Rodrigo y Gabriela - Live: Manchester and Dublin

Yesterday was one of those days where I needed rest. I think everyone can relate to not being able to tolerate a simple House thump, or any percussion if it's too strong. I stepped away from my usual audio love, and headed somewhere with nice acoustics playing in the background.

Now, suddenly relaxing, I heard this amazing cover of Metallica's One. I heard that amazing technique and figured these guys sounded a lot like Rodrigo and Gabriela, but "since I've heard all their albums, it can't be them."

Previously I'd heard all of the guitar duo's studio albums.. so when I found this little live recorded gem I rejoiced. The Metallica fans should enjoy this one, as well as anyone who can admire a good acoustic guitar.

Enjoy One/Take Five.

Now there's the initial beauty of the acoustics, but when you realize the detail put into making this sound the way it should, complicated, tragic, and beautiful, that's when you start appreciating what they've been doing.

It's hard enough for anyone to cover the song. It's doable, but usually forgettable. And these guys using only their guitars managed to grasp the melodic, as well as the darkness and the stress.

And of course, since it's live, they somehow slipped Paul Desmond's Take Five in there. The audience laughs, but they soon realize its genius.

Of course, if you don't like the Jazz excerpt, at the end of the album there's a lovely version with violins and sweet vocals.

Album cover/art
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Hearing them Live at Manchester and Dublin has only strengthened my wish to see these two perform in person some day. It's already too late for something like this though, they have enough of their own top notch music and don't need to borrow riffs.

The album is really fun for Metallica fans. The more hardcore the better, because there's some pretty obscure references. As long as you get them though, on your way through the listen there will be several aha! moments. It's interesting.

Even though half the album is full of those references, there's also a few nods towards some Tango, Brazilian, and some future songs that still hadn't been completely developed. It's extremely interest for the Rod y Gab fans as a whole.

The first half of the album was recorded in Manchester and has a more active and playful audience, but the second half from Dublin is where the violins kick in. They don't need them, but they make the entire listen quite tolerable. Much easier to down than just constant Metallica mentions and guitars.
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  1. I love these two usually but after seeing this I now love them a whole lot more man, this actually blew me away how they took Metallica's version and made something as beautiful as this. These guys are a real talent and I'm gutted that I never had the chance to check them out when they played over in Belfast with the Foo Fighters last month.

  2. I listened to it while Ray was playing it, stunning!!!!!

  3. These two put on such a great live show. Can't ever get enough of them.

  4. It was pretty nice. Both are talented people.

  5. I freaking love this! One is quite possibly my favorite song of all time and this is a great cover.


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