Oz Noy - Whole Tone Blues

Today's post was brought on by a recommendation. "He plays a mean guitar" they said. "He's original, you'll like him" they said. And while they were right, I think that maybe Oz Noy fell a bit under my expectations.

Now don't get me wrong, I do like the guy. He's got some great technical ability, and you can really tell that he's been working on his style since he was very young. I just think the music plays out a bit too commercial to be a Jazz I really enjoy.

Enjoy yourself a Rock-Blues-Jazz hybrid.

The above video is live, and for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it sounds better. The quality may not be the greatest, but this is definitely music that sounds better live as opposed to studio based.

But more importantly, there wasn't a studio version on Youtube or just about any other site aside from Myspace. Hence the Myspace link will take you to the studio version if you feel so inclined to give it a try.

Now here's the big difference I feel when it comes to live versus studio, it's that when you hear the studio version you hear how much the entire piece relies on his guitar. This isn't so bad, it's his album after all, but I don't think he focuses enough on the development of the other instruments.

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Twisted Blues Volume 1 has the same issue that all his prior releases have (to different extents) and that's that he decided to produce it all himself.

He's great at what he does, him and his guitar have a strong bond and you can hear that when you press play, but even when the other musicians are given a light to shine it's just not enough to make up for the generic feel the background music is gonna have.

All this being said, he does switch up his act a bit. Compare today's track with a smoother one, Light Blue. While you're at it, notice how great it all sounds when he shares his pieces with greats. I mean come on, Allen Toussaint. That's just delicious, I wish the album had that collaboration.

I wouldn't recommend the album to just anyone, but if you have a thing for guitar it'll definitely be worth a listen.
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  1. I've never listened to this, but I like it.

  2. Can really play great, not sure I liked it though, didn't seem as catchy as some of the others you've shown.

  3. I'm always respectful of a person can accomplish multiple shades of blues.

  4. Yeah, he can play, but there's nothing that has an his own signature on it. I can hear who he listened to, Stevie Ray Vaughn is definitely in there and so is Clapton, but he's no better than any other guy who plays regularly at clubs. And you're right, the lead instrument can't be more important than the band as a whole. To make a good composition that lead instrument has to take a back seat sometimes or it just gets repetitious. I'm lukewarm on this one.

  5. This sounds quite interesting. I should give this a listen when I can. :D

  6. We hear a lot of this style music at the bars in Austin

  7. this is nice! i like the fusion of music!

  8. It's not bad, and I do like the guitar, but if that outweighs every other instrument to the point that the music suffers as a whole, well, it's not really something I'd listen to. He's got talent, though.

  9. Pfft, myspace is not my place. I ain't goin' in there.

    I'd never considered listening to live vs studio for that instrument development kind of reason. Interesting.


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