Guadalupe Plata (2013)

Coming at us with their third self titled release is Guadalupe Plata, the Spanish Blues-Punk band I've grown infatuated with over the past few months. This time with a price tag on their work.

Today's track is free if you want it, though, it's just a shorter tease of a track that will get you in the mood for more. Give it a listen.

No alternate link for this one, so many apologies if you can't give it its deserved listen. What you'd be missing is 2 minutes of their special blend of Blues Punk. No sides were picked for this one, it's pretty even.

Okay, so maybe it could show off the Blues a little better with some extra vocals, and maybe it's too easy to dance with to give that bluesy melancholia, but it shows better than on a lot of other tracks. And as stated, if you like it it's free.

The addiction will grow though. Keeping a track of theirs in your collection will surely make you crave their genre.
Stream/Download/CD/Vinyl @ Bandcamp
Unlike their previous efforts, this one has a price tag. The sound is the same as before, so if you just can't afford their humble price, check the other albums out. However, once you've gotten through those and you've become a decent fan, this latest release will be a necessary part of the collection.

It definitely is more of the same though, and that's a little disappointing. On the upside we've got follow ups and pretty sweet (and Punk) production.

On the down side, it may sound like it was recorded and produced in a garage with mediocre to decent recording materials. For some it'll be a nuisance, for other's it'll be pure Punk. For their unique sound; it's worth a shot.
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  1. I like this so much I'm going to chuck it onto my iPod so I can listen to it if it comes up on shuffle, it's good enough to deserve at least that and in all honesty a whole lot more.

  2. Wait? This is considered Blues? Ok Blues-Punk but fine, this is probably the most I've ever enjoyed Blues.

    Still couldn't understand a word of what he was saying though...

    1. It's not really a song with much depth, the translated title means 'Blues is my Friend'.

      Check the album out, it's kinda easy to get into blues after some of its tracks.

  3. I'm with DWei. I'm not too big on Blues, but mixed up a bit with Punk and I like it. Maybe that's a "swine" thing to say, but it's intrigued me enough to want to check out the album, whereas most Blues songs don't inspire that...


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