Fat Freddy's Drop - Silver and Gold (Free Download)

I'm always happy to accept free music when it's good, and you all should be too. In light of the new album coming out later in the year, the Reggae-Dub-Funk-Jazz-thing concoction that is Fat Freddy's Drop are giving a single from the album away.

It might not be to everyone's liking. The genre lines are nice and blurry, meaning it's a little hard to predict what you're gonna get. Give it a listen and see if it's for you.

It starts with that slightly souled out vocal that really caught me. Then when the music kicks in it's just something different. The surprise really does feel weird, but it all comes together and shows their true colors.

I could go with a tempo change, to be honest, but between the Reggae riffs and the combination of brass and vocals I'm happy. Not bad at all for a free download.

Free Download
Originally the option to buy the single in vinyl format was the main idea, but they sold out. If you'd really like it, you can always keep an eye on their store to see if it ever pops back up. Good luck with that.

Instead, I'd just grab myself the download, check out their Soundcloud for a while, or go to their website to check on the other freebies. The band grows on you. If you like what you're hearing so far; you really should enjoy delving deeper.
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  1. Not a bad track at all, I quite liked it!

  2. I quite like this as well. I don't really dig dubstep but honestly this wasn't bad at all, it's pretty good.

    1. Dub isn't Dubstep. They're related genres, but they're very very distant cousins by today's standards.

  3. I wasn't sure at first...other than about his voice. I love it. Its different. He sounds all chill and relaxed. Anyhow, in the end, I really enjoyed the whole thing!

  4. I really enjoyed this one, D4. I loved that they sold out of their vinyl records, I mean, what does that say about their audience, just so cool!! What a great beat to just chill out too while tapping your feet.

  5. It was ok. It picked up for me around 4:00, maybe 4:30 but not enough for me to consider adding to my library.

  6. I agree it is a little slow. But the genre blending is great, and I really love the horns.


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