Back when I started blogging I made a few mistakes on some embarrassing posts that I wish I could re-do. That's what I'm doing now. Today's post is on an excess of previous posts that, while not so bad, could be done better with less.

I mean, seriously.

To start making things right, I'll feature the title track from what's probably their most successful album. Give it a listen.

The video is a cool plus right now, I hadn't seen it before. Seems to be just a fan made 90's tribute thing. I dig it. The blood helps.

As far as the lyrics go the song is really simple. It basically says head forward, and this is fundamental. Everything else is a mix between the Latin sound in the beginning and Hard Rock.

Making the track very tolerable are horns, a Spanish guitar meddling in the background, and a switch from fun to harsh that whips the ear drums in place.
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If you enjoy Latin and Hard Rock/Metal sounds, and are currently learning either Spanish or English, this is a great album to have. There's Spanglish on just about every track, and the switch from Rock to Salsa is frequent enough to confuse and delight your ears at the same time.

Sometimes a little too drastic, there's some really slow songs and some really Punk tracks that I could do without, but even with a few misplaced songs the album is still pretty solid. I say that from the most unbiased pit of my soul.

If it sounds good so far, it'll be worth a listen. Give it a try and don't leave it alone too quickly, it's way too diverse in sound and style to give up on.
Back when I started blogging I made a few mistakes on some embarrassing posts that I wish I could re-do. That's what I'm doing now. Today I'm cleaning up a couple of De Facto posts that just shouldn't have happened.

On one post I mentioned more than one album, and they're too different for that. On another I focused mainly on a very different sound, and while it was cool, the rest of the album deserves a listen.

Today's track comes from that one album, their debut, and it shows off a dreamy Dub vibe. Then again, the title should say it all. Give Mitchel Edward Klik Enters A Dreamlike State... And It's Fucking Scandalous a listen.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp

As soon as it starts the Dub flows over. The bass is empowering, the drumming is precise, and the keys take you elsewhere. The samples from then on and the chemistry between the band are what pull it together and make it an easy listen.

Not that anyone could enjoy it, especially with those odd clashing sounds instead of vocals, but it's real easy to appreciate if all you want to do is sit down and relax.
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Out of the De Facto album's I've heard, Megaton Shotblast is my favorite. It flows so smoothly you can easily forget where one song had ended. All that, and the album varies from Latin, Reggae, and much more Bass influenced songs.

At $1.99 for all 10 tracks, you'd be silly not to check it out. If you feel bad about the price, you could even buy each track individually for 79 cents, which is still a pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

Even with no funds, it's a free stream and from there you can check out the other albums. Enjoy everything you can get your hands on, because these guys disbanded years ago with no intention of ever reuniting. Oh well.
Back when I started blogging I made a few mistakes on some embarrassing posts that I wish I could re-do. That's what I'm doing now. Today's re-visit will be on this post where I talked about Moacir Santos' Nanã.

Not that Nanã isn't a great song to know if you want the album or not, but there's so much more untold. Today's track will show more variety as far as the talented musicians go, and being that there were so many involved in the album it's surprising how short the track is.

Give it a listen.

I wouldn't have dreamed this would be an elegy, but after knowing I was able to hear the lament in the song. Moacir's sax really shows it off, but the eventual solos that make the song stand out say so many other things.

It would've made sense if it kept the simple Afro-percussion from the beginning, but even that switches up to confuse you. This is supposed to be a sad song, but all I feel is sensual vibes. It's just too smooth.
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It's smooth all the way through. Maestro is one of those albums you can listen to while wrapped in the finest cloths with your drink of choice on hand. It ranges from musically to vocally beautiful, and it's because of that that it's such a classic.

If general Brazilian music or Jazz from the 70's catches your attention, and you haven't heard this gem through, you're missing out. The musicians are top tier, the composition and production are as fine as today's track, but not all as silky. If you don't mind the occasional vocals, you're in for a treat.

Sounds good? Give it a listen. Thank me later.
Back when I started blogging I made a few mistakes on some embarrassing posts that I wish I could re-do. That's what I'm doing now. Today I'll be fixing a post on Runaway, a track by an Argentine Reggae band.

The problem with the post was it focused too much on one track and extremely little on why the rest of the album is worthwhile. Runaway is still a decent track to define the album, but it's also the most commercial.

Give a more all-around average track a listen.

As far as the tracks that didn't make giant radio waves throughout Latin America go, this is one of my favorites. It's a little dull at first, just completely average. What saves it is the Classic Rock influences peeking through to change the track up after a minute.

 If song lyrics mean much to you, the title of the song Agradezco Que Respiro means I'm Thankful I Breathe. It shows the nature of the track off well, and come on, it can't get more Reggae than that without being full on Christian Rock.
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This one's from back in the 90's, before they added 'Los' to their band name, and when even though they were popular, were much less commercial than they are today. It's a good album.

 Not for the average listener, but anyone with a talented Reggae library will see why the album and the band are worth it. Otherwise, without knowing Spanish, the album would be pretty bland.

Give it a listen if you're interested. They're Reggae based but the Ska and Rock feel make the album much more attractive. Again, not for just any Reggae listener, but if you know what's what it should be an interesting listen.
Coming at us with their third self titled release is Guadalupe Plata, the Spanish Blues-Punk band I've grown infatuated with over the past few months. This time with a price tag on their work.

Today's track is free if you want it, though, it's just a shorter tease of a track that will get you in the mood for more. Give it a listen.

No alternate link for this one, so many apologies if you can't give it its deserved listen. What you'd be missing is 2 minutes of their special blend of Blues Punk. No sides were picked for this one, it's pretty even.

Okay, so maybe it could show off the Blues a little better with some extra vocals, and maybe it's too easy to dance with to give that bluesy melancholia, but it shows better than on a lot of other tracks. And as stated, if you like it it's free.

The addiction will grow though. Keeping a track of theirs in your collection will surely make you crave their genre.
Stream/Download/CD/Vinyl @ Bandcamp
Unlike their previous efforts, this one has a price tag. The sound is the same as before, so if you just can't afford their humble price, check the other albums out. However, once you've gotten through those and you've become a decent fan, this latest release will be a necessary part of the collection.

It definitely is more of the same though, and that's a little disappointing. On the upside we've got follow ups and pretty sweet (and Punk) production.

On the down side, it may sound like it was recorded and produced in a garage with mediocre to decent recording materials. For some it'll be a nuisance, for other's it'll be pure Punk. For their unique sound; it's worth a shot.
Fans of both Progressive Rock and Post Rock should already know what's in store today, but for any of you not completely into both of those, Oceansize is the best of both worlds. I'd known them, but it wasn't until I heard Tight Rope Sky that I started giving entire albums a listen.

Today's track is shorter than most of the other tracks on the album, but it still packs a punch and gives you a decent idea of what the album's about. Give it a listen.

The spy-ish 90's bass start the track off, followed by the chorus of vocals and from there we just wait for the build up that releases the rest of the song. It might take long for some, but it'll be worth it when all the instruments press together to make the Post-noise near the end.

Not the most Prog track, but it shows what they can pull through with little time. If you like the effect but think it runs short, you should give the album a try.
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Effloresce is their debut release and a classic in the combination of genres. The critics loved it then, and it's still relevant today. It's just a shame it took me so long to give the whole thing a listen.

If today's track was to your liking, you're in for some treats! Their best songs range from 6 to over 9 minutes, and each track sounds better accompanied by the last. I won't say it's a flawless album, but if you like Post Rock at all it should exceed expectations.

The band split not too long ago, so this album and three others will have to hold you over until something better comes along. Until then, enjoy their gems.
I found this piece hidden through months of old emails the other day, and I decided to finally give it a listen. I don't know how many of you might be familiar with Ottmar Liebert, but he plays an excellent modern Flamenco style guitar that transcends the genre with his band.

Today's track is my favorite of the streamed chunk of his latest album. It's got the right length and the right sounds too. Check it out.

It's got that tropical breeze sound that one wouldn't typically expect from a German born guitarist. Nothing too new, but he did write the song and the composition is a subtle kind of excellent. The details make it stand out, and the guitar is talented but not overwhelming.

If anything, I think the bass could be a little more elaborate. It's definitely not looping, but it makes it sound a little canned for my tastes. I still found most the other instruments accompanied the song quite well.
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As with some of his past albums, I find this one to be a little difficult to handle for a full listen. There's some hardcore guitar aficionados who will definitely enjoy his style, but I think most of these will have already heard of him and taken what best there is to take.

I couldn't make anything more out of any other song than on today's, but it was still an enjoyed listen. I just don't think I'll be making this purchase any time soon.

Still, 9 of the 14 tracks are free to listen via the Soundcloud stream. If you liked today's track; make sure you go check those out. He's a very talented individual and his band aren't short of talent either. Worth a listen.
I'm not usually one for lyric based music. In fact, I tend to prefer instrumental efforts much more often than anything based on words. On occasion though, when it's done right, it's actually a pretty nice change of pace.

So when I heard Clara Engel's latest EP a few days ago, even though I was surprised I enjoyed it, I'm glad I took the time. Today's track is the best musically produced track (in my opinion) but will still focus heavily on the lyrics.

Give it a listen.

The first few minutes are where you'll know if it's for you or not. The music can get a bit monotonous, and her voice might be too stern for some ears, but if you can make it past all that you'll reap the rewards.

Right after the middle you get the switch. From the unsettled, wandering lyrics, you'll head straight to a dominating sound that marks the realization. It's up to you to interpret it, but I found this particular track the darkest.
Stream/Lyrics/Buy @ Bandcamp
Definitely not an EP for the masses, and that's part of the appeal. It takes focus and genuine interest to understand what it's made of, but when you realize what you're listening to it becomes that much more powerful.

The way she uses her vocabulary is great for the genre, too. She knows which words to use to display her story, but she won't overflow her stories with signs of intellect, making it all an easy listen for anyone who really wants to.

Go give the stream a listen if it sounds to your liking so far. If you end up really liking it, you can support her on her next release here. It should be coming up some time this year, so hurry the process and help an artist out.
I've seen her name tossed around here and there but it usually takes a referral to get me to actually listen to an artist. That came about a week ago. thanks goes to friends with good taste in music.

Yes, you'll be hearing pure acoustics today. Her voice is gentle, but not as melancholic as the music can be. Give her a listen.

Stream/Lyrics/Buy @ Bandcamp

Flatlands is the first track on the album, and of all the tracks it was the best to open with. It has beautiful lyrics, and an atmosphere that switches from hesitant to free along with them. It's a nice listen, and it really does help prepare for what lies ahead.

Unfortunately, in my eyes, it sets the bar a little high for the album. A minor set back that could possibly have been improved with some guidance, but I think she got what she wanted out of it and that's why the album's worth listening to at all.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
As the title would suggest, every single track is acoustic. The occasional violin or piano are included, but for the most part you'll just be listening to her and her guitar. She happens to play pretty decently.

The off note for me is the feel of the music. The album as a whole can get slow, audibly depressing, and at that rate lengthy too. This is all despite the nature of the lyrics, which might make it up for someone who's not as totally invested into the music as I am.

Overall though, it's a great listen. I wouldn't listen to it in its entirety any time soon, but a track here and there definitely work.
It's been a while since I've looked into Jun Miyake, and since the last time it's gotten a bit easier to follow his music. I went ahead and gave his Stolen From Strangers album a listen, and for the most part I was pleased.

Today's track will feature sweet seductive French female vocals, and a story that you need not understand to feel. Give it a listen.

I really love how the Afro-percussion plays out on the track. Her sweet, almost innocent vocals against the elaborate and harder hitting percussion is, for me, the balance in the song. Everything around it is the details that make it a great listen.

The simple, slow progression to the track that reaches a softened but well experienced climax make me pretty happy too. By the end of the song you can hear it's changed. Realizations made, a story told, and the music accompanies the motions every step of the way.

Maybe I'm getting a little too into it, but deep down it's listening to music like this that makes me appreciate people like Jun Miyake. It's the details.
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Stolen From Strangers is a fine look into Jun's composition and comprehension skills. Not everyone can mimic Bossa Nova without completely imitating the genre, and not everyone can put contrasting emotions on separate instruments and make it work, but it's clear he can on this album.

Now yes, some of these songs are a little difficult to get into. The styles are varied, as are the vocalists. The result is a seemingly balanced but ultimately erratic album that will really tickle some hard listeners' fancy.

The vocals are mainly provided by Arto Lindsay (as heard on Alviverde, which is the original version of Lillies of the Valley) and today's Lisa Papineau (also of Big Sir). If both tracks suit you well, maybe you should give the album a listen.
Just a few days ago ORL released not one, not two, but three albums (again). This time, pretty much all at the same time. I decided to give them a listen because one of them had to be worth listening to. Right?

Well, maybe. Unicorn Skeleton Mask is the easiest to stomach, so here's the first track off that one.

Storm Shadow.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp

It starts off abruptly, and that's just the beginning of the album. The shock passes over and you get used to the tune. The odd, dream-like vocals in the mess of organized noise end up making a bed of discomfort. It's easy to grow used to that bed by the end of the song.

The track is a decent track to display the rest of the album with, but the truth is it jumps around a little. There's some not-so-great tracks and a few other gems too.
Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
Not your typical Prog-Rock album. Actually, far from typical, but quite normal for the ORL universe. What we've got here is distortion and electronic effects over Omar doing everything and making it how he wants. Not for anyone's ears but his, unless you like it.

The other 2 releases are a little more difficult to stomach than even this one. Actually, maybe a lot more.

Equinox is a much more Alternative attempt, starting off with very loud and painful squeeks, and ending with exactly what the last track says it is. No.

And then Woman Gives Birth to Tomato! is a series of noises layered over each other. I left this one for last, completely unknowing of what was in store. By the end of the album I had to ask myself, what substance must one be on in order to appreciate this music?

I may never know.
I don't really remember how I got to know about this album, but it was on my notes along with the fact that it's Swedish and I decided I'd give it a listen yesterday night.

It's Dream-Pop, and as such you should expect it to sound like the colorful soundtrack to your mind's eye. Or just, you know, floaty and chill and all that. Give a track a listen, you'll see what I mean.

Listen/Buy @ Bandcamp

Rusty Cars is the very first track on the album and it gives a great idea of what's to come. That's not a great thing here, and that's not to say the track is bad either.

What we've got is some interesting use of layered vocals, some sweet bass, and a ridiculously Pop finish. It's not something you'd hear on the radio just yet, but when people get tired of their auto-tuned vocals and looping percussion.. wait a second...
Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
This is one of those albums that, regardless what the artist wants, would love to be let loose in the mainstream. It could change the way people see current Pop, and it's just catchy enough to make a lasting success.

Being as I'm not the biggest fan of Pop at all, I found it a little annoying after 3 tracks. Even though it gets switched up every once in a while, hearing 3 minutes of the same endless loop gets to me.

If this track did it for you though, give the album stream a listen just in case. It's a lot better than some of the other stuff on the radio. Give the guy a chance, yeah? Looking for more than this album? Give his Soundcloud a listen too.
I'm always happy to accept free music when it's good, and you all should be too. In light of the new album coming out later in the year, the Reggae-Dub-Funk-Jazz-thing concoction that is Fat Freddy's Drop are giving a single from the album away.

It might not be to everyone's liking. The genre lines are nice and blurry, meaning it's a little hard to predict what you're gonna get. Give it a listen and see if it's for you.

It starts with that slightly souled out vocal that really caught me. Then when the music kicks in it's just something different. The surprise really does feel weird, but it all comes together and shows their true colors.

I could go with a tempo change, to be honest, but between the Reggae riffs and the combination of brass and vocals I'm happy. Not bad at all for a free download.
Free Download
Originally the option to buy the single in vinyl format was the main idea, but they sold out. If you'd really like it, you can always keep an eye on their store to see if it ever pops back up. Good luck with that.

Instead, I'd just grab myself the download, check out their Soundcloud for a while, or go to their website to check on the other freebies. The band grows on you. If you like what you're hearing so far; you really should enjoy delving deeper.
A friend of mine introduced me to some sweet sounds yesterday. I was impressed enough with it to continue giving it a listen, and right now I wish there was a little more for my ears to hold onto.

Today's track is the warm simple side of the EP, and it shows. Anna's vocals and the collaborative production efforts with Flume really turn this into a catchy Indie-House thing. It's nice. Give it a listen.

At first I thought the vocals would tire me. Granted, it's just one song, but the tone seemed like something I could only enjoy for so long. The percussion definitely lacked, but Flume's funky finishing touches are where I really get won over.

The percussion was less than impressive, but when you're talking House music, that's usually the case anyway. A few points lost, and maybe a few more for the vocals, but overall I dig the track.

Not that the track should be taken into consideration when considering the EP. The other original track is very different.
Buy:  mp3 | Vynil
When I said I Met You would be the warm and simple side, that'd be because there's only 2 original tracks. The other one is a collaboration with Touch Sensitive and it's got a stronger, darker House feel.

I've been lead to believe the entire thing was put together by Australian only artists, and considering the Future Classic label is Australia based, it all makes sense. It also explains why they escaped my ears for so long.

It's short, and very different. It'll mostly be enjoyed by the general House lover as its of pretty sweet quality, but otherwise just give the individual tracks a listen on Soundcloud. Or, if remixes are your thing, you could preview those on Beatport.
I don't know if it's the season, the air, or just my own subconscious bidding that's making these waves of nostalgia pass through me, but I've been at it with this particular track for a bit over a week now and it feels great.

It's a Ska track, and it's decent. In reality it's got that generic 90's Ska feel to it, but not as much as the album. Give the track a listen and judge everything else from there.

Catchy lyrics, loud trumpets, and repetitive riffs. In modern days it's not my favorite combination, but it's what little me used to get down to an the memories are good-uns.

This isn't to say it's a bad track, the lyrics actually say something. Being as the band have made it from the 90's to present date, I'd say they applied the message to themselves pretty well.

If you really dig it, and you're looking for that long lost 90's over-all sound, you might wanna give the album a listen.
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Considering their role in the 90's Ska movement, I was expecting Hang-Ups to be a little stiff. It's pretty dominant as far as the Punk/Ska sounds go, but it bends, and it's fresh.

I still wouldn't buy it, but I'm glad I gave it a listen and didn't just assume it'd be easy to get tired of. It's got everything from the mushy love song to the mosh-able wreak heaving tracks, and that's valuable. Maybe that's why they're still together.

If it sounds like your thing, yes, give it a listen. Otherwise it's pretty easy to pass up. A gem for a 90's lover, but with no real value beyond that.
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