Pantera - Piss (Previously Unreleased)

I woke up this morning, smiled with the rising sun, started making some breakfast and got online. It took me all of a few minutes to find out that just today, a previously unreleased Pantera track has officially been released.

From that moment on, headbangs. Lots of them; way too many. The initial excitement was enough to trick my body into thinking my back was a part of my head and should henceforth bend as well.

But I'm not trying to oversell it, that was excitements fault. The song is about as good as your average kick-ass-and-chew-bubble-gum Pantera-y goodness can get.

Give it a listen.

I can't really talk about this track without doing it injustice. An easy way to sum up a B-side unreleased Pantera track is to know that you can't underestimate Dimebag. If you understand, you can just skip the next few paragraphs.

I really like the changes they go through here. It starts off upbeat, short with impressive guitar skills right off the bat before charging you in with those heavy riffs. From there it doesn't even matter what they do, that transition fuels awkward head movements for hours.

Oh, and once you get past the feeling of the final unreleased Pantera track, once you start paying closer attention to the lyrics, and once you feel the anger surge through your veins, you'll realize how bad ass it would be to chant along.

And then that just falls apart.

Pantera's previously unreleased "Piss". The lost track from Vulgar Display of Power.

The single has been put up for sale as an mp3. I would've thought to put it up on vinyl too, for the extremely hardcore fans. That is of course a decently expensive idea for a single 4 minute track, so I understand.

Now if the song alone isn't good enough for you, make sure you get yourself Vulgar Display of Power. Piss was recorded during the make of it, and fits in quite snugly with all those amazing tracks. If you need to refresh your memories, think Walk, or This Love. Oh yes.

Patience however will pay off quite nicely. Come May 15th 2012 the 20th anniversary Deluxe Edition of Vulgar Display of Power will be released on a DVD/CD bundle, and it will include the lost track. If you can stand the wait, pre-order it.
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  1. The slow motion face punching is entertaining. Glad they're releasing it now cuz it's not a bad track!

  2. I was enjoying this until the bloke started shouting...sorry!!!

  3. Dammit, metal isn't supposed to make you cry. RIP Dimebag.

  4. Even if initially people pick the track apart, at the end of the day it's a new Pantera song and we'll be glad to have it. It's been 20 years, 20 years!! Oh God, I feel old.

  5. Eh, I really don't think this is my cup of tea.

  6. Pretty much as heavy as I expected it to be... nice.

    RIP D.D.

  7. Good video and intro, I have liked then since I first heard "Walk".

  8. Well hell, I'm awake now. lol.

  9. YESSSSS. So good to hear new music from my old Pantera homies! I mean, Dime and Vinnie were already sucking ass with Damageplan or whatever before the tragedy, so my final memories of them are that of mediocrity. This song, although not amazing, is still NEW PANTERA! Love Vinnie's use of the bell/ride cymbal doing the double bass part. And Dime, such epic cave man crunch in his riffs! That's the Dime I remember and miss oh sooo much. Hell, Phil's voice is still amazing here to. Awesome post. Awesome track. Awesomeness.

    1. I figured you'd like this post.

  10. Hell yeah! Hot tatooed chicks, headbanging, epic bearded guys, more headbanging, sledgehammer action, slowmo face punching, even more HEADBANGING and a bit violent dancing.
    And the music. I don't have the words to describe the amount of awesomenes in this song. \m/

  11. Ehhh.... Yeah.... Not for me. :P

  12. It's songs like this that make me regret having all my hair chopped off...

  13. Thanks for sharing this D4, I don't think I would have heard it otherwise and I really enjoyed it :D The slow motion face punches were way too amusing. ^_^

  14. i have a sudden urge to dye my hair and get some tats. and also smash things

  15. I never thought I'd hear new Pantera. Not my favorite song of theirs, but still a good, solid track. Now... to go punch someone or something, or put my head through a wall...

  16. I was going to say you can't go wrong with Pantera but yes, yes you can. Not this time, though. Solid track but it makes me want to listen to some old school Metallica for some reason. Glad you posted it.


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