Give it a listen.

Let that sink in before you decide if you like it or not. Initially it sounds like it could be the end credits to a documentary on a rainforest. This is probably thanks to Jordan Rudess' mastering of what liquid tension would sound like, it works.

Now there's a fairly high chance the song doesn't completely do it for you. You might prefer a more ambient sound and maybe some better defined drum work. If that's the case you might enjoy the Vapourspace Remix which can be found on Rudess' Prime Cuts album. It's a nice listen.

Buy: CD | mp3

This is an interesting album that wasn't designed for just anyone's ears. It was made in a week and features a series of songs (or rather one very long song) where bassist Tony Levin threatened to just go home if they didn't start jamming in 3 minutes. And so they did and created a flat out wonderful piece of music divided into 5 songs.

If you liked today's song and don't mind a long listen, I recommend the album in it's entirety, especially for the 3 minute warning tracks I just mentioned.
Oh I got the Sunshine Award 2011 today, and I'm flattered and stuff. I like how it's 2011 unlike the previous one that I received.. in 2011. It has evolved, though, unlike last time(s) there's some specific questions and stuff.

The rules are:

1. Thank the person who gave you this award and write a post about it.

2. Answer the following questions:
Favourite Colour
Favourite Animal
Favourite Number
Favourite Drink
Facebook or Twitter
Your passion
Giving or getting presents
Favourite pattern
Favourite day
Favourite flowers

3. Pass it on to ten fabulous bloggers and send them a message to let them know.

Now, I think it's pretty rude to ASK someone to thank you, even though I know this is just a copy and paste. In all honesty for those of you I nominate, you can skip that and you can skip the award as a whole if you like. It's more difficult than it seems.

So first off,

thank you mydayinasentence! If you want to see what it's like to read up on someones life briefly, that blog is for you. Short, sweet, and sometimes funny. Check it out here.

  • Favorite Colour: Green
  • Favorite Animal: I think dogs, I'm an animal person, tough call for me.
  • Favorite Number: ... 4
  • Favorite Drink: I'm thinking Original Ginseng Up at the moment. So esspensive.
  • Facebook or Twitter: Eh. Facebook I guess.
  • Your passion: If you read this blog, you damn well better know.
  • Giving or getting presents: Giving. If I could give more often, I really would. Feels nice.
  • Favorite pattern: Uh.. psychological ones?
  • Favourite day: Monday, usually.
  • Favourite flowers: There's these white ones that smell really nice, but I don't know their name.
Passing this on to 10 bloggers.. The thing is, I don't like to promote the same blogger too consistently because my followers will already know them, and I have a few who will be getting some near future shout outs so this is harder.

My 10 picks in no specific order are:

  1. Mount Aenos A vocabulary building blog. Just join up, learn the words and use them on the weekly challenge to win a prize. Do it.
  2. My 2 Pesos A list if funny stuff. It can make me laugh, it deserves a spot.
  3. Nighttly Chatter with your Hasidic Plumber A nice, hilarious blog providing funny news and opinions by the Hasidic Plumber. I love it.
  4. The Reel Foto "A blog about good photography".
  5. Sub-Radar A kick ass blog music blog with a lot of underground electronic sounds. A lot of quality there.
  6. Peace Love and Troll You're pretty much guaranteed a laugh or your money back. Thank goodness it's free, but really, it makes you laugh.
  7. ...Almost Out of Ink is a blog with Sharpie-art. It's triptastically wonderful!
  8. Zombies Everywhere If you're NOT already following ZE, you should be. It's inevitable, just follow.
  9. GeekLife Interesting/geeky gadgets and do-dads. It's sweet.
  10. Drivebot A DJ. Cool guy, makes music playlists and lately even original stuff too. 
Now, I won't be telling each of these I awarded them, so make them feel special and give them their hard earned views instead. If you happen to have one of these blogs and see yourself here, well, you're welcome! It's all good, I don't expect anything in return so take it easy and enjoy a few new followers (I hope).

Find today's music post here.
Sadly, today's track is also known as "that one song Kid Cudi samples in The Prayer". Now, The Prayer is a pretty sweet song and everything, nice touch on Cudi's 'I'm ready for the funeral' lyric, but the success is mostly thanks to the original song with its melancholic guitar.

It'll turn into some form of Indie Pop Rock, leaving the lyrics to carry the song and decide if it's worth listening to or not. Check to see if they work for you.

The Funeral.

The vocals can either make it or break it here. Personally, I really like the guy's voice on this track, especially given the seemingly depressing lyrics and matching music, it really suits the song perfectly.

This song is Band of Horses' first ever single. If you already knew that, pat yourself on the back, fellow hipster buddy!

Buy: CD | mp3

You'll find the single on Everything All The Time, their first album.

I wouldn't say this is a bad album. It does however drag on a bit much for my taste. I'd trim some of the first few tracks off to keep from getting bored and to keep the sound refreshing as it can be. This is just my opinion, you might really enjoy those first tracks.

The sound is Indie Rock, much like in The Funeral but a bit more content. It's a pretty happy sounding album, and suits great for those days where you need some music just to keep you in a good mood.

This is really odd because that one Funeral song is quite the opposite sound. But the album works, that's what matters.
Today I'll post a cover of the Scooby Doo theme as done by a band that loved Scooby Doo so much, they named themselves after the classic exclamation. Jinkies!

Given their passion, you can expect them to put a little extra effort into the Ska cover. You might not entirely dig it if you don't like Ska or if by some miracle of a chance you dislike Scooby Doo. I'd like to think this type of person just doesn't exist however, so don't burst my bubble.

It will be upbeat and it will have a lot of trumpets in it.

Enjoy yourself some Scooby Dooby Doo!

Classic Scooby intro, Scooby vocals, nicely transitioned song. Definitely not a perfect song, but fits great in a happy moment, if I do say so myself.

The leading female vocals also seem to remind me a tiny little bit of the B52's. This opinion might be strengthened by the fact that the next song in the album is a Flintstones Cover.

Buy: CD

"SKAndalous: I've Gotcha Covered" is exactly what it sounds like it's gonna be, a Ska covers album. The whole thing might not be for everybody, but there's definitely a little something for all who give it a listen. You can find Classic Rock covers like the Black Sabbath - Paranoid cover, or maybe The Beatles' Ska-ized Come Together is more for you.

Alternatively you might want the more nostalgic classics like Secret Agent Man (which you might remember from Danger Man). The link to Johnny Rivers' James Bond-y goodness is right here. Enjoy.

And if you're just a complete badass like me, cough, you might find yourself enjoying some Ska Batman. (I have to mention Skatman. It's my inner immature teen, it needs to manifest itself.)

Of course, within a series covers you're bound to find bad covers. If you're really into certain bands you might get some turn offs. I know I did, but it's no real harm. Just a track to skip here and there. Not a perfect album, but definitely a fun listen.

If you like what's been presented, you should just give it a listen.
I want some nice smooth Jazz today, so let's get acquainted with Avishai Cohen, a fine Israeli Jazz bassist. Today's song will actually be a cover of a poem.

The original Hebrew poem was written by Shaul Tchernichovsky and composed by Tuvia Shlonsky. You can hear the poem fairly clearly here or the composition here.

Hearing either of those, you wouldn't be expecting what Avishai offers. A truly beautiful piece of work that just barely resembles its inspiration. Give it a listen.

I you're interested in the cycling art of Frank Patterson found in the above video, check out his website.

Note how smooth the song can be while holding a certain air of suspense at just the right moments. Easy going enough to doze off with, but intricate enough to keep certain ears intrigued.

Not a perfect piece, but that's Jazz, isn't it? If you like it initially but find it to drag on too much, you should still try yourself the album on for size.

Buy: CD | mp3

This is, in my opinion, a very beautiful album worth owning. It is far from boring but sometimes a little too complex for ears that aren't used to awkward Jazz sounds.

Still, the album varies enough while keeping things simple and delicate.

The three major components on this one are Sam Barsh's piano which could easily take the spotlight, Avishai Cohen's near perfect display of talent and Mark Guiliana's percussion/drumming, which is barely noticeable, but really helps things from going stale.

Honestly, if you like yourself some relaxing Jazz, I'd suggest giving it a listen. You might fall in love with the album.
Not even a week ago Kill The Noise surprised his fans with some Metalstep. What you'll find is a preview of a soon-to-be released track which remixes Five Finger Death Punch's most recent single.

Now it's not the first time I post about 5fdp, but this is a very different post to those last ones. KTN exploits the vocals and manages them as if it were from a generic Pop ballad. I love it.

Somehow, he even manages to make the song less angry.. with Dubstep! You can't imagine the shock I was in, really.

If you're not a fan of Metal (ish, in this case) or Dubstep, don't bother listening to it. Otherwise, enjoy Five Finger Death Punch - Under and Over It (Kill The Noise Remix).

Now as mentioned, this is based off the band's most recent single. The single is promotion for the album which hasn't even come out yet, but thanks to Kill The Noise, will have an eager set of Electro-listening ears as well as loyal fans to hype it up.

I personally am not looking forward to this album. I don't expect anything of it, which is for the best as it allows room for pleasant surprise.

You can hear the original single here, if you're interested. They've released worse singles, and it's just my opinion to believe this one feels so-so. They could do better if they really tried.

I guess they don't really have to, though. Oh well.
Pinkly Smooth, a rare gem in the Avant-Garde Metal scene. Only one album, thoughts on a second where being rumored but with the death of the main force in the band, Avenged Sevenfold's Jimmy Sullivan or "The Rev", we are left with what is and what could have been.

Pixel & Nasal is one of the lighter tracks, easier to digest for those who aren't used to a genre that might as well be titled Weird.

Give it a listen.

Making out the wharrgarbly lyrics would be a mistake. People have tried to understand the lyrics, I've decided that understanding the song in it's entirety is something similar to impossible. But go ahead, try. I won't mind.

I like to think the song is what Metal would've sounded like if it had begun to develop in the early 40's. At least until it gets to the end, at which point it's what it'd sound like if it had deeper southern roots. Odd as it may be, it can get pretty catchy.

Buy: CD

You can find the song on Unfortunate Snort. The first and only album released by the band. Expect something a bit harder to swallow for the album, but just as interesting.

At only 30 minutes it's hard to get bored of, but some might be left with a craving for just a bit more. Sadly it's unlikely to find anything outside of Avenged Sevenfold's grasp, turning it into a different genre entirely and potentially ruining the essence.

Synyster Gates, who was the guitarist for Pinkly Smooth as well as A7X, has stated in a Spanish magazine that he'd like to publish the unfinished remains of Pinkly Smooth. Let's not doubt that something will eventually come to light, yeah?
When I'm focusing on something with the hopes of exceeding expectations, I mentally hum Ennio Morricone's The Ecstacy of Gold. No, not Metallica's version, the original from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. It's actually proven to be quite the motivator and tends to result in things getting done.

Now sometimes the original version, stunning as it may be, won't quite fit with the situation I'd need it for. In these instances we might be able to use Yo-Yo Ma's version which starts of significantly darker and works it's way into the uplifting piece we all know. The chilling sounds of the cello suit the song perfectly.

Enjoy Yo-Yo Ma's take on The Ecstacy of Gold.

It doesn't take much to realize that the version wouldn't be as beautifully different if not for the rest of the orchestra, Ma's skill is only the spotlight in a sea of talent. Morricone's production tops it off.

Buy: CD | mp3

While not necessarily the best piece in the album, I'm sure that more of you can associate Morricone easiest to The Ecstacy of Gold. Consider 'Yo-Yo Ma Plays Ennio Morricone' a 'Some of Morricone's Best - Cello Version' and you'll know what you're getting into.

You'll find yourself getting reacquainted to some scores you might have heard before, and some you may not have. I know there's one set in the album I've been meaning to cover for quite a while now. I'll get on that soon.

Until I do, enjoy yourself Yo-Yo Ma's versions. They're beautifully composed alongside the great Ennio, it's worth a listen.
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