Te Calláz - ¡¿?!

A few days ago I got an email from a Ciclo fan, urging me to check out this other sweet Nicaraguan Post-Rock/Jazz band. The description alone really intrigued me, and after giving them a listen I realized this is a whole other level to Post Rock.

The Jazz influence might shoot over some people's heads, but it's the progression and experimental sides of it that make them a band worth hearing.

Today's track should show off the extent of the talent and style of the album pretty well. give Faquir a listen.

Faquir by Te Calláz on Grooveshark
Buy/Stream @ thesixtyone

What we have here is a good vibe. It's a near jam session with a common goal, a basic idea behind it that leads it through the end.

It might get a little repetitive at times, but you have to realize the song wasn't meant to be heard alone. Even with the repetitions, there's enough detail going on to entertain those ears. You'll see.

Now this is not my favorite track, but having a favorite track is difficult when the songs blend into each other so well. Dismantling the album to provide you a single song feels wrong. If you are interested, trust me when I say the album will be a more rewarding experience.

Stream/Buy @ thesixtyone
'¡¿?!' is one of those albums that help my ongoing restoration of faith in modern day music. It's only a few years old, and it shows promise. It's talent, originality, and chemistry between a band.

It starts off with a short track, some guitar licks, well played and well done. Unless you really try, you don't even notice when that turns into the second track, the above Faquir. From then on we go through a string of vibes, ultimately getting darker and darker while maintaining its quality musicianship.

Its even got some of that amazing spaciousness going on that so many bands back in the 70's pioneered, granted with a modern twist. I'm sure the classics would be proud of what these guys have done.

The last track shows the spacey vibe off the best. I do not encourage skipping ahead to said track. It's 9 minutes long, and best tolerated after hearing and understanding the entire track list preceding it.

It's a great album, give it a listen at the stream above if Faquir intrigued you. Or if the link isn't working well for you, here's one for Grooveshark. Just in case.
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  1. I really like this man. Jazz can be a little hit or miss for me despite the fact that I would class myself as a definite Jazz fan, this is great.

  2. This is excellent, had me tappin my feet!!!

  3. Kinda spooks me out in the beginning

  4. It was quite disconcordant. I'm not sure where I stand with this song.


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