Dave Valentin - Land of The Third Eye

This one was recommended by my uncle a few weeks ago as an exceptional display of Jazz flute from 1980. There's plenty of improv, funk, and sweet wind melodies.

Of course, being from the era it's from, and looking at it from a modern day standard, it's definitely got its cheesy bits. Some cliche synths here and there; repetitive extra groovy bass over there, so on and so forth..

Somehow though, it still definitely works. Give the title track a listen.

This is probably the best track on the album. It shows off the talents from every single artist on board, and it's got this quality Jazz progression to it that makes the track stick out.

Now, I find the piano/bass arrangement a little bland up at the beginning, but the flute glides through and welcomes the change in melody all throughout the song. It's magical when you realize it happening as you listen.

The cool part is the air of Latin influence you get to hear before it's done. It might not be an easy find for many, but it's there. Just like on the rest of the album.

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It's got a sweet, short running time, and is considered a bit of a hidden gem of its time. You see, at the time of its release there was a conflict between Valentin and producer/genius Dave Grusin. Grusin didn't feel like coughing up the rights, which means the album couldn't sell, which means less airplay, profit, and recognition. Owch!

Luckily that was all settled quite a few years ago, but sadly it never had the chance to boom through the radio and land hits left and right. I've been told that it was a feast to listen live, though. Since it was never a huge success, acquiring it now can be a bit of a pain in the ass.

For its running time, if you can get yourself past today's track, I'd give the album a listen. It's well worth a moment of time and it's likely to brighten someone's day.
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  1. I really like this as background music which is something that I don't say as a general rule because to me background music isn't something that should be liked, it should just be there. This is something special though and I really like it, love the changes yet how it rarely strays away from the real core patterns.

    1. Oho wait a second! That's not fair! Background music is what sets the mood, the audible environment. It plays its role in our day to day lives. It's what makes getting put on hold annoying and the early hours of a club good or bad.

      My opinion is said, I can rest easily now.

  2. It felt like a mixture of beach and elevator music.

  3. Umm...I'd love to love this. But I can't.


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