Clara Engel - The Lovebird's Throat

I'm not usually one for lyric based music. In fact, I tend to prefer instrumental efforts much more often than anything based on words. On occasion though, when it's done right, it's actually a pretty nice change of pace.

So when I heard Clara Engel's latest EP a few days ago, even though I was surprised I enjoyed it, I'm glad I took the time. Today's track is the best musically produced track (in my opinion) but will still focus heavily on the lyrics.

Give it a listen.

The first few minutes are where you'll know if it's for you or not. The music can get a bit monotonous, and her voice might be too stern for some ears, but if you can make it past all that you'll reap the rewards.

Right after the middle you get the switch. From the unsettled, wandering lyrics, you'll head straight to a dominating sound that marks the realization. It's up to you to interpret it, but I found this particular track the darkest.
Stream/Lyrics/Buy @ Bandcamp
Definitely not an EP for the masses, and that's part of the appeal. It takes focus and genuine interest to understand what it's made of, but when you realize what you're listening to it becomes that much more powerful.

The way she uses her vocabulary is great for the genre, too. She knows which words to use to display her story, but she won't overflow her stories with signs of intellect, making it all an easy listen for anyone who really wants to.

Go give the stream a listen if it sounds to your liking so far. If you end up really liking it, you can support her on her next release here. It should be coming up some time this year, so hurry the process and help an artist out.
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  1. this is cool. I'm not really focusing on the lyrics but using this as background music as I write/type, but the overall vibe is perfect. Her voice is....unique, you can tell it's strong and loud but she's holding back and keeping most of it in reserve, it matches the gloomy tone of the music. Not as, creepy as Chelsea but same vein maybe? I dig it. thanks

  2. These lyrics are awesome man which makes it great already but her voice makes it! Generally I'm the opposite and prefer lyric based music though, this is awesome though.

  3. I liked that, it stirred something in me.

  4. I agree with you about the monotony but I would more closely describe it as droning. It does change for the better midway but I'm not sure the second half is warrants listening to the first half.

  5. As it doesn't sound like every other song on the radio, I liked it. But I think I would have liked it anyway. You can feel it.

  6. I think "stern" was a good word choice. She's from Canada? I've never heard of her.

    I do like the folk stuff which is probably a sign that I'm getting old.

    1. She's a Toronto based independent artist. Probably not as big as she could be yet.


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