Anna Lunoe & Friends - Future Classic EP

A friend of mine introduced me to some sweet sounds yesterday. I was impressed enough with it to continue giving it a listen, and right now I wish there was a little more for my ears to hold onto.

Today's track is the warm simple side of the EP, and it shows. Anna's vocals and the collaborative production efforts with Flume really turn this into a catchy Indie-House thing. It's nice. Give it a listen.

At first I thought the vocals would tire me. Granted, it's just one song, but the tone seemed like something I could only enjoy for so long. The percussion definitely lacked, but Flume's funky finishing touches are where I really get won over.

The percussion was less than impressive, but when you're talking House music, that's usually the case anyway. A few points lost, and maybe a few more for the vocals, but overall I dig the track.

Not that the track should be taken into consideration when considering the EP. The other original track is very different.
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When I said I Met You would be the warm and simple side, that'd be because there's only 2 original tracks. The other one is a collaboration with Touch Sensitive and it's got a stronger, darker House feel.

I've been lead to believe the entire thing was put together by Australian only artists, and considering the Future Classic label is Australia based, it all makes sense. It also explains why they escaped my ears for so long.

It's short, and very different. It'll mostly be enjoyed by the general House lover as its of pretty sweet quality, but otherwise just give the individual tracks a listen on Soundcloud. Or, if remixes are your thing, you could preview those on Beatport.
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  1. It's not good, but it's not amazing. It reminds me why I don't have that much of a preference for House. It's too airy.

  2. Alright, I'm trying not to hit stop...I'm sorry. I tried. I gave it two minutes but the synthesizer thingy was to much for me. =(

  3. This is so good man, thanks for sharing dude, really enjoyed listening to this.


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