A few years ago I left myself a note. I found that note recently, looking through old papers. Now I can't remember writing this note, but I know my handwriting when I read it, so I decided to go look at what past me wanted me to hear.

Present me is happy to announce that past me lead me right onto a sweet Classic Psychedelic Prog Rock band. Today's feature track will probably show a bit of all that genre mix. I can hear all kinds of Rock influences on it, making it a nice well rounded listen.

Give The Evils of Rock and Roll its listen.

Listening to the album whole, initially I thought this track didn't fit. A little too dark when compared to the previously heard tracks; a bit too passionately evil.

It's genius is what it is. Alone it's a decent track.. But what they did was play music off itself while using charismatic vocals to pass a hook through your ears and keep you for longer.

And then add all those great little elements like the keyboard solo at 3:39, or the false ending, all making it that much better.

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Cheat the Gallows follows a similarly influenced feel as The Evils of Rock and Roll, but I insist that track is  better after actually hearing its preceding tracks. Especially Money, It's Pure Evil and its a happy sound.

The rest of the album isn't all as dark. I can hear the Psychedelic influences about as often as the Hard Rock/Early Metal ones. Being as the influences sound vintage, I might have a positive bias. They definitely sound modern though.

It's not a perfect album, and I find it starts getting a bit boring near the end. The final track will make those few tracks worth it though. It'd be worth it to give it a listen if today's track caught your ear.
I was feeling nostalgic yesterday. Sometimes that's great, sometimes it brings back some amazing music that I haven't heard for a few years. And other times it brings nice memories accompanied by disbelief at how your music taste has bettered.

Or maybe that's just me. All the same, today's track isn't that bad, I just usually post better Metal quality.

If you're alright with screeching vocals, give it a listen.

I still don't think it's bad. I found myself head bopping and enjoying my old tunes, and it's because of that that I wonder how others will feel about it.

Her vocals are decent, there's definitely worse recordings and use of it on other tracks, and the musicianship is also displaying its talent. There's even a guitar solo!

Maybe that's why I still like it.

The problem is it's too easy for me to get tired of this sound now. If it's not tracks like these, it's much more Pop-Metal and that's discouraging just to say. I'd rather just recommend this song.

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Surrender is a decent track among many mediocre ones. Their first album is their most impressive, and just about everything outside of Daddy's Falling Angel flails before catching fire. But then, now I like the sounds of guitars imitating whale mating calls, so it might be to some of your tastes.

If you're curious, give Beautiful Tragedy a listen. if it's to your liking, then maybe give the whole album (of the same name) some attention too.

If you do end up liking that, they're gonna be releasing a new album in 2 weeks. I really don't think I'll be writing about it, but it might be to someone's interest.
Yet again in such a short period of time; ORL is banging into our heads with another solo release. This time he collaborates with Teri Gender Bender (of Le Butcherettes). You would expect the effect to give a womanly charm, but he keeps his eerie feel regardless.

Today's track is the album's most "normal". It's the last track, so it might start a bit too quickly for some ears. Keep that in mind.

Give Worlds Get In The Way a shot.

If you pay attention to the track and all the details going on in the background, you'll notice the sci-fi/machine-experimental sound going on. It's becoming his trademark, but I wouldn't say this attempt really counts.

The album gets a lot more sci-fi machine-y, so if this track was hard to get through you might as well stop here and move on.

If you dug it though, check the album out. It's about as odd as a reef-headed man pouring Octopus Kool Aid into a chair-headed woman's glass.

Album art/cover
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The first track of Octopus Kool Aid is just a minute long and it does a perfect job of smoothly dropping you into the album's zone. Not an easy task in such a short period of time, but by the time the second track goes on and Teri's voice is placed and understood, you're either in the trance-like mode or not feeling it at all.

It's fun to know that the album fits pretty well with Omar's recent releases, but it was made in 2010. This is even before the release of his collaboration with Le Butcherettes on Sin Sin Sin.

That helps explain where he started getting into this electronic style, and that there might even be more to come. But me, even though I enjoyed this album, am already starting to look forward to something a bit closer to a spaced out jam session.

It's just been a while.
A short while ago Browska released their version of Deep Purple's Hush, which was originally only heard through their A Soundtrack for Bad Intentions mix. It took me a few listens to say something other than "what", but it was a chill feeling when I finally grasped what they did.

It's just odd having such a classic song spiced up with Browska's key Disco House sound. The fact that they make it to sound like it works at all is pretty impressive.

Give it a listen.

It might take a few ears a lot of getting used to. It's much easier to accept it without knowing who it is, but if Browska can turn a genre and flip it out into something this interesting, those who will enjoy it will be able to despite knowing who it really is.

Now it's definitely not my favorite of the tracks on the mix, but I'll take it. I've been waiting for them to start releasing their remixes, and this to me, especially with the recent passing of Jon Lord, is an excellent start.

The song is being given away for a mere Facebook Like. Before shaking your head, give it another listen. Unless the style just isn't for you, it might be worth it.

Alternatively, if you don't have Facebook you could just contact them directly. They're a very friendly little duo, so send them a line and ask for the track. They won't bite! I promise.
When I get in the mood for something Latin, I don't take it half way. In today's case, I went for some Argentine Tango/Trip Hop and coupled it with some of the best female Spanish rappers out there.

Mala Rodríguez isn't for just anyone, knowing some Spanish probably helps, but her flow is slick and runs smooth over the Argentine experiment.

Give it a shot.

There's something about the violin, the accordion and her voice right at the beginning that makes me want to walk down an alley with attitude. It's a funny feeling.

For those of you wondering, the song is basically a negative reflection on love, how it works and how Mala deals with it. The lyrics are well put together, but there's no real depth like what she usually brings.

Then of course we realize the Tango is severely tainted. Previously having heard Bajofondo will probably make for a greater shock, but the overall mix of Electro-whatever with the Tango is pretty harsh.

Album art/cover for Bajofondo Tango Club's Mar Dulce
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Not all of Mar Dulce is so Trip-Hoppy, but it is a major dominating sound. If you're trying to look past the sound of today's track, just go back to an earlier album.

Sure, there's a few more original sounding tracks in there, like Infiltrado. But over half the album will not have Elvis Costello or Gustavo Cerati featured, so the general sound will be a bit more on the trippy side.

I personally don't mind it, but some people prefer something a bit more classic. For those of you, check out Bruma, which I wrote about a nice while ago.
To most, John Frusciante is that special something that's behind the scenes of some of the music they listen to. If you don't delve in too deeply into your music, odds are his name just rings a bell. He's an excellent guitarist, though.

He's been in the Red Hot Chili Peppers, formed Ataxia, and is frequently featured in The Mars Volta albums, just to name a few of his projects. And just a short while ago he came to us with a special brew for our ears to enjoy.

What he's got is an synth-full Electronic Alt-Rock Hip-Hop thing that can definitely please the adventurous ear if it's ready. Try it out.

The fourth track on the 5 track EP is FM. It features Rugged Monk, RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan) and Kinetic 9 of Killarmy. If you'er familiar with any of those names, you should know the lyrics are top notch. No cookie-cutter radio-feces here.

And much less so with the Progressive-Experimental thing that Frusciante put together behind it. It might be a bit too much for some, but the adventurous ears will feast. Mine sure did.

album art/cover
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His Letur-Lefr EP will show more of this much more electronic sound, but on different degrees. On different levels with different styles. Just because FM features some fine rapped out lyrics, doesn't mean the rest of it will.

The very first track will show a big difference, give In Your Eyes a listen. It features his wife, Nicole Turley, on backing vocals. It's got the same vibe but a different style. Expect that vibe on the rest of the EP.

If it sounds like it might grow on you, give the 5 tracks their earned listen here. It's only 15 minutes, so you might as well.

Also no, the cover does not spell itself out with raw bacon.
I was angry a few days ago and I went on the search for music to suit my mood. What I found was Nile's most recent release. It works.

I may not be in that mood anymore, but I can still appreciate the abilities presented in this album. Now, it's Technical Death Metal, which means it's got amazing little odd times and sounds of a dying demon on vocals. Just be aware of that before you press play.

If you're not a fan of overpowering consistent drumming or screeching deep and loud vocals, do us all a favor and don't continue with today's post. Otherwise, enjoy.

It usually helps to enjoy this if you're up for punching someone in the face. If you're not that angry before you listen, and you let yourself go as you do, by the end of the track you should have an adrenaline rush that can only be satisfied with a quick punch to someone's snout.

I mean, not that you should do that. That's a bad thing to do. I am not responsible for injuries you cause.

I like how it breaks from the mold of monotonous noise. even though the drumming can be a bit much at times, the composition switches enough for the inner anger to develop. It's an odd sensation that the album seems to develop just fine.

Album art/cover
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At the Gates of Sethu is probably as dark and cool as the very album cover displaying it (which is exactly what an album cover should always do) but the album just gets a bit old for me a few minutes too quickly.

Even though it has its decent tracks (The Gods who Light Up the Sky at the Gates of Sethu) it just gets to a point where you wish it either stopped or trimmed some of the average songs back down.

I'd say that, for me, the album is about 20 minutes too long. The technical ability is absolutely solid all throughout though. In fact, if you enjoyed this track enough for you to want to listen to the rest of the album, you're probably gonna love it.

But in the end it's all a matter of your mood. If you're feeling angry and need an outlet like I probably did a few days ago, the whole album will probably find its way to allow you a fresh kind of happiness. Give it a shot some time.
It hasn't been long since I discovered BTS (that abbreviation would be much cooler as BatTS, guys) but that first EP has been played all too often in my spare time.

And just yesterday I find they released a second EP. Happy thoughts ensued.

Today's track is the first released single, and it's supposed to be the track that best sets you up for the upcoming album.

Listen/Download @ Bandcamp

The track is a bit quicker than I've grown to like my BTS, the sweet little horn-based riff can get a little monotonous but in the end, it really is just a quick run down of the album to come.

It shows the talents just fine. Some sweet vocals, a good rapper, and a band to make it all come to life. It's not the best track on the EP but it does its job.

If you like the sound, yo should check the rest out.

Album cover/art
Download @ Bandcamp | Mediafire

The rest of the Lost Luggage EP (presented by Orisue) is advertised as free, but if you end up liking it you should consider making a small donation. It's got some tracks on there that are worth the kind thought.

Now I'm not gonna spoil it too much, it's a mere 6 tracks and I don't think it's fair to ruin all of the songs, but the EP ranges from a more straight edge Hip-Hop sound all the way through softer more ballad-like style.

But then there's also a couple of covers. You've got a made-up mash-up of Wu Tang Clan's C.R.E.A.M. with Blackstreet's No Diggity which as a light Wu Tang fan I can say is worth checking out. You've also got a Tupac - California Love based song which is nice on the ears as well.

But it doesn't take a Hip-Hop fan to enjoy this album. If today's track sparked some interest, give it a listen. But if you want something softer, I still prefer the Departure EP. Might wanna check that out if you missed out the first time around.
In recent news it has been found that Jon Lord, keyboardist for Deep Purple has died. The upsetting news comes with with the great feeling of hearing an old album.

Today's track is the longest in the album, and it's a fine listen among the greatness of the surrounding tracks. If you haven't already, give it a shot.

This song.. well you can hear Jon's keys pretty clearly at the start here. They start a mood, and if you listen in good quality with a good set of headphones you really get to enjoy the groove.

By 1:21 the song starts kicking in. Slowly, yes, but it's just a taste. A simple, slick seduction of the ears before turning into what sounds like an amazing jam session.

 And by the time the lyrics kick in you're already digging the song. It's such an uncommon feeling that it just pulls me in deeper to the experience.

Album cover/art
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Machine Head is of the better known Deep Purple albums out there, and probably because it's home to Smoke on the Water, but it's an awesome listen that deserves your attention for more reasons than just that track. I like to think today's song proves that.

 The diversity is such that the album will never get boring. Replaying this one isn't a difficult task, especially with it's short playing time.

 In the end it's an inspiring album from an inspiring band that lead to many other bands creating and performing "better" music. Sure, there may be better composition/talent out there, but you can never forget where that came from. That makes all of their albums jut a bit more special.

R.I.P. Jon Lord
I've come back from a nice long weekend and I just wanna relax now. To achieve this, I'll use a gem I found  back when I was such a Dream Theater fan that it was stupid.

The Dance of Eternity is one of the more complicated DT tracks out there, so I was instantly impressed with this string-only version. The odd times, the shifts in tempo and general direction, and the length, all play pretty big roles.

Give their interpretation a listen.

I love this version for the same reason I love the original. Because the composition is stunning. It's not just any band that can make something this interesting out of bits and pieces of music inspired from so many decades of different genres from around the world.

And then these guys come along with their strings and give it that classic, seemingly more sophisticated sound and make it a lot easier to hear. The composition is still the same, but there's no keyboard magic and the erratic drumming is turned into a smoother string instrument.

I mean, it's hard for me to pick between the two versions. The original will always have its place in my heart, but if I want something to relax with, VSQ is the way to go.

Album cover/art
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Their Tribute to Dream Theater album is pretty neat for the fans, but it could definitely be better. It's got a bit of everything, it's very well rounded. It includes enough varied material for all the fans to enjoy at least one track, but had it focused a bit more on what would sound nice on strings, well, it'd be better. Trust me.

A great example is their version of Pull Me Under. It's a fan classic, a must in any complete DT collection, but in string it's not near as impressive as Overture 1928. It's still nice, it's just not as memorable.

It's still a great listen to those ears that will allow it a listen, but I recommend giving it a listen before making the purchase (if you're not a fan). Just in case.
The great thing about the combination of internet and music is that you can go further ahead of just what it sounds like, and get a completely different experience to go with it.

Sure, sometimes people forget they have to actually make music to go with the awesome act, but in today's case, Mike Tompkins is only impressive to the eyes because of what he can make for your ears.

Give his "Skrillex/Benny Benassi - Cinema" and "Santigold - Disparate Youth) vocal mash-up a shot.

Listen/Download @ Bandcamp

I'm actually pretty impressed with the overall production. Had this piece not been A Capella and actually been blended like a Mash Up would be, it would have worked.

But then you get that whole impressive bit where he pretty much just used his voice to build two already existing things from the ground up. Now it might sound simple, but just look at all the samplers he's got there. I've seen people use them well before, but his combination is way too enjoyable.

Take away the video and the process and it's a bit less impressive, but if you do still like the track it's free at his Bandcamp. Go check that out.

Free is pretty hard to argue with, so don't. If you like it at all, do this guy a favor and take his music. He's giving it away for a reason. Take it. Shoo.

If you really liked his style though, and you haven't heard of him already, you might wanna go ahead and check out his Youtube channel. I had to weed through some videos I didn't care much for, but I did find a few interesting sounds.

He can recreate sounds something impressive, like with Daft Punk's Harder Better Faster Stronger.. but then that didn't catch my attention as much as the fact that he can even make his own completely original tracks (like Stars Align).

He likes to imitate a modern Brostep sound. The detail is that with the squeeks and quirks that an actual voice brings to the table, it's actually a lot more fun to listen to. It's worth giving him a chance, and if you like him spread the word and support him.

He'll appreciate it, I'm sure.
I woke up this morning with Ain't No Sunshine on my mind. Naturally this means I put the song on repeat for a good half hour before finally moving on to the album.

And it was good. I mean nothing jaw dropping being that I was already expecting some quality R&B, but there were a few gems in there that made me nod and smile

Better Off Dead is one of them. Give it a listen.

Maybe this didn't get much recognition because of the subject. Especially with such a dramatic ending finishing the album off. An interesting debut ending, but a pretty sweet track all the same.

I like how it just starts, it's a very complete sound in just the first few seconds. Despite this, it actually progresses further. The bass line evolves wonderfully with the vocals. All the while the percussion is jamming in the background making the song that much more enjoyable.

It's pretty obvious that the whole band were really loving the process of making this track, and the same goes for the rest of the album. It's a simple and very enjoyable synchronization.

Album art
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At just over half an hour, Just As I Am is a perfect little pick me up full of the type of R&B that keeps your ears and your mind on edge. There's nothing too complicated going on, but it's fun. It's a vibe that most of the album will carry out pretty well.

Not to say there won't be sadder songs, much like today's definitely is, it's just that most of them will sound cheery. There's some exceptions, but the general sound is that of a comfortable band tuning themselves around a decent set of vocals.

If you like yourself some Bill Withers classics (Ain't No Sunshine, Lean On Me, Just the Two of Us) you're better off starting here at his debut  release and working yourself up to the rest of his albums than just getting a 'Best Of'. There's too many undiscovered gems worth looking through.
It's not every day someone will recommend me an album without having heard the whole thing. It takes spunk to do that to someone who writes about music weekly, so I let curiosity guide me.

But then, my lack of proper Doom Metal knowledge made the impact greater than it had to be.

To anyone else who might not know of Katatonia, don't let the whole Doom Metal thing scare you away. There's heavy riffs but the sound is complete and well rounded. It's topped by smooth vocals that fit perfectly with the music without even attempting a growl.

Give it a listen.

What could happen is a case of sensory overload. There's a lot going on with this track, and to the untainted ear that may be a problem.

If you dig to the root of the sounds for long enough you can hear how every instrument compliments the others perfectly. It's the subtleties of an amazingly played bass line against a haywire but equally well played percussion that make songs like these work at all.

The only way I could find a problem with this is if it went on for too long. With that in mind, these guys knew exactly what they were doing for this album.

Album Art
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Night is the New Day has everything it takes for me to love an album. They just roughly dabble in Prog-Rock while slowing their base genre, Doom Metal, into something that coupled with the vocals sounds decently similar to Post-Rock at times.

But lets not forget that they don't want you to bore, and have made each song different enough to consistently keep your attention.

Everywhere from the first track showing you real over-the-top what to expect, to the track immediately following letting you know that they can dabble into Prog or Industrial whenever they feel like.

But I won't spoil it too much. If you're interested, give it a listen.
Today's mood comes about as jumbled and shuffled around as the music being presented. What I'm in the mood for is a Blues/Folk/Jazz fusion that grabs inspiration from around the globe. It's an interesting sound. A unique one.

Today's track is the first of the album, so it starts as if it were a foreign MC presenting the band (and for all I know, the whole song might be live). That will be closely followed by cheers and a swift kick start to the musical journey.

Give it a shot.

I love how it starts off with a bass line similar to that of a Reggae track, and maybe the horns will play with that idea too. Once the vocals kick in, though, it just turns into something else entirely. His voice makes its impact.

Between verses you get a glimpse of that sweet harmonica and of that well executed guitar that can be heard throughout the rest of the album. It's a great opening track because despite being different, it shows the talents involved in a near tease compared to what's in store.

Buy: CD | mp3

Bahamut is their debut, and it doesn't have near the amount of attention it deserves. It's a nice clean listen with a constant change of pace. It sounds like a band at their peak after having already released 5 albums. Varied, but still their own unique sound.

They grab inspiration from anywhere and make it their own, be it with oriental strings like in Who Walks In When I Walk Out, or just a bit of banjo-seeming fun like Fred of Ballaroy. It all comes back to the sound of Hazmat Modine, as best seen on the title track (which can also be found on the Pina soundtrack).

It's a pretty decent listen if the original flavors are to your liking. The vocals may take some getting used to, but the bouncing happiness that's found on even the most depressing of tracks is what's gonna make you stay. I recommend giving it a listen if you enjoyed today's track.
I was feeling like something I'd previously been hooked on. Something from enough ago that I'd forgotten how it was called, but memorable enough that I could hum it all the way through.

And oh what a sweet feeling it is to get back to some sweet Brazilian Reggae-Fusion that is O Rappa (pronounced Oo Hoppuh). The rapped out lyrics over the spacey keys and reggae riffs have made this a personal classic.

Give Reza Vela (Praying Candle) a listen.

To this day I'm still not entirely sure what this track is about. Those of you more fluent in Portuguese, feel free to explain to me how a candle's flame's prayers fit in to this track. What little I can make out sounds pretty inspiring.

But regardless of the language barrier, it's really the details in the music that keep me. The bass just grooves so nicely with those slickly rapped lyrics. It's a great way to start an album.

Album art for O Rappa's 5th studio album
Buy: CD | mp3 / Stream

O Silêncio Q Precede O Esporro (The Silence that Precedes the Fight) is only their 4th studio album in the short series of interesting albums to have. If you're new to the band though, it's a pretty decent spot to start off.

It's a very varied album. It's a bit commercialized, but it's so varied that it ends up grabbing your attention before you even get a chance to give up on it.

Some tracks I should mention include the very Samba inclined Maneiras, and maybe a more electric track like Bitterusso Champagne.

It's a decent listen. If today's track caught your attention, I'd recommend streaming the tracks on the above link. It'll be worth it.
I was listening to Hustler yesterday, and I remembered that they recently released a new album. Not expecting much more beyond Attack Decay Sustain Release, I dove head first into the new sounds.

It's a pretty good thing I went with lowered expectations, but even so there's a few gems to be heard from the House-based duo.

If you don't mind the repetitive nature of the genre, give 'em a listen.

While many will argue that this won't be well understood unless under certain influences, I beg to differ. You need nothing more than lack of sleep to really enjoy this. It's catchy regardless. It's different than what I expected, it's decent. It's nice.

There's just something about the mix between those cheery synth and the repeating and re-tweaking bass that gets to you. It takes a while, but once it's in your head it stays there. Much like the rest of the album.

Buy: CD | mp3 | Vinyl

I heard it once and was pretty disappointed. Unpatterns, to me,  initially had a dull repetitive sound. It sounded like constant booms and the same old ooh's and aah's any modern House artist will use to sell a track.

It took a couple more listens for me to realize it was beyond that. You need to listen different, and your ears will only let you after they're done hearing what they think they should.

But then again, maybe it's just not my kind of music to begin with. A crowd favorite seems to be Put Your Hands Together, and after a few listens I really started digging that one too. Give it a shot if you liked today's track.

In the end it won't be for everyone, but it's a fun process for a pretty decent album. If you just don't feel sure, go ahead and listen to the stream on Soundcloud.
I've been on the look out for my kind of Blues lately. Some good and new stuff that not only focused on talent, but on the heart and soul that an artist can put into it. So far it's been hard to find something up to my expectations, but I really think I'm stepping in the right direction today.

Now granted, Otis Taylor's newer things are stepping farther away from that classic Blues sound, but there's talent and depth after the play button.

Give it a shot.

See, it might be a little repetitive for some. It's a catchy little guitar piece, some nice backing percussion is going on, but it just goes on.

I mean sure, there's some musical transition and fun after the 3:20 mark, but for the most part you've got Otis telling you a story with decent music behind his voice.

And for the most part, the rest of the album is a pretty similar experience.

Album art for his latest album
Buy: CD | mp3

Nothing too odd if  you know his name, Otis Taylor's: Contraband is a heavily lyric based album. If it's a slight turn off, know that they're more than decent lyrics, and after a while you realize he begs to be listened to.

His banjo and guitar play fine but simple roles in an album where Blues and Jazz and Folk all get lost and form some weird hybrid. It's an interesting listen.

But don't confuse it with a boring album. There's bound to be a few songs you find so-so, like how I find Your 10 Dollar Bill. But there's also songs that explore beyond the boundaries of the very niche the music is based on, like I Can See You're Lying.

In the end it's a fun listen. It's mostly mellow, but it's worth checking out. If you liked today's track, you might wanna try that.
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