Cultura Profética - La Noche Vibra

I've been postponing this post for a really long time, and for a few reasons. The first reason being that a big part of the magic is in the lyrics, which are in Spanish and would be lost on most of you. The second most notable reason is that I was saving this post for a day when I saw the band live. Instead, I write this post as a little birthday present to myself.

And besides, it's not like most of you can understand the bulk of Reggae anyway, right?

Today's track is by Cultura Profética (Prophetic Culture) and places you in a beautiful scene. Translated, La Noche Vibra means The Night Vibrates. Right at the beginning of the song, the silk leading male vocals explain the scenario:

It's 6 in the afternoon
And the sky in the west stings
I look towards the east and to my surprise
A night approaches and conspires
For me to enjoy it sleepless

The chorus sings, to a rough translation "A little rest for the mind and walk", followed by details of where this "walk" leads. If you notice a change in accent, the translated line is sung by Alexandre Carlo from Brazilian Reggae band, Natiruts.

The female chorus are used subtly and perfectly to create a balance. Combined with some musical oddities in the Reggae world, you get something that's just a little different than would normally be expected of a Reggae piece.

The rest of the album follows through with little instrumental details that switch up from the expected sound. It's both refreshing and interesting to the ears.

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M.O.T.A. is their 2005 album and in my opinion is the peak of their talents to date. It was on this album that they dared make more notable differences to the genre. An accordion here, some fine piano playing there, changes in classic Reggae guitar riffs and some originality in the bass lines.

It's also an album that triggered a switch for the music I heard. It changed my perspective of what music should be (hopefully for the better) and allowed me to begin setting standards and views on the subject. I hold the album very close to my heart.

Today's song, though catchy in its own light, is also a lot truer to the genre than some others. Songs worth mentioning are Un Deseo (A Wish) for it's delicate flute-work, Yavida, an honest love/admiration song that shows in the music, Canto en la Prisión, a strongly written song (performed by the drummer!) about freedom with the catchiest riff on the album, and Desde mi Silla (From my Seat), a dreamy song that displays the full capacity of the lead's vocals.

I don't expect many to truly enjoy it. As I mentioned above, the lyrics are a large chunk of the magic. The recited poetry is hard to find with such a firm base. But just the same, if today's song caught your attention, it might be wise to look into the album. It's truly beautiful.
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  1. You're right this is unlike any Reggae I've heard! I think more reggae should sound like this! Its awesome!

  2. A great tune, it sounds strange to hear reggae sung in Spanish, I've not heard that before, but I suppose there must be reggae bands all over the world, singing in many different languages.

  3. Those songs are pretty nice they are also on yotuube

  4. @Baur
    I'm aware, I linked them. :)

  5. I can only wonder at how much I missed in those lyrics. Reading a translation just isn't the same.

  6. @Henry
    Yeah, I only translated the first line because it's a bit too much for the language barrier. The song in it's entirety is really deep and quite beautiful, but it all stems from that initial scenario.

  7. While we can't understand the lyrics, the music does transcend cultural barriers. I had a postdoc from Poland who didn't speak English until later in life, yet he listened to and was influenced by Western music. Those songs stayed with him all his life without understanding a single word. I listened to Un Deseo as well. The flute in that was an elegant touch. I must say that the Spanish language is poetic in nature. The syntax creates this. So much nicer than the English language when one wants to write with emotion.

  8. Is a Reggae that sounds different then most I heard, even if I can't understand a word.

  9. I haven't heard reggae in spanish before, where has this been all my life?

  10. Happy happy birthday d4!! Hope you have a great day :) today.

    Awesome post btw. You just love cultura profetica don't you?! ^_^

  11. Yea, it's not bad, really smooth. I'm not the hugest fan of raggae, but it sounds alright!

  12. Relaxing, be nice to hear in a restaurant or cafe.

  13. I don't like this band, but all my friends do!

  14. I love the 'chill' beat going on there. I'ts too bad i don't understand it though.

  15. i really liked that song, thanks for sharing it :D

  16. This is great!! Thank you for sharing and happy birthday!!


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