Deathmole - Ramona

Any other Questionable Content regular should be aware of the new Deathmole album. And of course, if you're not a QC regular, you should be. You're missing out.

For those who don't know, Deathmole (or Deathmøle) are a three piece Post Metal band composed of Marten Reed on the Guitar, Hannelore Ellicott-Chatham on the drums, and Amir Afridi on the bass guitar. It's also a fictional 3 piece band and it's played entirely by the mind behind QC, Jeph Jacques.

Today's track shows some genre bending. There's some excellent guitar work that's a bit more detailed than on your average Post Metal song. Sound layering and overall talent pull it through.

Give it a listen.

I hear this song and I remember the first time I heard a Deathmole track a few years ago. I remember downloading the free legal torrent directly from Jeph himself and pressing play for the first time. I wasn't really impressed, but it was decent music.

Now, years later I hear this. I feel bad for having neglected that Bandcamp page and am realizing that all those past faults have been smoothed away.

The album, much like today's song, will not feature an excess in monotony. It will feature a lot of talent, and unlike past recordings the volume won't fluctuate. It's a pretty good listen, actually.

Buy or Listen on Bandcamp

Named Meade's Army after what 'logically' must be General George Gordon Meade, you'll definitely see some civil war tendencies n the album. Songs like Volley Fire come to mind.

My favorite track is the last one, Sunrise July 3. In my opinion it's the most talented piece, but it's also the best song to finish the album off. If you're interested in this album at all, I'd give it a listen first and wait to get to the Sunrise. It'll be worth it.

The album is also more than fairly priced at just $5, but give the rest of the available albums a listen while you're there. There's 3 more currently, another for $5 and the other two for $1. It's all decent material too, check it out.
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  1. Blimey! That was loud! A great tune though.

  2. Not a bad track, a little too over the top at times for me though

  3. All instrumental! I love that and this guy composes, arranges and plays everything on there. Yes, this song was a bit monotonous, but I listened to Sunrise and was impressed with it. The opening keyboards remind me a bit of "No Quarter" and then the song kicks into high gear. Nice work.

  4. While I like Questionable Content I generally don't care for the music he shares.

  5. I love QC. I have the other Deathmole albums.

  6. I've tagged you in this random 11 question thing. link

  7. whoa, that was trippy! Post metal intro turns to mechanized technical metal...I dig it.

  8. I'm not typically a fan of metal, but this is actually pretty good. Probably because it's just instrumental and doesn't have any screaming interlaced. I'm not so much a fan of the screamo.


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