Zechs Marquise - Our Delicate Stranded Nightmare

Late last year I heard about these guys on Sub Radar, and since then I've been a bit of a fan. I heard their latest Getting Paid album, and after I had enough of that I finally came onto the trip that is Our Delicate Stranded Nightmare.

It's definitely not an easier listen, but it sure is a more in-depth one. It's hard not to fall into a daze with it if you take it seriously, and if you don't you probably won't end up enjoying it.

Regardless of how the entire album plays out, there's definitely a few gems worth looking into. Among them today's track, which has an altering feel to it that's very similar to the album.

Give MagMar a listen.

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It starts out pretty simple, a nice smooth bass line and some fluttering details, but as the song goes on it progresses into something more agitated. Like slowly realizing something that changes how you think.

Some might find the first 2 minutes boring, and that's not really fair to the song. I think those minutes are what build the suspense, and to think there's talent going into it as they happen is impressive. It could easily have been electronic/sci-fi sounds, but they managed with their own instruments.

And then the evolution is stunning, if it feels a bit abrupt it's because it is. Of course, if you listen the way it was intended the song never really ended.

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The album should be about as easy to swallow as the album art. That being said, the end result for those who will tolerate it will be more rewarding than their more recent album (and I think they're both fantastic).

There's gonna be a lot of ambient sounds, a lot of trippy do-dads and whizzing sounds, but in the end it's the talented tracks that make the album happen. With a few less of those and it'd pretty much be an extended EP, redundant as that may seem.

I recommend giving the album two listens. First in the background, just to feel like you're in a movie and to have your ears perk up for songs like Chase Scene or Black Ark Dub. The second simply to soak all the details you missed the first time and see the true beauty behind it.
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  1. I actually like this a lot mate and can't find any flaws in the music although there's always something about Mike's offerings that never fail to strike a chord in me. Don't get me wrong, some of the stuff he shares are better than others but it's always listenable and this does not fail to disappoint in all honesty.


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