The Active Set - Making Out (Is the Best Part of Christmas)

It's that time of year where the page views dip, where people are just starting to get tired of all the Christmas music on the radio, and people (once again) begin to say thanks.

So I'll start it out by saying thanks to The Active Set. They had released this track when last I wrote about them, but it wasn't time for me to write about it just yet. No better day than today though.

Give it a listen.

Listen @ Soundcloud

The song is actually kinda cute, and on that note it's made to be enjoyed by a wide audience. The 80's nod is not even as subtle here, and the lyrics were made to last right next to that repeating riff.

If not for the funny video, it would be a lot cuter. But the video also does a job of keeping an audience. It's fun, easy to smile with, and I think that was the purpose. Don't you guys?
Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
It'd be cool if they had released another track or two and made a sweet little Christmas EP for everybody, but that's not the case. It's just the one song, and it's only kinda Christmas-y. Who's complaining?

You can get the track over at Bandcamp, or just stream it over and over until it's stuck on you with any of their other mediums. You'll have it looping in your head by the fifth listen; you watch.
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  1. I can definitely see the 80s nod in this and find it absolutely brilliant anyway buddy, amazing stuff and I really enjoyed it. Have a good Christmas too mate, you deserve one.


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