Russ Chimes - Tonic / Helix EP

It's been a while since I've gotten myself the chance to listen to Russ Chimes, and maybe that while was for the best. I don't think anything he does can top his Midnight Club Trilogy, so just maybe it was actually a good thing that I lost all contact with his music for far too many months.

Today's pair of songs wouldn't exactly amount to the talent and work put into the previously mentioned trilogy, but it's a different direction. There's more funk in his Electro House, and it pleases me.

If you're not sure you're gonna be into the sounds, it might be in your best interest to just check the teaser out. A quick summary of what's in store will come and go in less than 2 minutes.

Otherwise, let's give Tonic a listen.

The first track is probably the catchiest here. It's got a few nods in Disco's direction at the beginning, before fading into something even easier to dance to. The track is a crowd pleaser without going too far.

It switches up a bit later, it's not too monotonous. But it's just meant to be a fun track, and I'd say it succeeds.

Next up is Helix. It's probably more captivating initially, but it's also a bit more repetitive. It's decent for those live moments, right after a strong hitting song, where people want a break just to appreciate the next song better.

It's still a good track, it's got a lot of catchy moments in it, it's just a little too much for me. Don't let my judgement sway you too much.

Album art for the Russ Chimes' Tonic / Helix EP

I was slightly disappointed that it was only two tracks long. No fancy remixes, no extra tracks, it's like the good old days when a single was a single with nothing more than a B side. If not for that, I wouldn't be pleased at all right now.

Right now it's just filler music, but if you like what you've heard you might want to look into his Soundcloud or Facebook pages to expand your Russ Chimes library.
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  1. I can dance to this! so funky and groovy. Been loving this electronic you've been posting lately :)

  2. That first song swept me away and I felt like I was young again and dancing in a club! Great song!
    Second song was funkyer and more alive but I prefered the first song cause it has something to it that just makes it great!!

  3. These don't do it for me and I think it's because the pitch is so high on the keyboards and there isn't enough low tones underneath it for balance. I've come to appreciate electronic music since following you, but I still am not really conversant in it. Of the two tracks, I like the second one better because the drum track had a good groove.

    1. Yeah, I agree. There's some details that could make it a much better track, but I'll still keep looking at it as pretty good filler. Good for moments when listening to a lot of electronic music and you need something not terrible and not amazing to hold you for a few minutes. At least, for me.

  4. They weren't bad but couldn't do a full album in one sitting, Helix was the better of the two for me!

    1. Yeah, I think that's why it's an EP. I'll be a little surprised if he ever works it into an album.

  5. Its never a bad time for a little funk in the morning! :D

  6. I liked the first one too. I can definitely see myself dancing to it and also recommended him to my son. Thank you.


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