Ahab - The Hunt

A little while ago on one of my darker riff posts, Dylanthulhu let me know about these guys. An insinuated recommendation took place, and I eventually listened to an album.

What you get for today's track is 11 minutes worth of eerie "Funeral Doom Metal" that definitely isn't for everyone. You'll be able to tell by the 2 minute mark if it is or not.

Give it a try if you feel up to it.

Interesting as this may be, I was fortunate enough to listen to this at the perfect time. I had been through a long day, my stomach was giving me some problems, and I just wanted to lean back and feel a slice of world crumble. Almost poetically, Ahab delivered.

There were still some moments that creep my ears out, but most notably is Of the Monstrous Pictures of Whales, which pretty much sounds like the musical version of a whale dying. Just.. great.

And if it hasn't reached you yet, this will be found on an album that will be more enjoyed by Moby Dick fans. Many will still be able to enjoy it, but it's all a concept album based on Herman Melville's novel.

Buy: CD | mp3

The album, The Call of the Wretched Sea, is the first step. I'll talk about the second some other day, but for now all that matters is this. An hours worth of Funeral Doom Metal based off a classic tale.

I don't expect many to fall in love with the efforts put into this album. I'm not even sure I would've liked it if not for that mood, but it's pretty well done. It's not easy to make a 10 minute song interesting with this mix of genres.

If The Hunt proves to be worthy of your time, I'd recommend giving the rest of the album a listen. If an hour's too much for you, maybe just listening to their second EP The Oath will do the trick.
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  1. I can only handle my suuuuuper slow doom stuff like this in small doses but I still dig it! The power of the riff compels me.

  2. interesting, but definitely not my thing

  3. Beautiful track. 11 minutes is the perfect amount. Thanks Dylanthulhu!

  4. Dylanthulu always has the most interesting tunes picks!

  5. I must have been in the mood for this today because it seemed to scratch an itch.

  6. I could listen to this until I die.

  7. I quite liked that haunting riff up until the first minute, then the devil chanting started, very spooky!!


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