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Menomena is one of those bands I should listen to more often. They're not that stunning band that always comes back with a twist strong enough to gut you, but they're pretty consistent with their quality. They do what they do and it sounds good just because it's them.

Yesterday I took the time to listen to their newest release. I wasn't expecting to be disappointed, and I wasn't. The talent is strong, especially on the lyrics. It's when the music quality catches you off guard that made me fall in love with the release.

One of my favorite tracks on the album is Skintercourse. I find the strings overall to be solid, tie that together with the solid lyrics and you get something special. Give it a listen.

The lyrics start strong, cliche as they may be, but they're well displayed. They don't go into the sappy teenage niche like they easily could have. Follow that with the increasing volume of the strings for a complete sound.

The emotion in the vocals is also impressive if you manage to notice. He sounds sad at first, but that goes hidden with the music. Considering what they're talking about is usually a hidden emotion, I thought it was a clever way of expressing something honest.

The song stands on its own. I find it well rounded, catchy, but not too Indie either. It's upbeat but not Pop-y, deep but not cheesy, and talented but not overdone. Which is exactly what I found the album to be.

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The song above is one of my favorites on their recent Moms LP, but just about every track has its spark. Depending on the listener, there's songs with stronger lyrics, stronger subjects, or a slightly different musical focus.

Honestly, after hearing the first track, Plumage, I was expecting an entirely different experience. It just started sounding like one of those albums where you only listen to a selection of the tracks, and that's just not the case.

Sure, some songs are a bit weaker depending on your musical standpoint, but unless you dislike their voices, the simplicity of their music, or just this kind of Rock, the album will definitely be worth a listen.

I think it best sets a working mood, most of the songs are upbeat, but often serious. They don't need to be too happy but they can also be serious. All except for the last track which sounds sad, but that 10 minute masterpiece ties the whole thing together and makes it a recognizable album. For me, anyway.

If you're curious, Barsuk Records have been kind enough to stream the whole album for free on Soundcloud. Give that a listen.
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  1. I didn't think I was going to like it but damnit I did, I agree completely with you about those lyrics, love them.

  2. it sounds like such a happy song. :)

  3. Listenable, but didn't fully capture my attention. I will check out the rest to see if it grows on me.

  4. I like the percussion and that bass line that comes into the foreground right before the finger snapping begins. Then the piano lines show up and it gets really interesting. The vocal style is a bit poppy, but the musical change ups offset that well enough to make it more than that. All in all a good listen.

  5. It took me a while to comment on this because I wanted to listen to the full thing, and it really grew on me. I could definitely listen to this album from beginning to end. Hell, I already did. I might just add this to my collection.

    1. Really glad you could get the most out of it

  6. It was the finger snapping that added to the song for me. I don't know, but it made the tone of the lyrics more happy - does that even make sense? It does to me LOL

    1. It does, it does. It's the details that finish a song :)

  7. I can see me listening to this more and more.

  8. Those kind of tunes that seems to get stuck all day in your head


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