Pink Martini - Joy to the World

I wasn't planning on any holiday posts at all this year, but when they're put ever so kindly ahead of me I can't ignore the gift.

A special thanks goes to Melanie at No Really, You Can Eat It, for giving me a glimpse of the album with their version of Little Drummer Boy. The percussion was excellent and fit right in with the song anyway, catching my ear and eventually leading to this post.

If you're like me and you really like your percussion, check that one out. Or if you're feeling a bit more mellow, just check White Christmas (Part. 1) below. Enjoy.

Doesn't it make you just wanna sit down next to a fireplace and watch the kids playing with whatever you've got them? Well I have neither kids nor a fireplace, and I'm okay with that, so the song will do.

The sweet simple vocals, the gentle guitar in the background, it makes a great intro for an album to be enjoyed by all who enjoy any set of holidays.
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There couldn't have been a better name for the album either, as Joy to the World was made to be heard anywhere in the world. While I'm sure it's difficult to grab everyone's tastes, I also have to say they did a pretty good job.

A few songs in their original languages, a few breezy twists here and there, the only problem I find with the album is that it's so varied that it's impossible not to have a favorite set of tracks. Not too bad, I just like when each track competes for first place, personally.

The album is definitely a sweet holiday listen, and I recommend it for it, but it's not necessary to have a standard set of beliefs to be enjoyed. You can find the stream at their website, at Soundcloud, or on Myspace, just to be sure if you want it all.

Happy holidays, guys.
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  1. Oh you! Merry Christmas buddy! When I posted Little Drummer Boy, I just had a feeling you world enjoy it!!

    Hope you are having a great holiday!!

  2. This is brilliant D4, here's hoping that you're having a brilliant Christmas as well.

  3. Today it truly felt like Christmas was over, but as things would have it, it's lightly snowy outside, and I'm in front of the fireplace listening to this. It's heavenly. I suppose it can be Christmas for just one more day.


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