Doe Paoro - Slow to Love

I love finding new music. There's something about delving head-first into sounds you know nothing about that I find exciting. Unless you're tired and the adventure puts you to sleep, but in Doe Paoro's case, that's a good thing.

Today's track should show some of her peculiar range, as well as the overall different sound. I don't know how else to prepare you, so just give Can't Leave You a listen.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp

The first few seconds might seem like a tranquil track, and it is. It doesn't take long to realize that the song won't go exactly the way you were expecting it to, though.

By the time the hook drops in, you'll notice layers of sound and some shades of that peculiar range I was talking about. It won't be for everyone, but give it a chance after you find it.

The rest of the album will go through similar tones. If today's track was a little difficult to get through, the rest of the album could still be to your liking.
Stream/Buy @ Bancamp
What the album keeps is the undertone. Deep messages, odd, but mesmerizing vocals, and a ridiculous peace that will slow you down if you let it.

Your best bet is to follow the stream above and give the whole thing a listen yourself. Each track is refreshingly different from the last. Maybe not a perfect effort, but it's a beautiful listen.

If you're not too sure about it yet, that's fine! The album is up for whatever price you want to pay, and that includes free. If you end up loving it though, be sure to stop back on by and show her some support.
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  1. This is actually really good. Just like you I thought things were going to be really tranquil and peaceful but it very quickly picked up steam and I love it. I think you've found a gem here buddy.

  2. It seemed generic until the middle when the piano kicked in. Still, if the rest of the album is fairly similar to this track I'm a bit hesitant to listen to the rest.

  3. No problems getting through this track. Love the ambiance of the piece and her vocals-shivers down my spine.

  4. This girl is amazing live also. She has some music vids for her singles on you tube which are as compelling as her songs

  5. Didn't blow me away, but it sounds interesting enough to explore a little bit further.


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