Maria Gadú - Escudos

I was feeling for some sweet vocals. Nothing over the top, but no lack of talent either. I decided to go with Maria Gadú.

I always love featuring these fresh sounding Portuguese voices. Today's MPB track will smoothly work its way into your ears. It's got a certain type of soul in it, and the music is a mix between refreshing and modernized.

The Youtube link cuts off a few seconds early, so the main source today will be Grooveshark. If it doesn't work, check the Youtube link right under it!

Escudos by Maria Gadu on Grooveshark

Some of you might notice this is either based on/covering, a Red Hot Chili Peppers track. The original is Road Trippin, an excellent song if you haven't heard it before.

Maybe it's a bit over the top for you. Maybe you don't like versions that are missing an ending, and maybe you'd like to see how awesome Maria sounds live. Just her and her guitar on the same song. You might wanna check that out.

If you're looking for more along the lines of what you've just heard, maybe the album isn't the way to go. If you enjoy her voice though, go out of your way to find it.

Buy: CD | mp3

No exceptions on her voice, it's solid all throughout. She can hold a note just fine, and she can carry emotion through a song if necessary. Voice alone? Makes for a great listen.

The overall content to me is "interesting". By no means bad, but over half of the album has this slightly unnatural happy feel to it. Maybe it's not being able to perfectly understand the lyrics, but a lot of it had the same sound I'd expect from cheery kids' music. Though granted, with much better musical background.

There are exceptions though. Today's track and another of my favorites Altar Particular (a combination of Bossa Nova guitar and violin), but for the most part there's a bit of an extra happy sound that's just a little weird for me. Still very talented, but it's a sound that goes on for over half an album. If you can really enjoy Dona Cila, look into the album.
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  1. She's alright and as you said a little happy in her work....

  2. Nice smooth tune, I like it, even if I don't understand it?

  3. Pretty nice. She has a good voice.

  4. Singing in Portuguese gives the song a +1, but if you take that away, it's just an okay song for me.

  5. very very cool...talented vocalist

  6. Smooth and mellow. I do like her voice quite a bit and the song sounds a little g-funky which is also a good thing.

  7. I listened to Altar Paricular too and I like the happy sound. Makes me think of sitting on the patio eating olives, cheese and fresh bread while drinking wine with a smile on my face. Nice choice for a Monday I think.

  8. I liked the woodwind in the song. If that's what it was.

  9. Oh so very happy that I decided to listen now...made me all nice and calm before the storm that is the dayshift comes rumbling in here!

  10. the voice really is incredible! quite easy on the ears

  11. She got herself a very pretty voice. :D

  12. Doesn't 'Escudos' mean 'shields'? Beautiful voice, I could listen to her all day long. You've got some pretty interesting finds!

    1. Yeah, escudos means shields. I'm not ssure exactly how that plays out.

  13. Wow! This song is great! Mellow and lowkey but great! Its almost like you can tell the musicians are capable of more but they're holding back for the songs tone!


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