Watsky & Mody with Mieka Pauley - Ghost Party (free)

It's been a while since I checked up on Watsky's rhyming talents. Somehow, even when I have time dedicated to listen and write about music, I didn't have time to check it out. This ended up being a good thing, as instead of one gem I found another.

George Watsky recently teamed up with Kush Mody to make sweet southern soaked music. I'm not normally one to to leap at the sounds of the Southern U.S., but Watsky and Mody got something unique through this.

Give it a listen.

Listen/Download at Bandcamp

This collaboration in its entirety is beautiful. First let's give Mary Doodles some more recognition! Her talents made for a video that perfectly blends with the lyric without getting too serious.

Next up we've got to say wonderful things about Mieka Pauley's beautiful voice and talents. The chorus in this song is all thanks to an earlier song of hers called We're All Gonna Die, and if you liked that you should give her a listen before I write about her.

But of course tying it all together is Mody with his great musical direction (when you read this, Kush, know that I like you) and to Watsky for better lyrics than I would've expected from him. That says a lot considering he's one of my current rhyming favorites, if not the favorite.

Free Download/Listen on Bandcamp

Even the album cover is a piece of art. No, seriously. Click it, enlarge, and appreciate how perfect those strokes are.

The EP has a series of youtube videos to go along with the release. The first is pretty much a full display of talent. The guitar, banjo and Watsky's voice all at their peek. Subtitles included. The song is called Mody on the Turnpike, and by the end of it you'll hear Kush himself explain that it's a 6 track Blue Grass, Folk Rock, Hip-Hop EP. Yeah.

The next three seem a bit more pro. We've got today's, a great piece with a take on death that's not cliche'd out of itself. We've got Man of Constant Sorrow, a totally revamped version of the classic American Folk song. And Mrs. Robinson, a song about liking older women. The best part is how well they pull it off.

There might be more in the future, follow Watsky's Youtube Channel to make sure.

All these tracks and a couple more are available for free download at the Bandcamp page. It was made for the fun of collaborating together and with other talented artists. Take advantage of it.

If, however, you want to show some support, the same page that gives you the free download will offer the opportunity to pay a reasonable amount for a bundle that includes the physical release of the CD, a T-shirt, a signed poster-- oh just check it out yourself. It might be worth it to you.
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  1. Wow this one was superbly done. Everything about it just went together great. My rhyming senses went through the roof, like the art too.

  2. Huh. I dunno. The long monologue didn't get me.

  3. I agree with Henry, he's got great flow, but I just couldn't care what he had to say. I will be looking up more of Mieka Pauley's work though. She does have a great voice.

  4. Watsky! I forgot all about this guy... I like the spoken word feel to this song, that girls voice is really good as well.

  5. The artwork is what made me stay. The lyric was so depressing and at this time in my life, I can't listen to anything that is negative. If it doesn't lift me up right now, I put it down. I have to. Vocals quality is good though.

  6. Thank you for helping me find this amazing music!

  7. I love the art in the video. Not the song so much.

  8. I really love the video, the sped up drawn things and the sad words that accompany them.

  9. She is the quality in that song, nothing wrong with the whole thing at all but she's good, real good....

  10. Now I want to sit and drink and draw.

  11. At first I thought meh this is ok...and then it got awesome
    "You never seen smoke rings until you've seen a Ghengis Khan hit the hookah" ...pure genius


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