Kavinsky - Protovision

Ever since my last post on this guy, I've become a fan of Kavinsky. His Electro-Opera might have its dull bits here and there, but the grand masterpiece at the end of the project will be worth it all.

He released the latest "episode" yesterday, and this one has a video. I was pretty pumped at first, and, well.. Just give it a watch.

This oddly filmed short video is probably the first time I've had visual representation during a Kavinsky track. This is to say, I can see where Kavinsky was going with this. Even though it has its R. Kelly is Trapped in the Closet moments, it's able to keep you watching what would be a pretty dull chase scene without the music.

Or maybe I'm fanboying too hard and my judgement is clouded. I should explain why this is a big deal.

It took me time and dedication to realize what Kavinsky was doing. He doesn't just say "oh look, this is a story so hear it out and put it together". No, he just leaves it there and lets you realize on your own.

The gist of the story is he crashes his Ferrari Testarossa in 1986 while trying to evade the police (I think), he dies, he tells his girlfriend he's dead (Nightcall) and, well I've been confused from that point on because just about every track is instrumental. Much like today's, which has a video.


Before this release, all I really had to grasp onto was that Kavinsky had mentioned personally being his Opera's protagonist, and being a zombie since 1986. In other words he's crazy, much like any other half decent musician.

Now, with this release, even the title gives a clear idea on what's gonna happen, especially when put up next to the video. Whatever happens next, Kavinsky is gonna be Outrun-ing with his ghost car. It might not be much of a story, but I'm happy it's there.

Outrun's release is set for early 2013, but early is a relative term so I'm hoping it'll release by February. I'm excited.
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  1. Thanks for introducing me to this haha, I actually think that I'm going to begin to get obsessive over the guy too now, I'm a fan already.

  2. Okay, I'm glad I didn't click away. I was tempted to but the video made it worthwhile - good call, D4, good call!

    (yes, I'm coming at your from my new "writing" blog!) W00t!!

  3. It was like watching the Knight Rider opening credits for three minutes.

  4. Bad ass song and video. Makes me want to play Vice City, or watch Drive.

  5. Loved this guy's work since watching Drive. I think Roadgame's still my favorite tune, but this has also got a great sound to it. I still have yet to listen to something from Kavinsky that I don't like.

    So, question: why are police cars always able to keep up with the Ferrari/Lambo/whatever fast car they're pursuing in chase scenes? As a car guy, that always bugs me. Somehow I don't think that 140 HP police cruiser would have been able to stay anywhere near a 390 HP Testarossa. :)

    1. I just find him a tiny bit repetitive on some tracks, but that's a mood thing. I put Kavinsky on at the appropriate times and it works well.

      As someone who's not a car guy, I empathize. I guess it's to keep the plot going. 'And then the bad guy just got away' doesn't give you many options.

  6. It has this 80's feel to it. Or is it 70's? I'm not certain.

    1. Pop percussion and synthesizers tend to be 80's. It's an 80's touch :)


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