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Social media is to thank for today's 90's Rock influenced band. If you liked the Rock scene back when skinny jeans were only for girls, chances are you'll like this band. And frankly, if you enjoy yourself a sweet band overall you might like them anyway.

Today's track takes a lighter tone than most of the album, but I really love how everything pulls together to make the defining sound. The keys and the guitar barely stand out, but without them the song would be practically worthless.

Give it a listen.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp

I really love how the percussion starts with these slightly odd times that, as the song progresses, become almost a normal Pop-like rhythm. As the Pop-like percussion kicks in, the rest of the song gets more eclectic. It tickles my ears, is all.

And then we've got the pretty boy vocals. I'm not totally against them, but it'd be nice to deal with some range every once in a while at least. It's decent vocals, I just have that negative 90's bias lurking over me.
Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
Luckily for me (and all the other listeners) the band is talented enough to give a deep listen to, and catchy enough to grow attached with. As each song plays, there's a little spark that stays with you for the second play. And then the third, and fourth, and so on and so forth until you've memorized the entire album.

Not that they're without faults, though. The percussion isn't always the best, and if you're not already used to it it's easy to grow tired of the vocals, but aside from that they're in the clear. Decent "Alt"-Rock for those who need.

Finally, if after the stream you're still feeling unsure, be a leach and grab their album for free at their website. Here's the download link, for the lazy of you. If you're not gonna be taking part in handing these guys a chunk of paycheck, be sure to at least spread them around. I'm sure it's appreciated.
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  1. Hello again. Its 1992 Mel again, and I feel all young and happy and full of life. Not like that old 2012 Mel. Thank you for awakening me again!

  2. I gotta say, I'm not feeling it. It's to la la la for my tastes. But, I shall respect Mel's young and happy full of life self =)))

  3. I think this is brilliant and it really reminds me of the kind of music that I love listening to now even if I wasn't old enough to enjoy it then. Thanks for sharing it D4.

  4. How did you not mention the piano in this song? Ugh, I really liked it. If the rest of their album is like this, I might end up adding the whole thing to my library.


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