January 8, 2013

Omar Rodriguez Lopez - Unicorn Skeleton Mask

Just a few days ago ORL released not one, not two, but three albums (again). This time, pretty much all at the same time. I decided to give them a listen because one of them had to be worth listening to. Right?

Well, maybe. Unicorn Skeleton Mask is the easiest to stomach, so here's the first track off that one.

Storm Shadow.

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It starts off abruptly, and that's just the beginning of the album. The shock passes over and you get used to the tune. The odd, dream-like vocals in the mess of organized noise end up making a bed of discomfort. It's easy to grow used to that bed by the end of the song.

The track is a decent track to display the rest of the album with, but the truth is it jumps around a little. There's some not-so-great tracks and a few other gems too.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
Not your typical Prog-Rock album. Actually, far from typical, but quite normal for the ORL universe. What we've got here is distortion and electronic effects over Omar doing everything and making it how he wants. Not for anyone's ears but his, unless you like it.

The other 2 releases are a little more difficult to stomach than even this one. Actually, maybe a lot more.

Equinox is a much more Alternative attempt, starting off with very loud and painful squeeks, and ending with exactly what the last track says it is. No.

And then Woman Gives Birth to Tomato! is a series of noises layered over each other. I left this one for last, completely unknowing of what was in store. By the end of the album I had to ask myself, what substance must one be on in order to appreciate this music?

I may never know.


  1. What a coincidence, that last album actually sounds like a woman giving birth to a tomato.

    Omar can be really hit or miss for me. Some of his stuff is brilliant, and some of his stuff is just plain odd. Like, I find myself wondering if he's doing it just for the sake of being weird.

    I guess what I'm saying is that I'm still a fan of Omar in general. The Mars Volta and the work he's done with Le Butcherettes is great. However, none of these three albums will be finding their way into my music library.

    1. I've just done enough research on him to get what's going on here. If someone wants to buy it that's fine, but he releases because he can. He liked it, no one else has to.

      He knows how to make a crowd pleaser, I still respect him, but yeah, none of these are for me either.

  2. I posted a comment but I don't think it posted man so I'll say it again. This music really rocks and I wasn't sure if I'd like progressive rock or not

    1. Wasn't sure you'd like progressive rock? Rush? 'Yes!'? Pink Floyd?! D: Don't say such horrors!

  3. This is a bit too far out there for me. I think The Spawn would enjoy it though.

  4. The first bit sounded like an SNES game. Then it just degenerated and I didn't know what to make of it.

  5. Um, no. But "Unicorn Skeleton Mask" is an amazing phrase!


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