Early yesterday morning I gave OVERWERK's new EP a listen. I've given it about 7 more since then, and I'm pretty sure I'm happy with the purchase too.

What we've got right here is quality party-starting Electro House that knows not to step over the line and go wild, but still tries shoving you onto a dance floor after a minute or two.

Give a track a listen.

It starts kinda slow and repetitive, but this guy knows his stuff and makes sure he produces something of substance. You don't need strobe lights or an altered state of mind to enjoy this, all you need to do is feel the music.

Then we've got little details like the chopped and mixed vocals, the keys, and sweet progression that tells me this guy could work an orchestra if he felt like it.

The album follows through with similar talent. To be honest, this isn't even my favorite track, it just shows what to expect.

Stream/Download @ Bandcamp
Pay what you want/can for this little gem, even if that means downloading it for free on the above link. There's not a single remix, but the download includes wallpapers, iPhone ringtones, as well as all 6 individual tracks in the format of your preference.

My favorite track is Night Shift, give that one a listen and you'll hear timing and excellent production quality. That track alone would've been good enough for an EP, but he gave us 5 more.

If you liked today's song, the least you can do is give the EP a listen. If Bandcamp gives you trouble, make sure to check it out on Soundcloud instead. Enjoy.
When thinking back to see what could soothe my instrumental Reggae mood, I remembered that 10 Ft. Ganja Plant had released an album this year. I'm happy as I write this, so I'd say the mood was definitely satisfied.

What you get are seemingly old-school sounds with incredibly happy vibes. To some, more than a few songs would be too much, so give at least today's track a listen and make your mind up about the album later.

Instantly we get hit by such an overwhelming amount of origin sounds that it takes a couple of listens to really get the whole feel, but after a few seconds of evening out and setting itself straight we're left to admire the piece.

The bass is bold, the guitar is playful, and that tropic feel is bound to make anyone forget that half the world is starting to freeze up.

The organ really plays a huge part in this particular song's development. It's what keeps the song from getting boring, adds some spice to the mix. If you don't really like it though, just give any other track on the album a listen.

Buy: CD | mp3 | Vinyl
If you like yourself some smooth, happy Reggae, without the modern electronic effects, this album might suit you. But then, so might all of their previous albums (stream em!) What you can be sure this one has is consistency and a nice running time.

Honestly, some of these tracks could sound better to me with minimal vocal effort. A simple rhyme here, a deep thought there, even a well placed animal sound could kick a song up a notch.

From where the album stands to an extra notch isn't that much of a difference, though. I still definitely recommend the album if you've got a yearning for instrumental Reggae.
About a week ago I had Niño personally send me an email with his work. Now, humbly dedicating a portion of my time to writing about music, I did my duty and listened to his album before informing him it would be a less than flattering post.

If Hip-Hop's not your thing to begin with, step away from today's post. Otherwise, give him a listen for yourself and see what he's got to offer.

I'm featuring this song because it's tracks like these that give Hip-Hop life for me. At least as far as the story goes. It's real talk about his life, the way things go. It's a portal into someone's life and puts you in those shoes.

Now of course, there's also quite a few flaws, and most of them make it into the rest of the album.

Free Download
So there's maybe one or two other songs on there similar to today's. The beats have got a 50/50 hit-or-miss ratio, but we all know beats isn't what rapping is about. A good rapper can make a terrible beat shine. And we've got the vocals.

Now with the vocals I'm a little rough. His style sounds a lot like older Hip-Hop, but the older stuff usually had a better lyric origin. I think he's missing a larger arsenal of words/metaphors, and depth.

Because there's songs that might sound nice, but have the depth of Lindsey Lohan's crack pipe (Nikes & Backpacks).

To top the worst off, there's the occasional immature reference, or entire song (Skratch Rock) and he's got a wonky little laugh going on that reminds me all too much of Lil Wayne to enjoy. But those are just matters of preference.

If today's track suits you well, and you're looking for more, you can check the stream out at his website, or the Youtube playlist. Enjoy.
I was listening to someone's Pandora station the other day, and I heard this lovely little Gorillaz cover by some artist out there. Truth is, I've no idea if today's find is the cover I'd heard, but I was extremely pleased with this one when I gave it a listen.

It's performed by Skye, who's probably better known for her founding role in Morcheeba. If you know the band and her voice, you'll have a decent idea of where this is going.

Give it a listen.

Listen @ Myspace

It's hard to cover a good song and expect to get away with it. Personally, I think she does a great job of it, but I'm sure there's people out there who just can't look beyond the genius of the original. And that's okay.

For the rest of us, we get silky vocals over a new spin that suits the song all too well. She definitely makes it her own and glides it through our ears.

The problem for me is the music in the background being a little stiff when they get too into it. Not a big deal. What is a big deal is how difficult it is to acquire the song.

The cover was first published on a Live at KCRW EP in 2006, that was later followed by an official single release (today's track) with a live version of Stop Complaining in 2007.

Neither of these can be bought.

I mean I'm sure if you try hard enough and maybe contact her personally you can get your hands on it, but otherwise we're left to shadier methods. Which are surprisingly simple for this track. Just saying.

If you're looking for more though, and are already familiar enough with Morcheeba, you might want to look into some of her studio albums. It's a sweet, soothing voice.
Stumbled across this sweet Indie band on my email yesterday, gave them a well deserved listen and let them brighten my day up.

The sound probably plays a little too close to the general genre guidelines, but they have enough talent and spark to pull it off. A catchy riff here, some well versed vocals there.

Give them a listen.

If the player is giving you trouble, here's a direct link, or a Bandcamp one. One of them is bound to work as neither of them are supposed to restrict IP addresses.

This one is my favorite track. It's got a nice tumbling bass groove to it, and some more obvious psychedelic influences going on. You can hear the layers of sounds, but they're much more obvious than on a lot of the other tracks.

Then we've got the spaced out vocals, and a pretty simple percussion and we start to see genre similarities. I can hear the talent clear enough to let that all slide, and enjoy the album.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
On the above Bandcamp link you'll find that Fierce Creatures are actually happy, snuggle-worthy folk, as well as the option to buy their digital files/CD's/vinyls. And if you can't stream it there for whatever reason, there's also a complete Soundcloud stream you can check out.

And really, as soon as you start the album you're hit by so much warmth and happiness that their name and album cover stop making sense all together. It's when you get to the depth of the lyrics that things start to darken.

The sound isn't the most unique, but I still recommend it for the general Indie lover. I'm not sure I'd go for the purchase, but the stream was definitely nice.
I was surfing my social mediums yesterday when I came across this. Pinn Panelle's latest release. Now I was there during their booming moments, and I saw what they were capable of and what they had done, so I was really curious to see what this single would bring.

Today's track is a giant leap of change in their sound, and I'd say it's for the best too. It was unexpected and well driven, which is something you're gonna need if you're starting new genre movements.

Give the track a listen.

Stream/Download @ Bandcamp

Initially I was really into the sound. It's like the pre-'Black Holes' Muse got really into the current EDM fad and made magic happen.

But then I started really listening. Now, I still like the song, but I find the lyrics just a little flawed. The end of the hook could use better wording, it just sounds like it could be a bit more thought out. Regardless, I find myself singing it back to myself on repeat way after the song's finished.

Then we've got the actual message, which is vengeful and a lot of the rhymes are kinda easy, but I appreciate how catchy they are while straying from cliche.

Stream/Download @ Bandcamp
Even the album cover reminds me a little bit of Muse, which along with the rest of the song really makes me wonder where these guys are heading. I'm sure they're going to delve deeper into their own sound, but hearing possible influences is a great way to get to know a band.

I'm also curious to see where the new sound will land them. If there's many more songs like these, I'd absolutely love to check them out at an EDC or other mega Electronic music event. The album will be out soon, and I'll be writing a post soon after it is, keep an eye open!

The single is up for download at any price you wish to pay up on the above Bandcamp link, but if you're gonna freeload you might as well show some support and get it via email subscription exchange at their website. I'm positive they appreciate it.
I'm a fan of old R&B, the stuff with soul and and voice and real instruments. I'm not usually much a fan of the newer 90's inspired sound.

Which is why it was really odd when I ended up really enjoying today's little EP by Will Downing. It still has a bit of that 90's feel, but it's just right and it suits his voice pretty well.

Give him a listen.

You can hear it right from the start, the canned percussion, the thick bass line, and the suave backing instruments. It's a cliche sound done well, and I appreciate it.

The lyrics aren't too amazing, but the smooth voice really pops the song out. His voice doesn't reach its fullest capacity just yet, which is possibly the tracks worst fault.

After this one everything evens out a bit more. The instruments smooth out and the vocal ranges stretch quite nicely over the effects.

Buy: CD | mp3
It's a 4 track long mood starter, and given the right light and a few glasses of wine, it could sure start a mood.

It's not like we're talking greats here, the guy has a great voice and the chemistry between the listener and his voice is well formed, but this is more of an appetizer listen. So the length and the feel of it fit perfectly.

It does get a bit smoother and better phrased than today's Here I Go, so if that track sparked some interest be sure to head over to the free stream on Myspace. It's a worthy listen.

If after that you're still looking for more, Tomorrow is the third in a series. Check out Yesterday and Today.
For those of you unfamiliar with today's band, we'll be delving into Progressive Metal leaning heavily on Technical Death Metal. This means it might be a little difficult for some of you to stomach.

There will be heavy riffs, loud drumming, and screaming vocals. If these are turn-offs, find yourself something a little easier to handle instead.

For those of you still here, today's track will show off the more Prog side the band's been developing. It should be different to what the average fan expects, but anyone who really loves them should know by now. The album's been out for a month; after all!

Give Melting City a listen.

Yes, it's "long". Or at least, it's 6 minutes longer than the average song on here. Some of you might realize it starts abruptly too, and that'd be because this track is just a continuation of the one before it. It's beautiful.

It starts off heavy enough, and it doesn't take long from there to find the screams. They're harsh and well spat, and if you try hard enough you can even understand what he's saying.

All you need to see the general sides of their sound for the album are 3 minutes, but it takes a bit more than 7 to see the magic. The odd times, the musical adaptation to those, and the changes in genre.

Buy: CD | mp3 | Vinyl
To me, this is just gonna have to be one of those albums that would sound better live. Now don't get me wrong here, the production quality is great, as is the fluidity of each track and even the overall balance of sounds on the album. The problem for me is that there's too much.

The Prog sound is very harsh, often switching from its Death Metal side to a softer 70's Prog sound in just a couple of seconds. It's a great effect most likely pulled off by the Technical Metal side of things, but after an hour it starts to get a little old.

I still definitely recommend the album. It's a little creepy, and played at the right time it might have a perfect effect on the ears. I just think it's a bit long, but still couldn't dream of trimming it 20 minutes without changing the feel of the album. It's flawed, but it works.
Some of you might remember these guys from an earlier post, and if you're looking for a freebie you should check that one out. Right now though, with this EP, what we're looking at is a general makeover.

The production quality is much better, as is the musicianship and band synchronization. The resulting sound is a well balanced Punk Rock with a Spanish tongue. Not for everyone, but try it out anyway.

The first few seconds are instantly loud and chaotic, it takes less than 20 seconds for the bass to be heard properly, and after a few angry lyrics you even get a quick guitar solo.

It's the progression that really sets the song up for me. The lyrics are well written if you can understand them, but the truth is it's got all the elements an opening track should have.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
A simple EP with 6 short songs, about half of them focus on some sweet Prog-Punk effects that work pretty well for the 2 minute format. The other half still has the Prog feel, but are a bit more lyric based.

The stream is free, the digital, CD, and vinyl are all an even $6. Unless of course you want the limited edition white vinyl, then it's $8 for one of 50 originals. Worth it in my book, as long as you love it.

If you liked today's track, I recommend the stream. That much is free right on Bandcamp. If you're feeling cheap, check out their previous post.
A short while ago I came across this beautifully aged gem by Cuban master percussionist, Francisco Aguabella. It took me a while to finally give it a listen, but what a rewarding experience it's been.

Most of the tracks are subtle, some odd times over slick riffs and licks, or some light progression during the vocals. Modesty is great, especially when you can still see talent at its finest.

For today's track, however, I chose a song to make it obvious that this guy rightfully earned the 'master' title. Give Casa Fuerte a listen.

It might not be the most attractive song ever, but it's pretty memorable up until it needs to, then things get interesting. You have to admire a single percussionist bringing so many sounds in such a short time!

The song, being produced by Edu Lobo, has a nice air of Latin in it that almost gets lost in the talented musicianship. It's a great track, but it overflows with talent.

The rest of the album, while equally talented, will be a little easier to digest.

Buy: CD | Vinyl
There's gonna be a spark of Afro-Cuban percussion on every track, even English ones like Image of a Star, which could pass as forgotten Motown B-sides.

Just to make it clear, even on Image of a Star the percussion is ridiculous, and all it takes is an attentive ear to figure that out. But the quality of the strings and winds keeping up throughout the album is even more impressive.

This was a true gem, it was great to rediscover it. I would really look into it if you understood the talent in today's track, or if you're looking for more Funk/Latin Jazz albums from the 70's.
Maybe a month ago I heard about Nayas and really enjoyed my listen. It was only one track, but it showed promise. It was only recently that I started checking them out a bit more.

I admit that the track I heard, Batallé, is probably the catchiest track they've got. It's my favorite among what I've come across, but it just barely grazes what their overall style is.

Give it a listen anyway!

A steady bass line is all you need in any Reggae based track to find some success. These guys win points with talented riffs, catchy vocals (regardless of whether or not they're understood), and the ability to change up the track right where it needs it.

There's meaning behind the lyrics too. The literal translation would be 'I Battled' and is about a struggle for what you want. Kudos for originality and a memorable chorus in a single song.

Oh, and the song is free right there through Soundcloud for the time being, so grab it if you want. If you really enjoyed it though, consider supporting/buying it.

Buy: mp3
The 2010 Sampler has only three tracks, and they're all very different. The Latin influences are more obvious than ever, but the mellowed out Reggae vibes also have a say, so it might still be worth checking out. You can find the stream on Soundcloud.

It'll probably throw you off, and sometimes that shock is a good thing. Sadly, that shock hasn't gotten them as popular as they could be.

That, and their debut album (stream) is pretty boring. Sure, there's a song here and there that kinda stand out, but kinda isn't really enough to survive on. After listening to this sampler though, I'm pretty sure they could go places if they just keep their direction. I'll be keeping an eye out for 'em.
I took a while to get to this album because I really do love the first. Their debut, Innerspeaker, is still one of my most heard albums. Why take the risk of ruining their sound with a second album?

I shouldn't have been negative, because this one shows what their sound is all about. Psychedelic Prog with zesty Sci-Fi sounds for good measure.

Today's track, Apocalypse Dreams, shows a similar sound for the fans, but it also shows that they're less laid-back with the approach and that they're capable of slightly more complicated and equally well produced music.

Give it a listen.

It's a bit of a lengthy track, sure, but it'll give you a great idea of what the album is like. A pretty happy feeling, echoing vocals, and well timed use of various instruments.

The base is a Psychedelic sound, and I'm glad they kept that clear. Where they managed to upgrade a bit was with the tempo and the changes. It's got a nice Prog feel to it that doesn't go over the top but makes the song really stand out.

Pare that up with a falsetto and use of some catchy chords here and there and you get a great view on the whole album. However, that doesn't mean it's all gonna sound the same.

Buy: CD | mp3 | Vinyl
The album is as complete as any album should be. It's very well produced, timed, and balanced. There's the occasional off track like Elephant that shed a different beam of light entirely, and even then it all synchronizes perfectly.

The only problem I really have with the album is that I can't decide if it's as good or better than its predecessor. It's troubling in the sense that usually in the music world, every album after the first is a step-down from par. It's just hard for me to believe my ears.

But I'm sure everyone will have their own opinions, so if you liked Apocalypse Dreams I recommend at the very least finding a stream for the album to listen for yourself. It'll be worth it.
I love finding new music. There's something about delving head-first into sounds you know nothing about that I find exciting. Unless you're tired and the adventure puts you to sleep, but in Doe Paoro's case, that's a good thing.

Today's track should show some of her peculiar range, as well as the overall different sound. I don't know how else to prepare you, so just give Can't Leave You a listen.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp

The first few seconds might seem like a tranquil track, and it is. It doesn't take long to realize that the song won't go exactly the way you were expecting it to, though.

By the time the hook drops in, you'll notice layers of sound and some shades of that peculiar range I was talking about. It won't be for everyone, but give it a chance after you find it.

The rest of the album will go through similar tones. If today's track was a little difficult to get through, the rest of the album could still be to your liking.

Stream/Buy @ Bancamp
What the album keeps is the undertone. Deep messages, odd, but mesmerizing vocals, and a ridiculous peace that will slow you down if you let it.

Your best bet is to follow the stream above and give the whole thing a listen yourself. Each track is refreshingly different from the last. Maybe not a perfect effort, but it's a beautiful listen.

If you're not too sure about it yet, that's fine! The album is up for whatever price you want to pay, and that includes free. If you end up loving it though, be sure to stop back on by and show her some support.
Late last year I heard about these guys on Sub Radar, and since then I've been a bit of a fan. I heard their latest Getting Paid album, and after I had enough of that I finally came onto the trip that is Our Delicate Stranded Nightmare.

It's definitely not an easier listen, but it sure is a more in-depth one. It's hard not to fall into a daze with it if you take it seriously, and if you don't you probably won't end up enjoying it.

Regardless of how the entire album plays out, there's definitely a few gems worth looking into. Among them today's track, which has an altering feel to it that's very similar to the album.

Give MagMar a listen.

Buy/Listen @ Bandcamp

It starts out pretty simple, a nice smooth bass line and some fluttering details, but as the song goes on it progresses into something more agitated. Like slowly realizing something that changes how you think.

Some might find the first 2 minutes boring, and that's not really fair to the song. I think those minutes are what build the suspense, and to think there's talent going into it as they happen is impressive. It could easily have been electronic/sci-fi sounds, but they managed with their own instruments.

And then the evolution is stunning, if it feels a bit abrupt it's because it is. Of course, if you listen the way it was intended the song never really ended.

Buy/Stream @ Bandcamp
The album should be about as easy to swallow as the album art. That being said, the end result for those who will tolerate it will be more rewarding than their more recent album (and I think they're both fantastic).

There's gonna be a lot of ambient sounds, a lot of trippy do-dads and whizzing sounds, but in the end it's the talented tracks that make the album happen. With a few less of those and it'd pretty much be an extended EP, redundant as that may seem.

I recommend giving the album two listens. First in the background, just to feel like you're in a movie and to have your ears perk up for songs like Chase Scene or Black Ark Dub. The second simply to soak all the details you missed the first time and see the true beauty behind it.
Recently found this Reggae quintet on my email, and I'm pleased. Halfway into the stream I wasn't sure what to make of the album. A little cheesy sometimes, but always talented.

Today's track show's a bit of their Dub side, which is great to fall into. It's got good lyrics if you pay enough attention, and the bass works well with all the other instruments to make the track some of their best (in my opinion).

Give Next Best Explosion a listen.

That bass is instantly captivating, and the track even goes as far as incorporating a guitar solo in it. Wait for it, you'll be glad.

The rapped out melody also takes its place, if you don't pay attention it's just another instrument blending together to keep you relaxed. The whole song fits really well together.

Now you can get that track free (for the time being) right there on Soundcloud in .WAV format, or you could check out the whole album and help the rising stars out.

Buy: CD | mp3 | iTunes
It's not currently my favorite Reggae album, but as a lover of the genre I can say it stands out on several positive notes. The lyrics are clear, the musicianship is excellent, and most of the lyrics are really well written.

Where I start to lose passion for it is with a few sporadic cheesy tracks. A bit of an expected sound where you'd hope for another dash of originality.

This isn't to say they're not original, just that in my ears the album took a dip into cliche Reggae vibes a couple of times. But don't take my word for it, if you liked today's track give the album a listen yourself on their Soundcloud. You might like it even more than I did.
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