The Active Set - 11

I gave these guys a listen just last week, and I've had my ears on them ever since. Even though I'm not the biggest 80's fan, their 80's Post-Punk and New Wave influences blend in really nicely with the Alt/Indie feel.

I debated for a while which of the songs to feature today. Choosing between the track that best represents the album or the one that I see has the most talent is a difficult thing to do, but the decision is made and I chose the latter.

If for whatever reason the Bandcamp player isn't working for you, give the Myspace stream a try.

Make of the lyrics what you want, interpret them into whatever sounds right to you, go ahead and sing along to the catchy Sea Legs hook, but this song stands out because of the musical side behind all of that.

Halfway through the song and we get this amazing Post-Rock influenced instrumental/string of melodies, that really ties the album together and keeps you yearning for the rest of the album.

And if you dig the track as much as I do, you can find this little gem for free on the Bandcamp link (for now?). If you love it, consider giving the album a listen, maybe a purchase if you admire their efforts.
Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
The album is definitely complete. Anyone who truly loves the 80's and the Indie Rock feel will enjoy the listen. It's got a nice running time, and a nice variety of sounds.

A really common sound is the twangy high pitched guitar licks that I associate the most with classic The Bravery and Coldplay tracks, but they go way beyond that with the Post base. Honestly, if not for that and the lyrics, they'd probably be another bland band.

And if you're rapidly becoming a fan, they'll have a brand new video out very soon. Follow them over at their Facebook or Twitter.

Or if you prefer, I'll probably be putting the video up on mine anyway.
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  1. I have a feeling that these lyrics are way deeper if you dive into them too much. I adore these lyrics especially whenever the kind of wavy keyboard sounds come in, it wasn't particularly special to me until that point, now I'm mesmerized, this is incredibly beautiful man. I'd always say to play the best song than the one that best represents the album because if I like the single I always check out the album, I think this song is wonderful.

  2. I really liked this one. I think I might have a thing for that "twang".

  3. I'm not a fan of 80's music either and this leaves me a little flat. I did like the vocal harmonies though.

  4. I kinda liked it. And not because I just listened to that Olivia Newton John/John Travolta Christmas drivel either. Although, I can't think of much that wouldn't sound good after that...

    1. "And not because I just listened to that Olivia Newton John/John Travolta Christmas drivel either."

      Hahahah awesome.

  5. I really liked this one, enough to download the song. His voice was very strong and melodic like Slaughter's. Remember him back in the 90's, I think....

  6. I agree with Anne, it sounds a bit flat to me. Maybe it's the encoding on this free sample, but the production doesn't do the obviously talented musicians any justice.

  7. I'm not a big fan of 80s music, but I do like a touch of 80s music in my Indie Rock. So I liked this. ...Oh God, does that make me a hipster?

    1. Next thing you know you'll be stealing Slim Dyson's novels and claiming them your own. Heh!


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