Nayas - Batallé

Maybe a month ago I heard about Nayas and really enjoyed my listen. It was only one track, but it showed promise. It was only recently that I started checking them out a bit more.

I admit that the track I heard, Batallé, is probably the catchiest track they've got. It's my favorite among what I've come across, but it just barely grazes what their overall style is.

Give it a listen anyway!

A steady bass line is all you need in any Reggae based track to find some success. These guys win points with talented riffs, catchy vocals (regardless of whether or not they're understood), and the ability to change up the track right where it needs it.

There's meaning behind the lyrics too. The literal translation would be 'I Battled' and is about a struggle for what you want. Kudos for originality and a memorable chorus in a single song.

Oh, and the song is free right there through Soundcloud for the time being, so grab it if you want. If you really enjoyed it though, consider supporting/buying it.
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The 2010 Sampler has only three tracks, and they're all very different. The Latin influences are more obvious than ever, but the mellowed out Reggae vibes also have a say, so it might still be worth checking out. You can find the stream on Soundcloud.

It'll probably throw you off, and sometimes that shock is a good thing. Sadly, that shock hasn't gotten them as popular as they could be.

That, and their debut album (stream) is pretty boring. Sure, there's a song here and there that kinda stand out, but kinda isn't really enough to survive on. After listening to this sampler though, I'm pretty sure they could go places if they just keep their direction. I'll be keeping an eye out for 'em.
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  1. Your blog has made me realise that I adore reggae buddy, once again I find this stuff incredible, even when I don't understand the lyrics, it's awesome dude, thanks for sharing!

  2. Yeah I wasn't blown away by it either. Good to know that the lyrics actually had some meaning behind it and not some Nicki Minaj garbage.

  3. This is exactly what I needed to hear right now. I've been listening to heavy metal and rap all day while I painted and now it's cold outside and this just seems so fitting to chill out and end the day - warm and inviting...time to relax and unwind.

  4. It's not my favorite, but I found myself nodding my head along with it, and I can see their potential. Good lyrics are hard to come by these days... it's a shame I can't understand them.

  5. Haha, I was going to complain about the recording quality, but then I noticed my headphones weren't plugged in all the way. Fixed it just in time for the killer solo.

    1. Would've confused me SO bad. Might explain a couple of comments I've gotten throughout the blog's existence though..


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