Adrenaline Mob - Undaunted

Yesterday was the release of Adrenaline Mob's first full length album. I'd heard a few songs from last year's EP and had an idea of where they were going, but I had slightly higher hopes.

If you haven't heard of them yet and you like your hard rock, I won't kill it for your ears and just let you listen to the song. What's in store is some decent Hard Rock that might make you want to smash something.

Give it a shot.

I heard this right at the beginning and I thought it was a great way to start. Hopefully not the best track on the album but at this point it's got my attention and that's exactly what I wanted from it.

I was starting to get pumped too, this track was motivating enough. I'd already heard the next one as it's on the EP, but Psychosane continued to get me in the mood to jump up and while sporting a mean face. So far so good.

Now I'm not gonna say either of those songs are the best of the album, but after hearing the rest of Omertá I was a little disappointed.

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It's still a decent album, but after the first few songs it starts getting a little predictable, a little cheesy. I hoped otherwise, though. I hoped that the following song, Indifferent, was just the slow track on the album. That was followed by the album's actual slow track, All On The Line.

At this point I was hoping for a roller coaster effect. Starts off strong, slows down, then speeds back up into something I can really sink my teeth into. And I mean no offense to the first two songs, but they were just teasers to me. They were hope for something more, so I really needed that pick-me-up and it never came.

Now it's cool that a lot of review sites are saying the album is great and that what  they're doing is amazing, but I'm not a reviewer, I just write my opinion. My opinion for Omertá is that it's just a little too much like other Hard Rock albums.

I seriously think the only reason people are praising this is because of the all-star line-up. While I acknowledge that their talents are obvious here, I don't think their creations are all that stunning. It's a fun album, but it's not even trying to get me to listen twice.

By all means though, if you enjoyed any of the songs I linked to today you should give the album a chance. I just think it falls short.
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  1. I like this song because it's good old-fashioned heavy riffage and I can bang my head to it. I listened to All On The Line and I couldn't stomach it. It has that over-rated Bon Jovi type rock ballad sound to it. That said, I would still get the album and just skip that song.

    1. I think the album is still streaming for free on Aol Music, if you're interested in giving it a quick listen.

  2. Meh...I don't know. It reminds me of something and I can't place what and maybe that is why it isn't really speaking to me positively.

  3. They certainly woke me up this morning and while not bad it sounds like a lot of other hard rock bands but it was only one song...

  4. Not really my thing, but the cover is amazing.

  5. Not exactly my cup of tea but the album cover is pretty awesome!

  6. I've actually been in search of a good hard rock album to work out to and really get the adrenaline going while I'm lifting or kickboxing. Those first 2 songs fulfill that need, so I'll definitely check out the album, but I have a feeling I'm going to be disappointed. All On The Line - no me gusta.

    And while I wish I could take credit for it, there's a great line on the Youtube video for Indifferent that says, "I love how Adrenaline Mob named a song after how I feel about them." I think that pretty much sums it up.

  7. It's funny that if you had a greatest hits album it'd be the most eclectic one on the planet...actually the universe.

  8. Definitely a good workout song! Too bad you were disappointed about the rest of the album because this song does sound good to me.


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