Trumystic - Paradise

Telling someone about the awesome experience of seeing the Easy Star All-Stars perform reminded me that I still hadn't really looked into Kirsty Rock. I took the time to do a little research earlier, and well it's not easy to find much.

I did find some of the latest from Trumystic where she's the lead vocalist, and it's a decent listen. They're a sweet little Reggae group that are pretty much supported by her voice and strong lyrics.

Give 'em a listen!

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This is one of my favorite tracks. The lyrics are powerful, the hook does its job just fine, and even though her vocals aren't stunning, they do the song justice.

And for the viewers we have this homey, comforting video where we see the crew enjoying themselves. Despite the nature of the song, their base is one of good emotion and positive thoughts. I love how it shows.

The album, of course, will show that off much better, with many songs about love as well as eye-openers like today's.
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Paradise is not a perfect listen. Musically, it can get a little repetitive, it can dull the senses, and it can strike awkwardly with great sounds.

Despite its faults, it's a pretty evened out album. There's top notch rhyming skills, some sweet vocals, and somewhere to go with them. It's not an empty album, and hence definitely worth a listen.

If you like the base of it but prefer a slightly more electronic sound, give Trumystic Sound System a listen instead. They're a mix of Dub, Jungle, and Hip-Hop, and it's from there that this effort has evolved from.
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  1. It took me a second to recognize some of the lyrics LOL . She has a beautiful, powerful voice! Outstanding tune, D4.

  2. I really like these lyrics and like you say D4 her voice is absolutely wonderful, really enjoying all this Reggae stuff you're posting these days!

  3. I liked this more than I expected, and I think her voice suits this perfectly. Also, lately, I'm getting more into the guy and girl trading off vocals type of thing. I dig it.

  4. I totally agree with the lyrics, great stuff!

  5. I am all about this. Awesome.

  6. Dudes have some really wacky facial hair, but its a cool track nonetheless. Enjoyed the Eagles reference.


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