Jorge Drexler - La Trama y el Desenlace

Well known and appreciated in the Latin-American community is Jorge Drexler. The Uruguayan won an Oscar in 2004 for composing Al Otro Lado del Río from The Motorcycle Diaries, and has been more widely known and respected since then.

Something he hasn't changed much is his simple style. He likes the sound of his guitar, and he makes sure his voice floats right over it, but I think that just the same he's managed to greatly improve the quality of his overall sound.

Give him a try.

Translated to "The Plot and Outcome", the song is essentially, in a romantic sense (and he repeats this several times) loving the plot more than the outcome.

You can hear this without understanding or paying attention to the lyrics. The melancholic harmonica against the more cheerful guitar, all accompanied by the wind instruments. It's really excellently done.

If you enjoy the sounds, you should look into the rest of the album, Amar la Trama (Loving the Plot).

Album art for Drexler's 2010 release
Buy: CD | mp3

For the most part the album is about as simple and easy to listen to as today's track, but there are a few songs here and there that are more vocal based. Some examples could be La Nieve en la Bola de Nieve (The Snow in the Snowball) or Aquiles Por Su Talón es Aquiles (Aquiles By His Heel is Aquiles).

Just the same he can switch up and let the voice take the second role, a bit like today's track but more like Mundo Abisal (Nether World).

Overall a decent listen. I'm sure by the time the next album is released the quality will increase, he's done a great job of it so far. Until then, this album is gonna get its fair share of my ear.
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  1. thats a pretty relaxing tune, i enjoyed it a lot :)

  2. Love this. Great music to fall in love to.

  3. This is your wheelhouse. I love these acoustical slow burn songs.

  4. So easy on the ears! Quite soothing but it doesn't put you to sleep like that bed might imply.

  5. This song fits exactly to my mood now. Very relaxing.

  6. i first heard of this guy from the mentioned The Motorcycle Diaries. thanks for reintroducing me to his music. :)

  7. I enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would. Makes me wish I'd know Spanish so I could fully enjoy the lyrics. I'll send some of these to the wife and have her enjoy them for me, I guess. :(

    Also, Blogger said that we weren't following you... wtf? Fixed that. I'd been wondering why you weren't showing in our blog roll lately.

    1. His music uses complicated words but he says simple things. Good place to learn some more advanced Spanish actually.

      And I've kinda figured. I have to find another way to alert of my updates. Thanks for letting me know though!

  8. Woah, didn't expect it to be that good. Not knowing the fact that it was written for such a movie, it woke up my inner need to dream about travelling. I love when music drives me to such thoughts.
    You have a thing for spanish music, eh?
    I'm in love with the language, planning to start learning this year. Don't know much spanish-singing artists yet, the only one I am familiar with quite well is El Guincho.


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